E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc.

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Broker nameForex4you
Company nameE-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc.
Online since2007-01-01
Site url
CountryUnited Kingdom
Minimum account size1.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.000100
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage descriptionup to 1:500
Spread levelmedium
Spread description2 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedNO
Regulation descriptionUnregulated
Easy registrationYES
Votes count445
Email[email protected]

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  • MetaTrader 4 and WebTrader platforms.
  • Interest rate on account balance.
  • Muslim-friendly accounts with no overnight interest.
  • Extremely low minimum account size and trade amount.


  • No important disadvantages.


  • Bank wire
  • Credit cards
  • Liberty Reserve
  • MoneyBookers
  • WebMoney
  • e-gold


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36 Reviews

  1. Shamim:

    They apply an interest rate on the last day of each month to the money you have on your account. They tell that their Forex signals can reduce our financial risks. They are not a muslim-friendly account.

  2. David:

    This broker wanted to know the name of my bank which is not necessary to open my account. I case if they will deny this, I have saved a screenshot from my chat conversation with them. They are not fair, I think.

  3. Adam:

    I have been trading with this broker for several months already. Have never problem to deposit with them. Withdrawals I also find good as I always got my money within 3-5 days depending on the amount I requested to withdraw. So I have not met any problems with that. My maximum withdraw was $9,000. When I just started to trade with them, they did have some problems with connection but it is different know. I guess they have done some upgrade. During the past two months everything got better and I experienced less re-quotes. Their customer services need many thing to do.


    I have had a problem to withdraw my money from my account.

  5. Gude 3:

    They are just another bucket shop. I wanted to withdraw my money and still got nothing. Seems like they have no idea how to add dollars and cents together

  6. BILL:

    The connection is not good. I cannot use it to trading. Too bad.

  7. Forexi:

    This is a great broker

  8. Aviz:

    Fast and easy,
    I am a novice to Forex. I started just three months ago with only $45 and I have earned more than $300. No problems with withdraw. I got mine on Moneybookers account in about two hours after the request. I am going to make a greater deposit on my account with them as I can trust them know. This is very true though that they do not have enough staff to serve all the clients, but this is find by me so far, so I am going to stick to this one.
    Keep up you great work, guys!
    Any Pakistani would like to know that I am happy to help you and give you some useful tips
    Big thanks to the website through which I found this broker and bit thanks for their articles and rating.

  9. Fabio:

    If you trade with this broker, you can apply any strategy you want. Since they offer to open a micro account to trade with cents, the novice can have a great advantage from the trade.
    Fast deposit and withdraw fast and customer service is great. There are no problems with the speed. I myself use forex4 you, and my connection remains fast around the clock.
    I sent by documents to the UK and get them back confirmed by the company’s marks and signatures. That is important to confirm that the person is real. One week is probably not a long period of time to make a review. If people just use this broker for a week and do not make any money, this is natural. This is not because of the broker, this is because of them.
    I do hope that this broker will eventually complete the CYSEC procedure. This broker is good but if just do some improvements they can become the best.

  10. danny:

    Their connection is very slow. They do not provide good conditions for a good trading.
    My rating is 1


    This is a good company

  12. Martin:

    My positive previous rating was not proven after. You can easily deposit but it is hard to withdraw. The only one person represents their customer service. How can it be? Is there the only one man and the others are just a fiction? Something seems very wrong there. They want to attract only inexperienced traders and they believe they will eventually lose all of their money.
    They or (he) send you a confirmation email with executive application. They must hope you will open it. They always deny that those emails are form them, but they do not published official warnings on their website that something like this can be happening. Still have problems to get my money.

  13. martin:

    For sure, they are great for novice! They send you a report showing the analysis of your performance. So you can see the wrong moves you have done. I have had no problems with registration, execution and everything else.

  14. ike:

    This is a great company! I have opened a classic account had not problems with re-quotes or slippage. Customer service is pretty good. They speak Tamil language which is great!

  15. Thomas:

    Forex4you’s customer service is pretty fast in sending you emails. I have had no problems with their platform. No complaints really. I recommend with broker for you.

  16. mike:

    No way, they are muslim friendly. They do not trade in live market! If you are Muslim you should be trading with ECN because the ECN is actually buying the money on the real market,
    No dealing desk means the same as market makers,
    You are not going to trade with them Live!

  17. Tiunbaparo kikupami:

    Hi everyone! They are a good broker, providing a good customer service. This is the best broker ever! Thank you!

  18. Milos:

    Hey everybody!
    I opened a classic account with this broker just recently, everything is good so far. I like their new site.
    Fast execution
    Good support
    Do not allow PayPal (hopefully, they will accept it soon)
    No automatic Moneybookers

  19. ricardo:

    This is a great company. All my withdrawals were processed fast. I look forward to seeing their website in Portuguese and hopefully some IBS in Portugal

  20. Tiunbaparo kikupami:

    I do not like this broker. I find them very slow to provide me with the answers regardless of that action I do (sell or buy). It could be a problem with the internet connection, but my connection is pretty good. Please make your connection better, if you do not want to lose your customers.

  21. Michael:

    I started to trade with this broker in 2008. Their platform work well, but support sometimes is too slow. They have nice trader room with more features than you can meet at other brokers.
    All my withdrawals were fast.

  22. Prakash:

    I have been trading with them since 2008 and I am very happy!
    I find their Indian office very friendly and helpful

  23. Clive:

    How are you guys? I have recently started to trade with this broker and I have not had any problems with them until now. There is no use from their live chat as it is never working! I have earned some money but can withdraw them as they a condition according to which I can only do it in 30 days because I use MasterCard! I am not happy with them.

  24. zaki:

    Hi everyone!This Broker is awesome for novice in Forex trading. They provide easy registration, fast both deposits and withdrawals. I get a bonus per every deposit!
    However, if you are an experienced trader with bit amounts to operate, they are not perfect for you. Especially it concerns the performance of their platform and live chat services. Mr. Abu from Malaysia, If you have found any problems with them, please let me know on [email protected]. I would to know this information as I still trade with them.

  25. abu:

    The only I can say is stay away from this broker. You will just waste you money and time if you stick to them.

  26. Abu:

    I posted on of my comments on 10/31/2009. Everything seems ok now. I have no problems with their system and deposits and withdrawals are fine. As to me, this is not the best broker but is ok.

  27. Abu:

    This is a good broker for novice because we can use account of use 0.0001lot. But they need to improve their support services. I deposited just few bucks on my account with them and could not login. I wrote them an email asking to resent my password. I got a reply with bla, bla, bla. It has been a week now and this simple problem has not been solved yet! What if I deposited a few thousand bucks? I would run into a big problem!

  28. Alex:

    I have been using this broker for about a year and never met any problems or tricks. No problems to withdraw the money as I used to have with other brokers.
    Generally, I recommend this broker.

  29. Michael Levin:

    What tricks you are talking about? Have you got any proofs? I have been using this broker for a month. I did have some problems with freezing during the news time. My EA works in a bit different way, than the same EA which I used with broker Prime4x, but I do not believe that all this is manipulation. Could you please provide more details on your experience with this trader?
    I was trying to withdraw $10 from them using my credit card, but could not do it as I must have to withdraw minimum $100.

  30. Georges:

    This broker is a bucket shop! They are manipulative and use different sorts of tricks. They are not scammers but just a little, little robber.

  31. Masani:

    This trader is an IB of

  32. Johnny Innocent:

    This broker is awesome! To my opinion this broker is perfect regardless of the trading style. It is so easy to deposit and withdraw. The best option is the money transfer, Keep up Forex4you!

  33. Sukahar:

    This broker is good but I wish it were regulated and decreased spreads on some currencies such as AUD/USD and GBP/USD to three pips. I would also like them to add automatic Webmoney and MasterCard payment option to deposit and withdraw. They could have also made their leverage of 1:500.
    Thanks a lot!

  34. Mohammad:

    This broker is good but I wish it were regulated and decreased spreads on some currencies such as AUD/USD and GBP/USD to three pips. I would also like them to add automatic Webmoney and MasterCard payment option to deposit and withdraw.
    Thanks a lot!

  35. Georges:

    There is no difference between Forex-Metal ranking 3.6, for instance and this broker ranking 8.1. The re-quotes are the same. They have the same advantages. The trading is good trading for everybody. Regulation does not match to quality. This is for doli from India.

  36. doli:

    I must know whether this broker is regulated or not? Is it really safe to trade?

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