Finexo Global Investments Ltd.

Finexo - Forex Broker

Broker nameFinexo
Company nameFinexo Global Investments Ltd.
Online since2004-01-01
Site url
Minimum account size100.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.100000
Maximum leverage100
Maximum leverage description1:100
Spread levelmedium
Spread description2 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionRegulated by German authority BaFin.
Easy registrationYES
Votes count92

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  • Browser based and MetaTrader trading platform.


  • No contact phone number.


  • Credit cards
  • Liberty Reserve
  • MoneyBookers
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Wire transfer
  • e-Bullion


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13 Reviews

  1. Parvaneh:

    Stay away from, forexwebtrader and Are you wondering why the same company has several internet websites? They are well known to be scammer and this is why they try to open new websites. I have been waiting to get my money from them for a long time. But nothing happened. You should be careful about them.

  2. Ok..Until....:

    I have read about long withdrawal but the posters did not mention how long it took for them. I have had a problem to withdraw money with them. It took me about a month. I got lots excuses about this. I told them that they probably do a great job. In some time I got really frustrated and told them that I would report on them to CYSEC if they did not make a transfer within three days. Everything was done very fast. If there is a person who has the similar problem, please let me know.

  3. Tomasz Romanowski:

    This broker is scam. There is no problem to make a deposit with them, but it is hard to withdraw money. You will be asked to provide many documents. I could not get the money for 20 days. I still did not get them on my PayPal account, but they promise that it takes only a day. They are scammers.

  4. Omo:

    I started to trade with this broker on their MT4. I did not meet any problems. At the first time I got a message stating the following: “Entry orders must be 15 pips from the market order”. They offered big spreads. They offer 3 pips EURUSD but only with market orders. The entry for orders is usually 18 pips! I think they do not have many in their team and this is why they cannot help everybody to reply online. You can even ask them a question directly, but they will not simply reply you. However, if you like getting free signals on technical trading, this could be a good broker for you.

  5. Garry Malfoy:

    I have been trading on Forex for than 2 years. Initially I invested some money on currency. As far as I know this broker is one of the best brokers existing today. I have been trading with this broker for some time and think that this is a great broker. Their services are great and friendly. The most what I like about them is their great services. There is no problem to set up an account with them and deposit with them. You can use PayPal to make deposits. I had no idea what norms and rules they have for trading when I entered the trading with them. Of course, I have learned some initial information on how to trade on Forex. Thanks to their great tutorials I learned lots of useful information. They guided me in a professional and friendly manner. In some time, step by step, I opened a demo account and traded in the environment which is very similar to the environment provided for live accounts. I have not met a single problem to deposit and withdraw the money. In fact, their friendly support made it very easy for me. I am happy that they have such decent customer support that I could use at any time I wanted. I do not have to stay and follow the market all the time because I am always updated on everything happening on the market. They notify me on everything new features and options so that I could be informed. Thanks to their mobile services I can trade with them online. One of the most important matters that each professional trader would look for is the margin limit and leverage that are provided by every Forex broker. This is what is essentially should be put your attention to if you do not want to lose your money. I did not have problems with these things because I was lucky to pick a great broker, who was able to provide for me the best conditions. I was take care very nicely and attentively. I was able to avoid big losses. They offered me the leverage of 1:200. I could take advantage of their great marginal support at any time I wanted and that was very helpful. I did not have to worry about transactions as I knew that everything would went smoothly and accurate. I have gained an outstandingly great trading experience with this broker. They are trusted and reliable.

  6. Marc Siddle:

    I have been trading for two years and my first broker I started trading with was Finexo. Now I know that I have made a great choice when picked this broker to trade with. I was so happy to start trading with them that I want to share my successful experience with them. If you are novice, you will be very happy to start with this broker. Even if you have no knowledge on Forex trading, you will very fast become pretty acknowledgeable. This is because they are there for you around the clock. It was somewhat difficult to start trading, but in some time I gain much experience and could trade successfully with them. Every question was sorted out for me gradually and this was great. They offer great expert tutorials which are very helpful and learning them I could see how I was getting better and better at trading. If you trade with this broker, you will not only be able to study necessary materials, but also to follow the essential analytical base which is provided by the best experts. This broker provides you also with trading calendar and other useful material that are so helpful for the traders. Because this broker offers a range of great and useful features, it is belongs to the list of the most popular online broker on today. They offer different trading modes, mobile trading. It is fast and easy to get registered with this broker. I myself like using their mobile trading because I can trade from any location. This is very important for traders. I may be dealing with some other tasks, but since I am a user of their mobile platform, it makes it is possible to trade at any time.
    As you can see, they have also added some new services like I have checked on them and I think they are pretty good and interesting. There you will find some new options to trade live. You will be able you deposit through liberty reserves as well.
    Generally, this broker has been grown to what it is now for years. It is very easy to see the improvement. They are reliable and great. This company is run by the professional and this is really great.

  7. Yael:

    This is the best broker to me. Great support and platform. My rating for them is 10 out of 10.

  8. Jacob Schneider:

    This broker made some improvements recently and this is why there were some difficulties in running it. However, all this was because they were trying to launch web platform. All is fine now. They managed to provide a fast and smoothly working platform. Now they offer more currency pairs, low spreads and some great trading options. I have never met any problems with withdrawing from this broker. However, one time I have had a problem because of the mistake made by my credit card company. This is why I use now bank transfer. Their customer services are pretty decent and I have never met a single problem with them. They are very helpful and friendly. This is a great company and awesome platform.

  9. Abi:

    This company is a real scammer! On 20th October 2009, I made a withdrawal request. I have not gotten money till now. Nothing was transferred to PayPal account. It is said that only seven days is needed to make transfer. Really, it takes than two weeks. They services are suck. I think that our money just go to their pockets. What I am going to do is to report about them on If you do not want to open an account with them, you should not open an account with them. I have warned you about them.

  10. Raul:

    They offer the worst services that I have ever had. If you contact them by live chat, you will be waiting for hours for help. You can find m their much better platforms at other brokers. For instance, you can go to trade on Etoro. Their trading platform is horrible. This is very unstable. They cannot manage a simple task like sending a password. What will you get from their website is the following:
    “We were unable to create a new password. Please try the action again.” This is just unbelievable. I would live to trade with other broker.

  11. Harc from Abuja, West Africa:

    Finexo is a great broker! I like their customer services so much. They can call you just to discuss something interesting and important on FX market. I can use their great Forex signals. They often encourage you to join “FX profit Making Club.” If you like to have a great customer service, you should register with this broker.

  12. Alan:

    I like that they provide fast services. They even chat with you and chat with you because they are able to use free VOIP from Germany. I also like their one-button trade confirmation. I find however, like that they offer Java platform which is not very stable. There constantly some problems with charts. It is very slow on broadband. I have no idea whether the connection is bad. This is why I lost some pips because of the slow speed. It is also hard to load a small graph at the bottom. The same thing with Netscape or IE.

  13. Omar:

    Their customer services are awful. You should stay away from them. I will better invest in another broker. They customer services are not great, they are simply unprofessional. I told to Chloe about my issue and she just ignored me. In some time she got back to me and said that she had been busy. Can you believe it? I could not normally deposit with them through PayPal. According to their website they offer instant trades with no restrictions when it comes to PayPal. Thy have only one restriction related to Liberty reserve. After some time I just stopped my chat with so-called Chloe as she was not helpful at all. She might think that I was crazy. If you want I can send the copy of chat.

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