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Broker name2pipfixed
Company name2pipfixed
Online since2009-01-01
Site urlhttp://www.2pipfixed.com
Minimum account size25.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.010000
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage descriptionup to 1:500
Spread levelmedium
Spread description0.9-1.8 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedNO
Regulation descriptionUnregulated
Easy registrationYES
Votes count421

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  • Muslim-friendly accounts are available.
  • MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
  • Multiple deposit/withdrawal methods supported.


  • No phone contact information.


  • Credit cards
  • Liberty Reserve
  • MoneyBookers
  • WebMoney
  • Wire transfer


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37 Reviews

  1. F. trader:

    The registration was pretty fast. Their orders execution is great as well as their spreads.

  2. James:

    Everything including support, spreads are great. There is no problem with their EA.

  3. Sandra:

    I have been trading Forex for two years already. I am very happy that I found this broker. I am a bit surprised why they are not that popular and they are really great STP broker.

  4. Achmad:

    I use Alertpay for in and out payments and everything works pretty fast. It is fast and easy to set up an account.

  5. Pete L:

    I am glad that I found this broker offering only 2 pips spreads. They are the best broker to me. I got the better services than they ones I expected to get.

  6. Kim:

    If you trade with EA, you will love this broker. There are no hidden fees. The execution is really fat.

  7. K:

    This is a great STP broker, execution is pretty fast

  8. Frank J. Morgan:

    It is secure to trade with them. They are better than most brokers operating around.

  9. Fran:

    Initially, I started to use their mini account and having seen that their services are great, I upgraded it to pro-account. Their spreads are great.

  10. Lenard:

    I like their great spreads on their account. They offer great spreads on a live account. It takes minutes to set up an account with them. EA is working with no problems.

  11. John:

    This is a great broker with fast execution.

  12. Aron:

    I have tested with broker and can be pretty sure to say that his is a pretty reliable and honest broker.
    You can trust that they will be helpful. I will surely recommend them to my friends.

  13. Michael:

    They offer low spreads and their platform works well. This is a great broker. They allow scalping and using EA.

  14. Klay:

    I have been looking for a good broker and at the last seconds I choose this one. There were no problems with setting up my account. Their offer pretty good spreads. The orders’ execution is pretty good. I made a deposit through PayPal and this was very easy and fast.

  15. Jack:

    I have been trading stocks for several years and recently decided to try out trade currency. I have tried different brokers but this one to me is the best. I like their spreads. They also provide fast executions.

  16. Sam:

    I have been trading with this broker for several months already. They do not take commissions and their spreads are reasonable. This is a perfect broker for the ones who like fixed spreads. There are two platforms on offer so you can choose whether you want to trade through MT4 or web based one. For EUR/USD the spread is just 0.9. This is the lowest that I found. Before choosing them I had gone through many reviews, but once I started to trade with them I realized that they are great. You can do scalping with them. It takes like a second for the orders to be executed. They also allow payments through PayPal.

  17. Jim:

    This is really great broker. You will not run into hidden fees. Their spreads are quite low and fixed. You will also find many useful trading tools.

  18. Not Happy:

    I was too naive to believe that all those phrasing comment are real. There is nothing like 2 pips fixed. They are market makers. You, guys, should improve your services instead of posting those fake reviews. I have lost lots of money and not because I am a lousy broker, but because of unreal
    market price.

  19. leeroy,:

    Hello, Syed from Dubai. I think you work for them. As I can see you write only positive things on this broker. You made a mistake stating that you have been trading with this broker for two years. This is impossible as they were established in 2009 only. They are just one year old. Is that correct?

  20. Syed:

    I have been using them for two years! They are a great broker! Great spreads! I have never met a single issue. An awesome online support. I would recommend this broker to all!

  21. Dodi:

    Since they are regulated by the FSC Financial Services Commission I believe that y money is safe with them.

  22. M. Klein:

    This is a great broker. I have had a great experience with it.

  23. Kim:

    I am a trade at some company. We trade with this broker and I can say that they are great. They offer pretty god spreads and we can hedge with them. My recommendations.

  24. Arnold:

    They are an STP broker with decent spreads. I have not noticed requotes. The execution is fast.

  25. carson:

    They are a bucket shop! What 2 pips? Is this a joke? Lots of requites. I am confused why they have so many good reviews. By all means, stay away from them.

  26. First Trader:

    I like this broker. They are honest. Their spreads are quite good. They provide a direct STP setup.

  27. Zahir:

    The most important for me is fast execution and they got it. I am staying with them.

  28. Chi:

    Their platform is great. Their customer services are fine.

  29. John:

    Great. This is the best what I find in the latest time. I can trust them as to a friend. Thank you for your work.

  30. Robbie:

    We got a bonus of 20 %. It is quite easy to use MT4. I do enjoy the trade. I think they are honest.

  31. Karl:

    This is a good broker. Fast orders execution. Great support.

  32. Jay:

    This is a great broker. It is easy to set up an account and make profit with them. They offer great fixed spreads. You can scalp or use EA. I believe they are fine.

  33. mohamed:

    I like that their offer low spreads and allow you to trade on news.

  34. Andre:

    I have been trading with several brokers and this one is the best to me.

  35. Cindy:

    They are easy to set up an account. Their services are friendly and helpful. No requotes or other problems. I would recommend them.

  36. John:

    I have been trading with this broker and no problems were noticed. My rating for them is four out of five. I would only like them accepting PayPal, however, I also can pay with my credit card. No problems with execution and execution are fast.

  37. Mike:

    Spreads are great. They accept credit card payments. You can trade with MT4. You can also get 20% with them.

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