AAAFX Competitive Trading Solutions Ltd.

AAAFx - Forex Broker

Broker nameAAAFx
Company nameAAAFX Competitive Trading Solutions Ltd.
Online since2009-01-01
Site url
Minimum account size300.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.010000
Maximum leverage200
Maximum leverage description1:200
Spread levelmedium
Spread description2.4 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionEU licensed, registration no. 2/540/17.2.2010. Also licensed by the Hellenic Republic Capital Market Commission, registration no. 998281207.
Easy registrationYES
Votes count101

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  • MetaTrader platform available.
  • Muslim-friendly trading accounts are available.
  • Free integration with ZuluTrade.


  • No on-line payment systems are accepted.


  • Credit card
  • Wire transfer


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17 Reviews

  1. william:

    I requested withdrawal on 5 of June. The money is on my account already. I do not know what your problem is. Hope, everything will be sorted out.

  2. Rsx:

    Does anyone have an experience with withdrawing with them? I have been trading with them for a week now and cannot get my money. I just can see the initial deposit that I made on my account. I contacted them to clarify the things, but it looks like they avoid the conversation. I doubt that they are a good and trusted broker.

  3. marianne:

    I have been trading with them for five months already and I am pretty happy with the trading signals that they offer. Hope, everything will be the same goof in the future as it is now.

  4. chrisfx:

    This is a broker of my dream as they have integrated Zulutrade’s platform. Low slippage and fast execution. Did not have any problems to withdraw with them.

  5. forexM:

    I have been trading with them for a half of a year and can say that they are great. The signals work well.

  6. olga:

    This broker is the perfect option for a Zulutrader traders like me  It is fully integrated in their platform which is great. There are no commissions taken by this broker. All is fine so far.

  7. sanna:

    Zulutrade was the main reason for me for picking them as my broker. Their customer services are friendly and helpful. Time to time I use their platform to get a look at candles.

  8. Jeriah:

    This is a terrible broker and their services are not good. I have been trading with them for several months and one day their decided that they need my credit card information for financial transactions. The worse thing is that they did not warn anybody about the changes. Basically, I cannot make any deposit and withdrawal because my credit card information has not been filling out yet. They need a copy of my credit card. Do not they know how risky this is? I am not even close to them to send out such things. I am sure that it was a mistake to deposit with them. If you want to use Zulutrade, I would not still recommend you to trade with this broker. There are many other brokers that are indeed regulated with respected authorities like the FSA.

  9. luciano:

    I use a mini account with AAAFX with 1:200 leverage. I am not a user of their MT4 platform. They offer good spreads now. I met some requites but not often. Their execution is pretty fast.

  10. Bartek:

    They are quite new on the market, but I am pretty satisfied with them. Since the time I opened my account they did many improvements and this is really great. Now, there are many different payment methods that you can use doe depositing and withdrawing the money. They are available in different countries. For instance, you can meet the following websites of them like,, and others. They now offer a lower spreads, which is of 1.5 pips. There are some requotes, but you will not have them too often. Generally, they are quite great for trading. I opened my account with them in July of 2010 with no problems. I did not have any problems to deposit with them either. There is an option to withdraw the money with PayPal or wire transfer. I prefer using PayPal. I did not find any problems with them. I have successfully tested my scalping strategic. I scalp like 30-50 trades per day. The only inconvenience is that there is the minimum pips value that can be set up respectively the SL or TP.

  11. chris:

    At first, I did not like this broker. I tried to open an account with them. I got a confirmation email from them containing lots of parameters but not a simply text as I expected to get. I met a problem to read the entire letter. I think this is not very professional to bother the client this way. I would really have doubts if their system worked in the similar way. I wrote them like a week ago, asking about those thing, but did not get a reply. I think if they do not send you email when you are just a starting client, they will not care of you them you are fully in.

  12. bill:

    I have been using Zulutrade for many years but not with this broker. It is an NFA broker. New CFTC regulations have brought many worried to me since I could not have a higher leverage than 1:50.This is why I decide that I had to find another offshore broker and this is how I found this one.
    I liked the good reviews on this broker and believed them. I am just starting with them and will let you know if all the goods are really true.

  13. Abby:

    I did not like this broker. It took me five days to get registered and four days to deposit. I could not do anything about that. I did not like that and decide to reconsider my decision to join them. I was certainly charge for wire, but this was the only way to get my money back.

  14. Bartek:

    They are pretty decent. I like that they have a connection to Zulutrade. As to spreads, they are like
    1,8-2,2 pips on EUR/USD. They do have many websites, like,,, but not that many languages.

  15. Morpheus:

    This is a perfect broker for the ones looking for a Zulutrade account. I am sure, you will feel the difference! Generally, they are an average broker.

  16. Vlad:

    I decide to give them a try and get their promotional offer. They do not belong to big brokers. However, with Zulutrade they are doing pretty well. There are no commissions if to compare to other brokers. MT4 works smoothly and executions are fast. This broker is perfect if you are looking for Zulutrade.

  17. Mark:

    I like using Zulutrade and I decide to try out services if this broker. I wanted to make sure whether they promised low slippages and no commission is true. It turned out to be the truth. They are the best with this Zulutrade combination. They spreads are pretty good, just of 2 pips. There are not commissions, this is true. It is only pity that they do not have a German version, Well…t least they have Zulu 

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