FX Clearing Group

FX|Clearing - Forex Broker

Broker nameFX|Clearing
Company nameFX Clearing Group
Online since2007-01-01
Site urlhttps://www.fxclearing.ca
Minimum account size10.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.010000
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage description1:50, 1:200, 1:400 and 1:500
Spread levelmedium
Spread description1-2 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionRegulated by Canadian FINTRAC.
Easy registrationYES
Votes count144

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  • MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • Tight spreads.
  • No swaps for mini- and micro-accounts.


  • U.S. and Canadian citizens are not allowed to join.


  • MoneyBookers
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer


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20 Reviews

  1. Helena:

    I have been trading with them for about three years now. I do not so scalping and spam, maybe this is the reason why I am find with them?  There is no problem with financial transactions. I am as well as their IB for a half of a year now. I am my friend are happy with their fast execution. They customer services are supportive and friendly.

  2. Doddy - Indonesia:

    All they want is to steal your money. I was the one whom they have cheated. One time I set up the take profit of 40 pips. The trend was in my favor by their re-change it to just 10 pips. They manipulate with the price so that it could to hit your stop loss. My advice is to stay from this broker if you do not want to lose your money.

  3. Grag:

    They have pretty decent services. This is an honest broker.

  4. Mohamad pauzi Shuib:

    This is not a very good broker as they change their spread all the time.


    I met a problem to make a deposit with them, because of my mistake. I got different name in my account. So, I asked them to refund by deposit which they did in only six hours. This is pretty fast I can say.

  6. Ajay Kumar:

    They do offer low spreads of but eventually you will end up with 4-5 pips as they execution is not fast. It takes about seven seconds on the average. They do not allow you to trade if movement is just 2-3 pips. I have no idea why some people are happy with them. I think they are their employees. This broker is scam; I think they should be incriminated with charges.

  7. Jakker:

    They are scammers. I will never open my account with them again. They are manipulative with the prices in their favor. They are impossible for scalping.

  8. Yogesh Kumar:

    This is not good broker. They prices move way to slow. There is no way to get profit with them. They will only put through your order if the price goes against you. I am a user of micro account and there is no way to scalp with them. They take at least 3-4 pips. They will do anything to make you to lose your money.

  9. ahmad yani:

    I have been trading with them for a year now and since the time I started trading with them I have not met a single problem. This is why I do not think I should go to some other broker. In fact, I recommend using this broker.

  10. jojo:

    How can it be they do not allow the Canadian and Americans to trade with them? I did not think I would have any problems because I am Canadian.
    That is crazy!

  11. OpiEz:

    Great! They offer fixed chanced and no swap. I can open an Islamic account. This is really great.

  12. M:

    They take for you 3% for any deposit you make with credit card or through Moneybookers. There is information on that on their website. They often chance their spread with no reasons. It can be pretty damaging for micro account to pay 1-3 pips. Because of this I lost nearly $1,000. They deleted all my hedging positions. I do not recommend to trade with this broker.

  13. Nikolas:

    They are the best broker that I have ever trade with. My deposit was processed in 5-15 minutes which is just awesome.
    I have not had any problem with this company. Good trading to everyone!

  14. masendare:

    This is the best broker ever! Excellent support and fast transactions.


  15. Mogamat:

    They services suck. They disconnect you often from micro account. This is why I am with another broker right now.

  16. Max:

    I wanted to join them because I am from Canada as they are. But it turned out that they do not allow Canadians. This is weird. They do not also allow Americans.

  17. Ari:

    Awesome broker. Their support is really fast!

  18. Nader Moustafa:

    I have been trading with them for two years now. Generally, I am fine with them. They have good leverage, spread, etc. There is no swap. I like using Moneybookers to withdraw with them which is quite fast.

  19. Eric wangsa putra:

    All I want is to get the comprehensive information on your company, if you want me as a client.

  20. Jose:

    Perusahaan ini merupakan korber lokal yang legal dan terdaftar di Bappebti, dan untuk keamanan dana bisa dikatakan aman karena mereka terdaftar di Bappebti.TETAPI, kami tidak menyarankan untuk trading di perusahaan lokal, karena margin yang dibutuhkan besar dan bisa mengakibatkan mudah loss bila susah mengontrol risk managementnya akibat volume lot dan margin yang besar tersebut, kecuali jika dana anda diatas $50ribu dan trade hanya dengan total 1 lot regular saja (tidak lebih), tetapi harus ketat untuk money manegementnya. Broker lokal yang resmi ini hanya menyediakan volume lot regular saja (tidak bisa mini maupun micro, sehingga beresiko tinggi)Dan jangan mau bila dijalankan oleh korber / marketingnya , karena 99% pasti akan loss (tinggal tunggu waktu saja), karena mereka bukan trader berpengalaman. Mereka hanya marketing yang mendapatkan komisi dari volume trading Bapak , tidak mempedulikan jika Bapak kalah loh.jadi daripada di korber lokal tersebut, kami lebih menyarankan di korber luar negeri yang terdaftar di CFTC, karena selain lebih kredibel , fitur yang disediakan lebih banyak dan juga bisa dengan modal yang kecil sekalipun (karena volume lotnya fleksibel dan bisa micro maupun mini lot, serta di korber luar negeri adalah BEBAS KOMISI)

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