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Broker nameForex-Metal
Company nameForex-Metal
Online since2007-01-01
Site url
Minimum account size1.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.010000
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage descriptionfrom 1:50 to 1:500
Spread levelmedium
Spread description2 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionMinistry of Commerce of Panama and Finance Ministry of Uruguay
Easy registrationYES
Votes count128
Email[email protected]

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  • Muslim-friendly accounts are available.
  • MetaTrader 4 Forex broker that accepts Moneybookers billing.
  • Bonus debit card with 0 on account opening.
  • Rebates for traders.


  • No important disadvantages.


  • C-Gold
  • Credit cards
  • Liberty Reserve
  • MoneyBookers
  • Pecunix
  • SolidTrustPay
  • Technocash
  • WebMoney
  • Wire transfer


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22 Reviews

  1. Makinde Olalekan:

    Hello traders, stop writing bad reviews if you do not know anything about this broker. I can only complain about their requotes. I made a survey with them and got $5 for this. They paid me my referral commission of $39.3. I could withdraw all of these. I still have to withdraw another $80 referral bonus once my referral reaches his lots. They are a reliable broker.

  2. bizcon:

    The information provided by the above customers does not stimulate people to trust their hard earned money to this broker. This is their responsibility that they did not make a proper check on the broker before giving it their money. There is no sense to complain if the broker does not want to bother with responding in a business way. If you have an intention to register with any broker, you should make a comprehensive check on them

  3. Gabriel Coker:

    I like this broker. I did not have problems with both depositing and withdrawing. I used wire transfer and e-transfer. I have no idea why some people write bad things about them.


    Forex-metal is a good broker. I recommend it for all Nigerians because they have a very good customer support. I just love the way their serve.

  5. Sarah:

    Forex Metal force people to create accounts with them by giving them bonus with no swaps account. Please see the link below.
    On 13th of May 2010 I created my account. I traded over 1,500 lots with them until 25th of May 2010. They give me the bonus only for 300 lots, which I consider unfair. They increased my spread by 2 pips without even letting me know. In several days I got the following email from them:
    Dear Mrs. Mei Ling Chen,
    We think that Forex trading should be profitable for everyone. We get our profit from hedging the trades through banks or other Forex companies. As we can see from the history of your account, you like holding the position for a short time. Usually you, get 5-10 pips profit. At the same time your friend gets one per lot in commission payments. Certainly, this is only up to you how you want to trade. However, we cannot keep such a low spread and refuse ourselves in getting profit from hedging. Moreover, our counterpart where hour risks are hedged has changed his condition and we must act fast. We have the situation for you and if we will be able to offer you something better, we surely will, but this is what we cannot do because of a high risk.
    Kind regards,
    Forex-Metal Customer Support 31th of May 2010
    I had to withdraw my money. That was not just my money but also the money of my two other friends. I requested to withdraw $100,000 on 25th of May. If everything was ok, I would be able to see my money by the end of May. Unfortunately, they wrote me that due to the strict policy of their bank I cannot withdraw everything at once as the maximum that I can withdraw is $25,000 as an international payment. So this means that I had to make four requests. I got the first one last Friday and till today they have been quit about the next payment. They still have my $75,000. My withdraw experience with them is really painful. My two friends are also involved in this situation and I cannot to contact the payments by phone. I write them via live chat twice a day. The only Answer I get from them is that i have to contact their payments via email. Those withdrawal problems really made my depressed. I do not what to do if the situation will not be resolved. I might need to report them to the government department which they are regulated by in Panama.

  6. sarah:

    Is Forex-Metal a bad company? On 13th of May I set up my account with them. They increased my spreads by 2 pips without letting me know. I sent them $100,000 withdraw request on 25th of May. I still did not get the money. Does anyone have the some thoughts about them?

  7. Ajayi:

    They seem to be ok. There is no problem to deposit. I do not know about withdrawals.

  8. Wale Adegoke:

    I created an account with this broker last week. I made a deposit on Thursday and by Friday got them on my account. This is pretty fast as I thought it would take at least three-four days. I got my bonus of 30%. They do requotes, it is true. They do them a lot. I truly hope that this is not their way to get our money. Everything other is fine.

  9. victoria:

    Their customer support is great. It is very easy to deposit with them. I do not know about withdrawals, but I am sure everything will be ok. I think they are not very popular, because their just want that clients be based on their work. Keep it up!

  10. abu:

    I have had a great life with them for a week. Registration process is not easy, but can be accomplished. You will get their promised bonus. I increased my balance by two times and withdraw everything with no problems. They have great live chat. I am going to trade with them in the nearest time.

  11. chinonso:

    O my! Do you really think that I am going to believe all those sweets comments? I might give this broker a chance as there must be something true about them.

  12. Mehmood Ahmed:

    One of my friends recommended for me this broker I they have always been good. I did not have problems to deposit and withdraw with them. However, they do requotes and you can experience slippage. You can also have problems to close the trades if you get some profit. But for 1 pip only. I have heard of some brokers who claim offer 2 pips but it is really 3 pips. This is also the case for this broker. I have compared their quotes with FXPro and IBFX and decided that it is ok. I am going to stay with them.

  13. musindra:

    I have been trading with this broker since beginning of 2008 and I rarely met slippage. There were a couple of requotes but I still could get some profit. I have had it two times only. They are great for scalping.

  14. borko:

    They are scammers!
    You cannot trade with them for scalping. There are too many requites. I had an account in Euro, but my profit was paid in $ only. Because of this I lost much money.

  15. Georges:

    This is not a good broker. I have met lots of requotes all the time.

  16. newkapara:

    In my opinion they are professional. It is easy to use their platform. They have great customer service. They increased their leverage up to 1:500 last week

  17. Kris:

    I have been trading with Forex-Metal for several months now. They have good spreads but bad order execution. In some cases the price has to move further then TP level to be closed. The connection is pretty slow. It can reach 800 ms, and this can cause requotes.
    Customer service is pretty good and replies promptly. Some time ago they offer PayPal as an option for transactions, but it looks like they cancelled it. Generally, they are reliable broker, but you can find better.

  18. Bayonle:

    Oh! It was great to read Mark’s review on them. Let’s see what other people are will write.

  19. Mark:

    This is a good broker. I tis fast to deposit and withdraw. They have a great customer support. Their live chat is great. I did not have any problems with them.

  20. Adriano:

    no requotes, low spreads, no slippage- I give 5 stars to Forex-Metal broker

  21. Mnimo:

    Since they went to market execution, they are unbelievable good with no requotes and support is still the best ;-)

  22. Isim:

    @Makinde Olalekan,
    I agree with you. I get my affiliate commissions att he ebginning of every month and they always pay what they owe me. Good broker!

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