1pipfix - Forex Broker

Broker name1pipfix
Company name1pipfix
Online since2009-01-01
Site urlhttp://www.1pipfix.com
Minimum account size100.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.010000
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage descriptionfrom 1:10 to 1:500
Spread levellow
Spread description1 pip on EUR/USD
Is regulatedNO
Regulation descriptionUnregulated
Easy registrationYES
Votes count633

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  • Muslim-friendly accounts are available.
  • Multiple ways of account funding.
  • MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • Very low spreads.


  • No important disadvantages.


  • Credit cards
  • Liberty Reserve
  • MoneyBookers
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney


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55 Reviews

  1. F.G:

    They are fine with those 1 pip spreads.

  2. Jon:

    This is good broker, with great. It is a great STP place.

  3. Adam:

    Everything is fine including their smoothly working platform. Their pips are like of 1 or 2 pip. This works for me.

  4. ED:

    What I can tell, is that they offer great spreads!

  5. Burl:

    They are great people and I am happy to deal with them! I am a professional who has been dealing with Forex trading for 25 years! I help also others to manage their account. Everything is great in this broker. Keep it up, guys!

  6. Lu:

    Interesting, but spread on demo is much higher than on live account. If you trade on their live account you get like 1 pip on EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, 1.8 pip on EURJPY, AUDUSD, EURCHF, EURJPY, USDCHF and 2.8 on USDCAD. I would be good of their demo version reflected their live spreads. I think those live spreads are really great.

  7. Micky:

    In the past they charged for EA, but they do not do this anymore. There are not charges on slippage.
    This broker is great for making good profit.

  8. New Trader:

    I trade stocks. I decided to trade with this broker, because they offer low spreads and I wrote many good reviews on them. So far I am fine with them.

  9. Marvin:

    This is a pretty good broker that you can trust to. One of the greatest things of them is their low spreads.

  10. Lowis:

    Awesome 1 pip spreads

  11. Sheldon:

    I trade with this broker because I like their low spread. No problems with execution. I do not use MT4 platform, but I am a user of web based platform. I dislike platforms and this is why I used web based one.

  12. carl:

    I have been trading with several brokers. I like that they low spreads of just 1 pip remain even during the news times. I am going to update you on how the things are going. I did not have any problems with withdrawals. I prefer their web based platform.

  13. Carmela:

    I use their Metatrader 4 and it works well for me. This is very easy platform to use. I like that this broker offers low spreads. I did have problem to log in but thanks to their support I managed to log in successfully. The problem was in that that I tried to log in to demo account but not live as I had to. I like their customer services as well, but the main reason why I like this broker is their low spreads.

  14. Chris:

    Opening an account with this broker was a pretty fast decision. Their platform works really well. Thanks to web based software I can use their services at any time I want and from every place. Their spreads are the best than other brokers offer.

  15. shopway.com:

    It would be better it the withdrawal process would be easier.

  16. Lucy:

    Low spreads and good customer support

  17. Katie:

    I opened an account with this broker as they are now IB of loyalforex.com. I have been getting great services from both companies so far. Their demo spreads are not quite the same as live spreads. When I opened the live account I got the spread of 1 pip.

  18. Nancy:

    I have opened an account with this broker and I am glad to see all those improvements that they made. I and my friends have account with this broker. All of them tested withdrawal and were very happy as they got their transfers in just several hours! This is the best result that I have never even met with the biggest brokers. I hope their services will only improve.

  19. Don:

    Many changes have been done by this broker. I have been looking for a broker and find that they offer just 1 pip spread. They execution is pretty fast. Their new platform is really great. There is no problem to open and close trades at any time you want. They claim that it is possible to withdraw within 24 hours only. I will let you know if they are really great.


  20. Eddie:

    If you want to save your money, you should stay away from this broker. They will take you money and will not give you back anything.

  21. Matt:

    I am trading with their great 1 pip spreads. This is the best broker in terms on spreads which do not change during news hours. All my friends already know about this broker. The registration process is very easy. No problems with transactions. My EA works the best here than at other brokers that I used to trade with.

  22. Ola:

    For me it is hard to understand why this broker is great on EARNFOREX. I think your people are linked somehow.

  23. Glenn:

    They have great execution. They are fast to deposit but slow to withdraw. I placed my withdraw request on 1 of October 2010 and have not got them yet (five days). Generally, they are pretty good, except for withdrawals.

  24. Chelsea:

    Now, I am trying several brokers in order to find the best one. I decided that the biggest deposit I will make with this broker as their spreads are the best. I made a withdrawal with them through PayPal and everything went fine.

  25. Aaron:

    In case if the price is within 10 pips, you cannot do anything with your orders, like stop, limit and others. I have never met such problem with other brokers. I asked their support about that and they told me to contact their technical support, so I did but did not get a reply.

  26. Peter:

    This broker really surprised me. They are really the best with those low spreads that they offer.
    They spreads are incredibly low! You must be an idiot not to make a good profit with them. They offer just 0.5 spreads on the major currency pair. I honestly like this broker.

  27. Morris:

    I have gotten a great experience with them. They offer great spreads and their customer service treat me as an important person. I can use EA and do scalping. I did not have any problems to withdraw the money with them. This broker can be in the list of three top brokers.

  28. mohammed:

    I have been looking for a good broker, because I have had many problems with other brokers. So, I have found this one and to make sure that they are fine, I contacted their customer support and they were very nice and fast at replies.

  29. Silvia:

    I was forced by my friends to leave FXCM and join this broker. I must tell them thanks, as I glad that I have opened their account. They have great spreads. Their prices are so low that it would be stupid not to try this broker out. There are several things that I like to do the most, which are scalping, hedging, and EA and this broker allows everything of this. I did have problems in the past when other brokers would just close my account, but not this one.

  30. Nadia:

    I am a newbie and this is the first broker that I tried at recommendation of Earnforex. I must say I like that I did that.

  31. Fred:

    I guess their spreads are the lowest compared to what you can meet today and this is why I like them.

  32. Michaelh:

    This is just a great broker who offers only 0.5 pip on all majors and 1 pip on other pairs. This is a perfect broker if you want to make money. Easy to withdraw.

  33. trading forex:

    Outstanding services and brokerage. The registration process is fast and easy. I could deposit within just several hours. I am happy that I can use my credit card as well as Moneybookers to make payments.

  34. Ben:

    This is a great broker and I recommend them

  35. Paco:

    Awesome broker. I have met only good things with them. They care of their customer and it is really possible to make profit with them.

  36. Abe:

    It was very fast to register with them. It is a great thing for me that they accept PayPal payments to make in and out payments. I could make a great profit with them. Their spreads rock!

    I have met many traders who have been trading with big brokers who just took the money from them. This one is a broker who you can trust to. I have never met a person who has had some problems with them, including difficulties to withdraw their money and I know many people. Some of them trade on Wall Street and have $10,000-100,000 amount on their accounts. If you are looking for a secure broker, you can stick to this one broker.

  37. Husan:

    This is very good broker with excellent services, low spreads and fair trading. I have spent with them a half of a year already and do not even have a thought of changing them.

  38. Joshy:

    This is a brilliant broker. Spreads are great! Their spreads are the best.

  39. michael:

    They are great broker and I have obtained an awesome experience with them.

  40. Trader:

    I really appreciate good communication skills in broker and this one suits me. They also offer just 1 pip spread which is great.

  41. Peter:

    I guess you may find a better broker than this one, but honestly I have not managed it. I am very happy with their spreads and fast execution.

  42. Samuel:

    I trust this broker to invest my money. They offer just 1 pip spreads on ten different currencies. They are not a marker makers and this is I like them. Recommended.

  43. Man-Su:

    Their customer services are great. They are fast to reply. I have spent with them several months using trading and hedging and can surely say that they give you a high chance to make a profit with them. I just sent them an email and could withdraw with them.

  44. Kim:

    I have a good withdrawal experience with them. I did it several time and everything went fine. I tested the speed of their platform as well and everything was fine. It was quite fast and easy to get registered with them. It took like an hour to set up my account with them. In my opinion this broker is great and I like that they offer great spreads.

  45. Tally:

    I find them thought an advertisement and I must say that I found here everything I have been looking for. I use my EA and it works well. I am glad that I am a user of them as they are really great! Their support is helpful and withdrawals are fast.

  46. Psytrader:

    I would not suggest you to open an account with them. You will not be opening an account with them but with their partner InvestTechFX and this is not a very good broker if to judge from the reviews.

    It is really easy to deposit with this broker but it is not that easy to get your money back. Some of their signals just cannot be trusted. It is way too easy to open an account with them. It is actually done before any documents are sent. I do not think that this broker can be really trusted.

  47. Trade Group AG:

    Support is just amazing. Spreads are the best. There are no problems with execution.

  48. Chase:

    I would recommend them. It was very fast to open an account with them and I could deposit with credit card, which is great.

  49. Mia Linel:

    Execution is fast and their spreads are extremely low. It takes just seconds to execute orders. I have never encountered any problems with them.

  50. David:

    I have been through many good reviews on them and this made me to think that they are worth trying. They do offer attractive spreads; provide fast execution and good services.

  51. Ruy:

    I have conducted some search and can believe that this broker is the best. Their spreads are just great and their customer services are fast and helpful.

  52. Victor:

    I have been trading with them for a year, and I know that they are based in Canada. Executions are fast. I would give them 5 stars.

  53. Johan:

    Spreads are great. Service is very friendly and helpful. I use only MT and I like that they provide it.

  54. Linal:

    I have not had a good experience with other brokers but decided to also use this one. I am happy with it. They offer great spreads!

  55. Sam:

    Great spreads, the lowest that I have ever met. I have been using them for six months and have not met any problems. Easy and fast to deposit and withdraw.

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