FXOpen Investments Inc.

FXOpen - Forex Broker

Broker nameFXOpen
Company nameFXOpen Investments Inc.
Online since2005-01-01
Site urlhttp://fxopen.com
Minimum account size1.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.001000
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage descriptionfrom 1:1 to 1:500
Spread levelmedium
Spread description2 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedNO
Regulation descriptionUnregulated
Easy registrationYES
Votes count2176
Email[email protected]

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  • MetaTrader 4 Forex broker.
  • ECN Forex broker.
  • Traders contests and competitions.
  • Bonus for real trader account opening.
  • Muslim Forex broker - no-overnight interest accounts.
  • WebMoney funds deposit/withdraw option.
  • Futures trading is available.
  • Start trading with as little as FXOpen.
  • Allows investing via Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM).


  • U.S. citizens aren't allowed to open an account.


  • CashU
  • Liberty Reserve
  • MoneyBookers
  • WebMoney
  • Wire transfer


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165 Reviews

  1. Jafar Calley:

    This broker was named Best Forex Broker Australasia in the World Finance Foreign Exchange Awards in 2011. And this is obvious for the traders using their services. This is a great place for serious brokers.

  2. ndifredbee:

    If you want to waste your money, then trade with this broker! This is the worse broker ever! It does re-quotes quite often and they will not let you to close your trade to get the profit! They have stolen my $150.If you still trade with, you had better to close your account and run away!

  3. Joe:

    Yes, I got my money back. Well, it is good to know that they fulfill their promises, although, I never got a reply from them explaining the reason for the spike.
    Today, 18th of April they had some spike on some of the NZD pairs, but there was not such a spike in other brokers. I was told to send an email to the chief dealer concerning this and ask for compensation if this spike caused a loss to my trading. I have just sent an email and am waiting for the reply from them. I will keep you informed on how it went!

  4. Joe:

    FXopen has spike in some of the NZD related pairs today (18th April), which is not seen in other brokers.
    They asked me to send an email to the chief dealer to ask for compensation if the spike does caused a loss to my trading.
    Well, just send an email to them. Now waiting for their reply.
    Will update u guys on the results!!

  5. Mohammed:

    I found out about this broker from Mr Jafar and Mr Denis at Forex expo in Dubai. They told me that this company is well regulated and has a good platform. I am going to trade with them using the ECN platform. I am going to deposit a small amount just to make sure whether I found a good broker.

  6. Jafar Calley:

    If you have some problems to enter the main age of this trader, you should know that this website was under a big DDOS attack last week. You can access them through their partners, like fxopenasia.com, fxfrench.com or. fxopen.com because only main page and the users’ cabinets were affected. Their MT4 server is clean.

  7. manny:

    I cannot access their website again! They are scammers! I cannot withdraw my money.

  8. Muruku:

    Hi FXOPEN !
    I cannot access the cabinet.fxopen.com as well as your main page for two days! This is not good at all? Seems like you are scammers.
    Make the things to work properly! I think their IT employees are sleeping and their management never carefully keep track on server downtime to penalize their IT employees for allowing it to go down. I have not received any usually daily sent confirmation. What a tricky game they lead?

  9. miki:

    I have problems to access their main page.

  10. john:

    Fxopen are scammers! They have stolen my deposit of $300 and the profit I made of $700
    They often have problems with the screen freezing and they manipulate your history information! Be aware this broker!

  11. Jafar Calley:

    Hi Deb on more time. I hope to see your issue on a public forum in the nearest time.

  12. Deb:

    Hello once again,
    It looks like this broker does not intent to give the people their earned profits. Everything what have been earning with hard work is mu money, and not yours! I made my balance triplicated my balance within some time. My balance survived after the incident in February and it seems like they were not happy with me being so lucky. So, now they are trying to take the money from their customers showing that case, but their trick did not worked out for me. What they did is just removed my balance!
    That is hilarious! Who gave you the right to be so dishonest? You can check my account before and after that incident happened. I wish I could provide the proofs for you to warn other brokers. I am not a trader using this broker and what I suggest the people is staying away from them!

  13. Jafar Calley:

    Your account was rechecked and the adjustments that had been applied are fine.
    The dealer told me that you got some income unfairly due to the server error. This is why those adjustments were applied fairly to your account. The people who experienced losses use to that error were compensated. So, everything was corrected to omit that error.
    Deb, you did not say that you really doubled your account and you did withdraw the profits. Does it really look like a scam to you?

  14. Deb:

    Hello once again,
    I wrote a letter to Jafar Calley with proof, and have not gotten any answer yet.
    They just cheat their clients. I am posting my experience here, as there is no such an opportunity on their website as all such comments are removed and the accounts are banned.
    As far as I know, many traders were scammed by FXOpen, they simply do not want to post their comment on this. But I am here to tell you that they scammers! Be aware of them.

  15. Jafar Calley:

    @Deb – Canada: I having your account re-checked again. Please contact me on [email protected]
    @Mark – USA: Have you got any evidence? Please send them here [email protected]
    @hans_defretes – Indonesia: Please, ask your “friend” to send me an email on [email protected]
    Please, understand, that it would be much better if you could clarify you problems with the company first before posting your negative reviews 

  16. hans_defretes:

    I agree with you Deb (Canada).
    They are robbers for the customers explaining it by the server’s problem.
    This is ridiculous! I have seen the evidences of my friend showing the loss of account by 20% after the server recovered. Be aware, this broker is not honest.

  17. Mark:

    FXOpen are scammers. They took my money without noticing me. In total, I lost $3,000.
    This is a fraud Company, stay away it!

  18. Deb:

    Hi everyone,
    I am writing again to let you know that
    FXOpen reduced my balance by 20% which was unaffected by the incident happened on February 9. I have everything needed to prove it.
    If you are (I mean FXOpen) is an honest company as you try to claim, then you should go through my account number 299672. You can calculate manually, and you will make sure that you have cheated me.
    1. They removed the same amount of money without notifying me.
    2. After this, they removed the same amount money and noticed me about this.
    So, basically, they have removed my money twice.
    Stay away from them. This is what I got after eleven days.
    Dear Sir,
    Your account is about to be adjusted today.
    Please, check the history of your account in the platform and familiarize yourself with the adjustments we have made.
    The adjustments details are as follows: trade #22366553 =-966,76; trade #22366588 =-4741,24,
    Please, let us know that you have seen all adjustments in the history of your account.
    If you have any questions, you can contact us via the following email: [email protected]). You can also use FXOpen Live Chat to get the instant help. http://liveSupport.fxopen.com/Chat.aspx
    Kind Regards, FXOpen Support Team

  19. Jafar Calley:

    @George Roberts
    1. All contact information, including phone numbers and other details are about to be added into the website again after planned maintenance and adding a new theme on the website. All the information will be published on the website again.
    2. FXOpen is fully complying with the regulations from the CFTC and will soon make a press release after all problems have been discussed and resolved.

  20. George Roberts:

    Scammers! They have removed all the contact information from their website, including their phone and fax numbers. You should also know that they belong to fourteen brokers which have no licenses and are unregistered which were sued by the CTFC. I cannot post here the link referring to the website that contains with information but you can find it yourself if you just use Google and add “14 brokers sued by CTFC”
    Stay away from this broker.

  21. Rufus Isip:

    FXOPEN is the best broker for me. Just within a week I could quadrupled my account! I could withdraw my profit with no problems. I have been a user of this broker since 2005. I have never had any problems with their platform. I left the job and become a full time trader. Since that time, I have has only great experience with this broker. I trade today and withdraw the next day, which is very fast.

  22. FXOpen Denis:

    Hello Deb,
    I am sorry about the situation you have ran into, but let me please to explain something.
    Due to the server Real-1 problems all trading data for two trading days were destroyed, but we can ensure that all the balanced will be restored to the same position as they have on 8th of February. We experienced such a situation with server error the first time within the entire time we were operating.
    If you still believe that our dealers were no fair with you, please, post your comments on our public forum, so that we could clarify all the details and fix all issue if there is any.
    Kind regards, Denis.

  23. Deb:

    Dear Traders,
    FXOpen is a nothing but scammers which I have finally understood after spending with them a half of a year. Once you start to make the money they make up different tricks. They may tell you there was a problem with the network, making you to lose your profit. Initially, I thought that they are a good company because I could withdraw the funds with them fast. In some time I deposited a greater amount and made my balance. After another five month I started eventually to make some profit and not I know who they really are.
    Last February 09, 2011 they shut down one of their servers, making their customers to loss their profits. The next day they told that there had been force major, so they just deleted my profitable trades but kept the ones with loss.
    They restored the trading position which is older than two days.
    So, as the result they took more than $600 from by two accounts. I wrote them about that but they did not even answer me. I tried to contact them via live chat, but they told me to write the dealer 1 and gave me some louse excuse. There is no way to call them as they do not provide you with any number. The next two days another $100 explaining that they needed to adjust my balance. After that I checked my account and transaction history to calculate manually my balance using Excel. I found another scam in their calculation. I should be having another $400 on my account which I did not have on my account. I wrote them about this and again there was no answer. Today, after six months spent with them my balance is of $169 and all my profits gone. In total, I deposited with them $350.
    If you do not want to lose your money, you should better to stay from them. Unfortunately, it cost me a lot to find out this.
    If you want, I can give the information on all transactions I made with them.
    Today 21 February 2011, I kept all my remaining from them.
    * They have no license. All the licenses that they had have been cancelled. They are currently trying to obtain AUS license.
    Stay away from them!
    Best of luck

  24. Jafar Calley:

    FXOpen applied for a new license with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. They are about to be reviewed in February 2011.
    If you are interested in viewing the progress from here

  25. David x:

    I do not advice to open an account with fxopen. They license has been suspended by FSC. If you do not want to lose your money, do not trade with them.

  26. Paolo:

    To my opinion, this is great broker. They are great from scalping. Till now, I have not had any problems with them.

  27. Vasiliy:

    If you are looking for a reliable alternative for the USA citizens, then this broker is for you.
    I am happy with ECN services they provide.

  28. Ali:

    I was trading with them for some time and was making a good profit with ECN account. All was initially right, until one day. I can tell you honestly, people, stay away from them, they are scammers.
    My proof is as follows: I opened my position and was sure to be profitable so I waited to take profit level Regardless of what the point stated they did not give my profit. So, it went up. They are real scammer and artist. I want to take all my money and close my account with them.

  29. Glenn:

    I like FXopen. They have good customer service, no problems with deposits and withdrawals. I got my withdrawals made through my Moneybookers and Alertpay in a couple of hours.

  30. Ahmed Aziz:

    Fxopen is awesome ECN Broker. I recommend it.


    This broker is good. Payments are done within an hour. I recommend them.

  32. Jafar Calley:

    Hello Vincent,
    The Mauritius License that you were talking about does not really matter as it only had legal binding in Mauritius. The company is not affected by losing this license. The company is going to work in offshore. If you want to see the pictures of CEO and get the information about upper management and new license, you just need to wait for some time.
    If you noticed, FXOpen has been recently through some changes. All this is done in order for the company to be fully regulated legally. I do not take into attention CySec regulation.
    Trading with FXOpen will be much better regulated in the nearest time.

  33. vincent sawyer:

    Hello, On today the license of this broker is fully revoked by FSC Mauritius. I contacted them many times but could not get a clear answer what license they have. This means that they have not license at all. If this is a good broker why do not they have a license? I am seeing the post up here. I know some of you, people. You are IBs that are getting paid Huge commissions. Do not you have a heart? Do not you dare to take good people to the slaughter house just because you want to earn some rebates! There were no changes in mobile phones but none of you replying them any longer. Why do you hid if everything is fine? Why we cannot the license that FXOPEN has? If they do not have a license, then the authorities should announce them as scammers.
    Let me ask a question. Would any authority take the license from FXOPEN away if the company was ok? From the very first day I have been asking them and such things are happening? Why cannot I refill mu account by transferring money to an IB? I where the AML check on this?
    Why do we have to use payment options that are not regulated? All this is simply because you want usual people to give you their money for nothing. I would like to ask a question. How can I get my money back? Whom to should I report if I have such problems? If this company is real, so why there is no information on directors and why I cannot see the pictures of CEO on your website? If you do not have any license, but you are real company why do not you provide any information on your owners? How can we check this information if not on your website?
    I am asking you the last time, there is your license? I feed up to ask your company about this and getting no results!

  34. Daniel:

    I have been using eight big brokers and I have canceled my account with four of them. I must say that this broker is the best for me. I like them because of their excellent services, fast execution. I would really like how those complaining people can prove their negative feedbacks. I would like to know more information on that as I am going to make another transfer to them on Saturday.

  35. Aisokhina Ehigiator:

    I think this broker great. They have good customer service and all the withdrawals are fast. They trading platform work smoothly. And they allow scalping. I do not understand why other people complain about them. Some people just tend to blame other in their losses.

  36. Evzen Oldrich:

    I have chosen this broker for myself. I have opened an ECN account with them and I often do scalping. They provide fast execution and there are not re-quotes!

  37. Taposh Biswas:

    I will not tell about this broker a lot. Scammers and cheaters!

  38. Cok van Heesch:

    I have no idea why some people say something positive about FXOPEN. They are scammers!
    They do lots of tricks! They along with Zulutrade steal your money! Every time you want to talk with them about it, they will lie to use! They are professional scammers and nothing else.
    I trade with four different brokers and I have clear understanding what I am talking about.

  39. AD:

    I have not got any problem or issue with FXOpen even after the time their license has been suspended by FSC. I still enjoy their customer services and there is no problem with their platform. I have got from them on my standard10 lot bonus 
    I do not really care if they are regulated as I am fine with them. I have had problems with brokers which are regulated in the USA and Europe  There is no need to mention what those brokers were. I do not want people to think that I am praising this broker but tell bad things about other brokers )))
    So, my point is I do not care whether they are regulated or not, but I am really happy with them.

  40. omale muhammed:

    I have been going through all kinds of comments both the positive ones and the negative ones. I am really wondering why the representatives of this broker have never shown up and have not provided any comments. I wish you did something about this and gave us good explanations. Thank you.

  41. cafedeart:

    I have been trading with them for about two years now. I use a micro account and I glad with this company by all means. I recommend them to get a live account. You can count on getting ECN execution. You can trade using just $1 deposit. My rating is fice. Thank you a lot.

  42. sideli:

    I trust this broker a lot. Even now when they have some problems with FSC, I still get paid. I withdraw from my account almost every day.

  43. ngentoter sejati:

    They are scammers

  44. Minion:

    That is interesting. Now, they have they license cancelled but no one has received any notification on this.

  45. Jafar Calley:

    FXOpen’s license is still valid; however, the FSC is currently investigating some claims against FXOpen. Once FXOpen’s team has clarified all the issue, this business will become as usually.

  46. vincent_sawyer:

    Their license has been revoked by FSC Mauritius. You can check in on http://www.fscmauritius.org.
    You should go to the section what is new and check the latest press released.
    FSC is fair and strict to scam. This broker has no AML policies and provides withdrawal of funds through IBs and uses non licensed payment systems.
    Beware of them guys!

  47. gL4di4t0R:

    Let me to tell you the truth. I found this broker about a month ago. I deposited $15,000 to my account with them. Soon, I made the profit of about $30,000. Since I was concerned about them I started to look for some information on them on the Internet. All what I could find about this company is that they are scammers. I really got scared as I also advised with my friends and they told me the same. I requested to withdraw $450. The first request was cancelled by them. I got scared even more. I contacted them and they told me to provide the number of my webmoney from where I had made a deposit. I gave the number and finally got my deposit. So, after this, I requested another $2210.48, and there was no problem again with the payment. The nest time I asked for $5,000$, and can you believe it, they paid me again. In one month I doubled all my money and deposit. They are fast in terms of deposits but they are not fast in terms of withdrawals. However, you do not have to be scared with them as they are a nice broker.
    If you trade with them honestly, you will get your money, do not worry.
    Now, I really want to thank you Fxopen, as well to thank to all the guys behind this company.
    If you do not believe me, I can show you my bank statements so that you could see that all of my withdrawals were successful.
    I am going to post the same review on another website as well. I am not a fake person, I am really. I live in Iran and I am telling the truth.

  48. Azmil:

    This is a great company. I have never met any problems with this broker. I like all those services. I am giving them rating 10 out of 10, but somehow their overall rating come down from 5.8 to 5.7.

  49. John:

    I have lost $854 from my account trading with this broker and this is when I did not even open a trade. I wrote them about that and every time I got the reply that I had to contact technical department. I did and till now no reply has arrived yet. Their services are good.

  50. Uche:

    I opened my ECN account with this broker as my friend had recommended them to me. I have been trading with other brokers and I must tell that everything is pretty standard. To execute your order, you just need to click. As far as I know when it comes to attracting huge money, this broker is good. I have no idea why many people complain that they have problems to withdraw from this broker. So far, I am planning to refill both of my accounts and am going try to withdraw them at the end of the month just to be sure that they are save to trust them big money.

  51. Tanaka:

    Hi, Fxopen is my favorite broker!
    My rating is 10 but what I see is that overall rating for this company has dropped from 6.0 to 5.9. Is there a problem with software or what?

  52. Ico:

    They do accept credit card!
    FXPRO is the best broker!

  53. Tashi:

    I get profit and joy trading with them. No big problems experienced.

  54. FXOpen MY:

    Hello Ehis from Nigeria,
    This is strange that you do not get answers on your email. Could you please check whether you sent them out on the correct address which is the following [email protected]? Our company is always ready to unblock your account if the reason for blocking is no activity within three months.
    P.S. I shall send your complaint to finance department now. Please post here again telling what they have written you.

  55. Ehis:

    I am a new and have not withdrawn any money yet. But can someone please consider the following statement.
    I have been trading with this broker for three years now and found them great! However, I had some problems with them, though. One time I stopped to trade and took back almost all the money I had on my account. When I came back later I found out that my account was frozen. I wrote to their finance department to clarify the things but they did not write me back and my account has not been unblocked yet. If you have a similar experience, please share it with me by writing on [email protected]

  56. FXOpen MY:

    Hello Samoru from Nigeria,
    You can make a LR deposit through MyFXOpen area. Make sure to use correct details. There is a chance that there was some problem when you were trying to make your LR deposit. Just try to make it again.

  57. samoru:

    I have a demo account with this trader and I think they are great. I would like to set up my live account, but I have problems with transferring all my LR. I am told that “the shopping cart interface of this merchant is not configured properly”. Could you please help me out at this?

  58. Vlad:

    I use ECN and all is good so far. I do not like, though, level2 software.

  59. Ksiztov:

    Happy with them.
    Keep up your work!

  60. Ivan:

    I am very happy with this broker. I recommend it.

  61. Roman:

    Hi everyone, I am from Mexico :) I like this broker (the first one for me).
    I good a great profit with them! I deposited $400 and now have $1,286 ( in 1 month)
    I am going to withdraw all tomorrow, hopefully with no problems. If there is a Mexican who dislikes this broker, please let me know on [email protected]
    If you trust this broker and you will enjoy the trading :)
    I can prove all I just wrote.

  62. Richard:

    I have been trading with this broker for three years now and found them great! However, I had some problems with them, though. One time I stopped to trade and took back almost all the money I had on my account. When I came back later I found out that my account was frozen. I wrote to their finance department to clarify the things but they did not write me back and my account has not been unblocked yet. If you have a similar experience, please share it with me by writing on [email protected]

  63. Ell:

    This is the time to change my local broker due to the last NFA initiatives. I am happy with them and going to continue.

  64. Olzhas:

    The best trader

  65. Isaac Obukowho:

    I use this broker for a day and so far I ma happy with the speed. Hope, some improvements are coming. Isaac.

  66. jai sundher:

    I could not open a demo account with them and could not reach them by live chat.

  67. James:

    Glad to have ECN account with them!!

  68. Baha:

    It is awesome that you can start trading with little money. I have heard about the cases when traders could build a great balance with small deposits. I am interesting in this industry and in particular in Forex. I have been trading using demo account and although it is not the same as the live account I still have obtained a great experience. I have been gone through many articles and what I need now is to find a reliable broker with no DD to open a live ECN account with good spreads. I do not care about commission but I want to use MT4, although low commission would be the best. I would like a broker is regulated properly. I am thinking of opening an account with FXOpen, but need some feedbacks to be sure at this. They tell that they offer ECN/STP account services with min. of $1000 from 2009, and commissions charged by them not the lowest. It seems like they are fine, but I can see a problem. My concerns are about their location which is under the regulation of FSC (Financial Services Commission), which means that they belong to offshore zone. Category 1 Global Business, Company No.: 084573 C1/GBL; № C108006805 License. I been through many reviews on those guy sbut still decided to open an account with them. Please wish me luck.

  69. dato azizi:

    I am opening my account with them tomorrow. Hope, all will be fine.

  70. Volodya:

    Since I made a deposit I got a bonus card for $100 at Moscow Forex expo. I guess they are a good broker.

  71. Dhanie:

    Please follow this link: http://www.cysec.gov.cy/warnings_en.aspx
    No warning made Cyseg regarding FXOPEN, so I believe they are fine. Happy holidays to all.

  72. FXOpen:

    Some black ways to fight competitors have been known for many years.
    In some cases those technics are effective giving the false information to the customer.
    Often, the reputation is harmed by the competitors, not the clients.
    On 17th of June 2009 was announce the decision of the CySec which is Cyprus Securities and Exchange commission) according to which all the companies dealing with Forex are obligated to submit apply to CySec and obtain authorization. You can see the points of the announcement provided below:
    ‘According to the Commission’s decision the Forex trading transactions which:
    - the change of the client’s position, for instance, ‘rolling spot forex contracts’
    (b) the difference between values of two currencies, due to the different exchange rates, and disbursed amount by the traders from daily security (security deposit, margin) constitute futures as it is according to the paragraph four of Part 3, 3th Appendix of the Law or contracts for differences as to the paragraph nine of the mentioned Law. Thus, the transmission and reception of orders as well as the execution of orders regarding some financial instruments is considered an investment service and can be provided by an authorized CIF only.
    This is why, a person providing the abovementioned activity of Forex spot trading is obligated to submit their applications to the commission to obtain CIF authorization. Also, the CIFs, providing this activity on today as well as ‘other activity’ are obligated to instantly submit their applications to the commission for the amendment of their CIF authorization.”
    That was the very first time when the CySec addressed the issue of Forex trading, adding it into the category of a biggest financial services activity, which needs to be licensed for all companies which offer forex trading and operate from Cyprus. The situation is somewhat different for the companies registered outside Cyprus and which have no operations or premises in Cyprus.
    Because forex trading became available as the Internet developed, this is still relatively new industry and this is why in many countries it is not regulated properly still. I some cases there is not proper legislation in relation to this business activity. Even among big jurisdictions like British Virgin Islands (BVI), which on today had registered 500,000 companies are only having in plans to issue relevant legislation regulating this type of business activity.
    As to the EU, it has a better success at this as it has improved its legislation for this financial services sector by providing MiFID (The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). It is meant for providing certain regulations for the investment services for thirty members of the European Economic Area (the twenty sevem Members of the European Union and Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein). On 1 November 2007, the Investment Services Directive was replaced.
    A good example of Forex business regulation outside the EU is Gibraltar (check regulator http://www.fsc.gi), Mauritius (check http://www.fscmauritius.org), Channel Islands (check http://www.jerseyfsc.org, and http://www.gfsc.gg), which are called as OECD ‘white list’, and which has a strict Anti-Money Laundering legislation, have design a regulation system exercised by local FSA and have a reliable reputation all other the words as international financial centers. (check http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/50/0/43606256.pdf the OECD ‘white list’ )
    Currently, more than 70% of the global Forex industry is not regulated but operates trillions of dollars every day. Regulation is not a 100% protection against losses, which has been proved by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, a core Company in the investment industry where investors have lost billions of dollars. Another example is the Madoff investment scandal happened in 2008 where investors were just defrauded by the investment house ‘Wall Street blue cheap’, which by the way under the regulation of the strongest authorities. The list of such defaults is really long.
    You should understand clearly that there is no 100% protection and you should be always careful and rely on yourself. Regardless of the regulation, you should consider all other matter related to the business you choose for your investments. If you want to protect yourself, you can read many forums, speak to the broker and do any other actions to build the trust step-by-step.
    FXOpen Investments Inc. on today in one of the biggest broker and is constantly growing. Currently, they have over 130,000 clients account and more then $55 billion passing through their platform every month.
    This broker one of the first started offering MT4 platform and ECN with PAMM accounts as well as decimal lot trading.
    FXOpen would like to wish you all the best and to have great holidays! We hope, in the coming 2010 you will make more profits, great predictions and successful market analyses. We wish you an ideal connection and lots of awesome market discussions with your friends.
    We wish you to find your luck in 2010. Be save and happy.
    To our Financial Success!
    FXOpen Team

  73. Michael Levin:

    Hey Dhanie! Could you please be so find and give me the link to announcement dated 6th November 2009, for this site (www . cysec . gov . cy). I have been trying to find everything by myself but could not do, so please help me out here. Thanks a lot.

  74. Dhanie:

    If Forex in not under the regulation it becomes a scammer
    Since lots of business started to provide Forex broker services, a lot of uncertain situations started to happen worldwide as well as on Cyprus. Before it was accepted in the EU which happened in 2004, Cyprus had been an Offshore Company Tax Haven. Due to the specific of tax regulations and its strategies toward the other countries, Cyprus very fast became a place of many unregulated forex brokers to find their haven. Those broker could calmly operate in Cyprus and be registered at the same time with other offshore tax-heaven jurisdictions like Costa Rica, BVI, Mauritius, Seychelles, Belize, and others. Because those companies were not and they are still not are under the regulation of some reputable and worldwide recognized authority, they remain to be just a shell companies. What is happening is that they are not regulated by any anti-money laundering law. Due to all those circumstance those brokers can be only be given with characteristics according to which they are just cowboy companies.
    Due to the existing of all those company, Cyprus eventually was labeled as a place for laundering money. However, in 2004 Cyprus joined the European Union and this is why those companies automatically started to comply with European Parliament Directives and European Union law. Most of those companies did obey the changed but some of them did not. Thanks to the part that did obey the new changes, the reputation of Cyprus has been restored.
    The Cyprus Republic tried hard to establish effective regulation for this market and in 2003 they established CySEC. CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange commission) has the right to regulate some activities, including the Forex activities. They website is www . cysec . gov . cy.
    According to their announcement dated 17th June 2009, CySEC defines what will be considered to be a FOREX company as well as other requirements related to this business. In order to provide Forex broker activities a person has to apply to the Commission in order to obtain an CIF(Cyprus Investment Firm) authorization.
    Cyprus has the intention to preserve the good name that he has established and for this reason an announcement was made on 6th November 2009. This was an unexpected event for all the traders. I will quote the announcement: “The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission following a previous announcement that was released on 17 June 2009, wishes to inform you about the following:
    The individuals that are involved in the foreign exchange trading transactions, that are not the subject of any physical delivery of the transaction funds or the transaction does not involve any material cash circulation, have one moth to do the following:

    1. apply for an authorization from the Commission for receiving the status of a Cyprus Investment Firm or,
    2. Stop their business activity.

    The Commission reserves its right to apply restrictive measures against persons who do not comply with the new rule after the granted period of time for making the changes will expire, as they will be the subject of violation of section 4 of the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law”
    This announcement is meant to inform all companies that do not have a legal status as with the laws of Cyprus and being located in Cyprus to cease their activity if they do not apply the new rules. Here’s a short list of such companies that are suppose to make changes in their policies (eTorro, Prime4X, FXOpen, TadawulFX,Forex4You, IkoFX, BroCo and others). The internet forex services will be restricted for these companies if they do not comply with the new rules.
    The term of 30 days to implement the new regulations is too small and in my opinion this change of attitude against these companies is just a way of saying that forex companies are not accepted anymore to activate in the Republic of Cyprus. They have to options; either to apply the new law or to find another host country for their services.
    According to the Part XVII of the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law of 2007 (Law 144(I)/2007) – 140.-(1) An individual that does not comply or causes violations of the subsection1) or (3) of section 4 or section 139 – is considered guilty of criminal activity and is the subject of punishment by conviction to prison not exceeding 5 years or payment of a fine up to three hundred and fifty thousand euro (350.000).
    This law will make that no one will want to work with these companies’ banks or money transferring organizations, Cypriots employees or other potential partners. The new law creates a very negative climat for making business with these companies as those who will try to have some money transfers are always in the position of losing all their funds.
    Considering these facts my best advice is not to trade with brokers that have some kind of problems with the law or with their legal status. Do not let yourself be fooled by the big amount of the bonuses offered or by other advantages because in the end there is a big chance you will lose all your funds.

  75. FXOpen MY:

    Hi Tigerdila from Manila,
    If your account was more than 3 months inactive and no trades were registered then the broker will temporarily frozen your account. In order to reactivate your account you need to make a request to the financial department. The Live accounts are not suspended if you will have at least 1 trade in a period of 3 months.
    The limitations imposed to Demo accounts are mostly because the large number of such accounts in our company. There are more than one hundred thousand of such accounts opened in the present and these accounts load very much the server. Most people open several accounts and after a while forget about them.

  76. Tigerlila:

    I registered a Demo account and traded for about 90 days and after all this period I discovered that my account is still invalidated. The account was never inactive; I had opened and closed more than 60+ deals on it. The letter I received from FXopen informed me that Demo accounts cannot be restored.
    I don’t understand why a Demo account does need to have a limit period for its use? Have you ever thought that a new user needs to test the system on a Demo account for about 6 months up to 1 year before feeling confident to try to trade on a real money account?
    Why do I have to register a new Demo account each 3 months? This is not comfortable at wall
    And I really hope that real accounts are different than Demo accounts
    I wish you successful trades!

  77. Ariyo:

    FXopen is one of my favorite brokers from all the online forex sites. I registered in 2006 and to this day I am a loyal customer of them. I never had problems with the payments or order executions. It is a great broker both for beginners and for advanced traders.

  78. Robbie:

    I have noticed that people have good and bad comments concerning FXopen activity. It is hard to judge whether the site is good or bad but something tells me that the good reviews are coming from the FXopen staff. Another thing is that after I read the present comments and probably will not trade on NFA platform anymore.

  79. Rogelio:

    I opened an account with FXopen two days ago and I’m still waiting to be verified.

  80. rufus:

    The guys that make negative reviews against FXopen are just a bunch of liars and bad traders. I have an account with this broker for quite a while and everything works fast and easy. I get my earning sent to my bank account without delays and the deposit system is very simple. If you think that this site problems with the law then go to trade somewhere else and leave FXopen to those who have experience and trust the site.

  81. Dima:

    I have many reasons why I think this is a good broker. The number one is the fast withdrawal system that never created any problems for me. I would give this broker a 9 grade.

  82. Yax:

    All you FXopen haters you can go hang yourself. This broker is just too good for all losers!!

  83. Phao:

    I consider FXopen to be one of the best brokers online and I would give him a 10 for its fast and professional service.

  84. Magnet:

    Good and reliable broker. The USA regalements have become very restrictive regarding the forex industry and I prefer to trade with a foreign broker that gives me all the instruments I need.

  85. benjamin igweh:

    I really like the Demo and the live account provided by FXopen and in over one year experience with them never had a problem with payments or other services that was worth me worrying about it. I like the almost instant withdrawals. In the near future I plan on registering an ECN account and get into the real economics.

  86. GTR:

    Hi everybody,
    I like to share with you my experience with FXopen. I want to inform you that I have several different accounts; MarketMaker with $20.000, ECN with $20.000 and ECN PAMM with $5.000
    I noticed that the deal execution is faster on ECN accounts where is processed almost instant comparing to Market Maker accounts where usually there are a few requotes.
    I have the possibility to see my limit orders being in the Level 2. This is hard ti find on other MT or ECN.
    Making a deposit is very easy and withdrawals are processed in the same they if it is a business day. On other brokers that I traded the withdrawals usually take longer to be processed. My first deposit consisted of 10K. I made several trades and then I requested a withdrawal just to test the system.
    What I like the most at FXopen is the ECN trading. If you want to learn more details about my activity with this broker please visit the FXopen forum and find the tread GTR Power PAMM.

  87. Lena:

    I like this broker very much! I performed a big number of withdrawals both from trading and commissions and wall went without any problems.

  88. Abdul Malek:

    I traded with several brokers:

    1. I had a Demo account with IBFX and I was able to make, nearly $10.000 in a two months period.
    2. Had a real account with FXCM, where I made a deposit of 900USD, but after doing some mistakes in my trading strategy I lost almost everything and remained with $98.00 om my account.
    3. Another real account at e-toro, with $50 in the account balance, after performing 5 trades my balance is now 147.00 USD (I was just testing this one)
    4. A third real account at fxOpen (registered 11 August 2009).
    My forex activity:
    -11/8 made a deposit of 900 USD, and on 20/8/2009 my balance went down to 236USD- this was all due to my lack of patience and rush to get a higher profit.
    -26 / 8 balance has rise due to the careful negotiation to $429. Being thrilled with the earnings I deposited 400 right away to increase my profits.
    -23 / 8 FXOpen where I made a bonus deposit of 50USD, and now I have $1504 on my account.
    - 8 / 9 100 FXOpen made a deposit of $100 for10 lots, and my balance in a few hours went to 1399 due to the incorrect entry. It’s not a big deal to lose some deals.
    -25 / 9 made my highest profit of $1352. Total account balance $5802.
    -25 / 9 1K Made my first withdrawal via Liberty Reserve. Money were sent to Bank 26 / 9
    The remaining balance is 5676. I plan to make another withdraw of $1.000 in a few days.
    For now, FXOpen is a good forex site. Fast deposits and withdrawals within 24 hours. MT4 terminal runs OK, although there are delays in concluding the closing of deals, and refreshing the balance after the closure. Hope the staff will investigate this problem. I usually trade with a robot, because I am busy with my job. For the present the benefits are at an average of 400 to 500 (including some deals, on which I lost 300 to 500 USD). For all traders please trade intelligent and wise. Stay away from hedging and other forbidden methods to make your agent not to cancel your account.
    I made this review with the purpose of helping other traders that want to register an account with FXopen. FXopen is not a scammer!

  89. Ivan Villaran:

    I was about to register an account with FXopen, but one of the clients feedbacks told me they have dealing desk for standard and micro accounts. So I figure that the minimum account in order to trade ECN will be 1000 $. = /

  90. Bedone Nwoke:

    Well, I read everything people say about FXOpen Broker and I hope I did not make my biggest mistake, registering a live account. I was not able to trade due to the bad connection. Please give some advices and explain why FXOpen is so bad?
    ks bedone

  91. Nwaby:

    You better try your skills on a micro account. You are not allowed to trade on a standard account with $10.

  92. Idris:

    Well, I have tested this site and I can make some comments. For the moment I use Liteforex and I’m pretty satisfied. I haven’t tries FXopen but I’m planning to do so in the next few months. I am worried because I’ve heard very bad reviews about their withdrawal system. I will probably give it a shot with $10.

  93. Alexandr:

    Fxopen tries desperately to hide the truth about them. If you will visit forums with forex treads you will notice that there are a lot of topics such as “I recently opened a position on EURUSD”. These topics are created by their bots to cover the negative feedbacks about them. If you post a negative review about FXopen in term of 24 hours will see about 10 flood positive posts that will make your review to pass unnoticed. The broker is obviously trying to hide the real truth from the new customers.
    The license under which they operate has a cost of only $10. This says everything about the well intentions of FXopen.

  94. kdjbash:

    I need someone to give me some advices about my recently registered live account. I had problems with the connection and the speed of order execution is very slow which makes it very hard to earn profits in these conditions. Can somebody give me a hint on what to do and how to my platform to respond faster at my commands because I can barely trade right now?

  95. CPH:

    The best forex site I have ever used. The only disadvantage is the impossibility to make deposits trough Paypal or CC.

  96. Victor:

    When I’m trading on the site it’s like feeling at home for me. There are so many bonuses and attractions that I can’t have enough of it.
    I got a nice bonus of $25 when I made my first deposit of $100.
    In addition to that I am rewarded with $25 for every 100 posts in their forums.
    And I get another $50 when Ireach 1000 posts.
    I made a 10 lots accumulative trade that earned me $100.
    I opened 9 bonus accounts in order to have a full benefit of this opportunity. FXopen allows a mximum of 10 bonus accounts.
    My grades:
    Client Support = Excellent
    Money Deposit & Withdrawals = Fast
    Don’t believe me then try http://www.fxopen.com

  97. Meks:

    kyriakos, I advise you to try and open your own brokerage company. Please take your hate and negative reviews somewhere else and help us keeping this site clean of idiots like you.

  98. kyriakos:

    I have noticed that most of the positive reviews around here are from Nigerian traders. This is odd. I do not trust this broker! I know they are registered in Mauritius. Where the hell is this place anyway?



  100. isaac:

    I am currently trading on a Demo account and hopping they will imrove their services in the near future.

  101. jafaru apochi mohammed:

    I recently started to trade with FXopen on a live account. I am pretty satisfied with the execution and all other services they offer. I still would appreciate all kinds of advises about trades.Happy earning and good luck to everybody.

  102. Dhanie:

    FXopen is the best broker of all I have worked with. The site does not have any hidden fees or other tricks on EA. I highly recommend this broker for every trader out there.

  103. ken:

    I am trading with FXopen for quite q while on a Demo account and I will probably open a real one in a month or two. I hope they are honest with the withdrawals.

  104. eddypramono:

    The best broker!

  105. raphael:

    This is a very professional platform and the overall impression of them is good.

  106. Hamid:

    Hello to Martin from USA. My name is Hamid and I’m from Iran. I have some experience on trading with FXopen and I do not agree at all with your opinion about them. In my country this broker has a big popularity because of the fast deposits and withdrawals and its stability online. The site offers several trading servers and you better check what is the best and suitable for you with the customer support and only after that make comments about their activity. I have also a live trading account on them and no problems were registered from my point of view regarding their services. There are a big number of cases solved in their forums and you better check on there to convince yourself about the reliability of this broker.
    This is Hamid from Iran which made $11000 net profit with FXopen

  107. Martin:

    The service of this broker is just horrible both on Demo as well as on their standard accounts. Especially I have noticed some important delays about their Sydney opening sessions. This is very annoying and they better do something about this problem.
    I have done a research and found that these problems have started in May 2009 and created a lot of loses for traders since then. So this is the primary aspect that makes me to not have trust in them.

  108. Iron:

    FXopen is a very professional broker and I want to recommend it to all the new traders as a reliable forex service.

  109. Vytautas:

    This is the best alternative for all the US located traders that were forced to find themselves a new broker with the recent regalements. The ECN accounts give the client the possibility to start in very advantageous conditions with only 1K dollars on MetaTrader. FXopen has a lot of good reviews from my friends and I will open an account there soon.
    The FXopen Market Maker is another cool option as many people are talking about fast withdrawals and a good overall experience with this broker. For the moment I prefer to trade on ECN accounts because I do not like to a dealer.

  110. Osagie:

    I was about to register an account with FXopen but I’m hesitating now to do that because of the big number of negative reviews I discovered about them. I don’t know what to do because I started to be skeptical about this broker. I would appreciate your comments about your experience with this broker. Thank you!

  111. Ismail:

    Since I cannot find a local broker to trade I switched on to FXopen. I have asked all of my friends that have traded in the past with this company and I got positive reviews about them. Due to the financial crisis many forex brokers were forced to stop their services bit FXopen is a strong company and it’s pretty stable online. I started with a deposit of $500 and after 7 days I pretty satisfied with the profits I earned. We’ll see how it goes from now on.

  112. Emeka:

    I heard people talking that this broker is regulated by the FSC republic of Mauritius. This is nice to know although I’m not sure now efficient are the Mauritius laws. If someone is nice give more information about their legal status I will register on the next day.

  113. Hannes Cloete:

    I want to ask you what is the minimal lot size when you do multiple trades? I know about 0.001 but I don’t know if than number is available for multiple trades as well. I which I find a broker with 0.01 lots for multiple trades.

  114. Boria:

    I enjoy trading very much at FXoen.

  115. victor ezekiel:

    All of my friends are making nice profits with FXopen.

  116. Steven Rainey:

    You can find a lot of Google ads about their ECN accounts. This is a sign that this company is reliable and if their real accounts will be the same as Demo ones then the number 1 position on the market is for them.

  117. Mikulin:

    I was impressed by their ECN option and their features for market analysis for METAtrader4. I am a programmer and I can figure it out what big volume of work it took do realize that. FXopen you have my respect.

  118. Cdrmaster:

    I had numerous problems with this broker in the past 3 months. I am very pissed off because their servers go off very often and this was not so ban for me but I am more concerned about the total lack of response from their customer support. They made a mistake and putted $1000 into my account balance for being one of the top 100 traders. The real bonus I was supposed to get was only $10 and I think that wasn’t a big problem since I didn’t withdraw this money and they could take the money in any moment and solve this issue. I make 3 or 4 times a day inputs into my notebook what are my current earnings and what currencies I have been traded. I was surprised to see that one day FXopen updated my account balance and deleted some funds on it including some of my trading earnings that I have earned from my own money. They said that this was due to the mistake they made by funding my account with $1.000. They removed more than 15 hours of my trading activity and because of this I lost more money than their $1.000 mistake. A week has passed since this change and they do not want to respond to my emails anymore.

  119. igwe sunday ofana:

    I love this site.

  120. foot:

    I really like their chep spreads and no swap. This is a great broker!

  121. Yanek:

    I am A FXopen customer for more than 1 year. I registered a little problem a month ago when the servers went down for a while but they handled the problem pretty quickly. A good service for all the forex traders!

  122. Abdullah:

    I have 6 months with them. I registered my account after I had a discussion with their manager in Cairo. I’m satisfied with the service they are offering.

  123. daniel:

    I am very concerned about your trading platform! What’s happening? Many people are complaining that they cannot trade.

  124. Alfred:

    Today we have a lot of different brokers on the forex market and I made my start into the forex world with Oanda. This was a famous broker from USA and I made nice profits with them.
    Recently I thought of opening another account on a forex site that offers the possibility to trade on MetaTrader. A friend of mine suggested to give FXopen a shot. I performed some researches on the internet about this broker and I noticed that he has many positive feedbacks and satisfied customers. Now I have two prefers brokers – Oanda and FXopen.

  125. Carl:

    I agree with the reviews saying they are reliable. The new regulations make them more stable.

  126. Vitalijus:

    Ihad a problem due to the server slowness but received a compensation that was more than I have expected.

  127. dalia123:

    It’s a good forex service.



  129. edo:

    Every time I want to inform myself about a broker and I check the reviews about him on the web I find good reviews, bad reviews and very bad reviews.
    I researched fxopen reviews, fxpro reviews and Fxclearing reviews along with many other broker reviews and always the very bad reviews made me wondering if it’s worthing registering an account and trading there.
    I decided to trade small amounts of money on these brokers that have negative reviews and to my surprise they are all ok and no big problems for me for the time being.

  130. Joseph:

    My point of view is similar to the one exposed by Gilberto.
    I wanted to test the site before starting to trade with big amounts of money and I transferred $200 on my account balance. The transfer was made in January and to this day I did not receive the money on my account balance. I tried to call the people from the customer support but it seems that they cannot hear me or the connection drops. I am not bothering anymore to get my money back because it is clear to me that I’ve been scammed. Wouldn’t be a problem for FXopen to send back the money on my bank account but they just won’t do that. I am trading with a more trustworthy company and I advise all new clients to be very careful with their funds. At FXopen you will be able to open very quickly an account and even make a deposit on it. But as soon as those steps are finished the broker will start playing his dirty tricks. So think about this before investing.

  131. sunday gabby:

    I have made a lot of attempts to fund my account. Please give me an advice on how to fund your account fast and easy. I will be very thankful.

  132. Matthew:

    Gilberto, I thought on opening a forex account with FXopen but after the negative feedbacks I read here I will not hurry so much with this intention. Iread your feedback about the broker and I took the decision that it is best for me to look for another broker that is more reliable than this.

  133. Gilberto C.:

    I cannot advise you to use the services of this broker. It is very easy to register an account but when it comes to deposits and withdrawals the problems start. I deposited two weeks ago and still do not see the money into my account balance. The weird thing is that no one in their customer support knows where my money are!


    After reading so much reviews both good and bad I think I will try to open a demo account with FXopen. Or maybe I will try to trade with a mini account and deposit about$100 to test this broker’s services.

  135. Valdas:

    I have read about this forex broker on the forex-tsd forum. The offer a high quality service with lots of tools for free analysis which makes the trading process a lot easier. This is a well suited broker for newbies like me because they offer the possibility to trade on micro accounts with small amounts of money. Also I’ve heard that the withdrawals are processed very fast.

  136. Abhay:

    FXopen gives me plenty of satisfactions. I have a EA that makes me nice profits.

  137. Jaque:

    FXopen is a realiable company and I think this is one of the top brokers on the Internet.

  138. Jay Jay:

    Me and my friends are using FXopen for more than a year now. We appreciate very mutch his services.

  139. Leonid:

    The broker is OK. I had some problems in the past with my old brokers Liteforex and Admiral. For this reason I decided to register with FXopen because I heard great success stories about them. I like more the spreads they are offering and the speed of the trading servers which allows me to have good results with my deals.

  140. adewale ayotunde:

    This broker is just a fraud and a scammer. It is impossible to make profits with them because they play all kinds of dirty tricks to make you lose your money.

  141. Aaron Cohn:

    To register an account at FXopen you will need about 5 minutes. At least that’s what they claim. I never had the chance to finish my registration and to make a finished deposit on FXopen. Also the procedure of verification of you identity or your nationality takes ages.
    Awful service, do not recommend it to anyone.

  142. mouhongbo:

    I had wonderful results with FXopen. Funded my account with $1.000 and was able to make more than $100.000. Withdrawing 20k does not happen with delays.

  143. zino:

    I really like to use their platform for my trading profits. A guy from Nigeria told me that he had pretty nice results trading on a Live account. I wil be glad to hear about your experience with this broker because I am tierd to constantly search new forex sites.

  144. FXOpen MY:

    The field you talking about is not necessarily to be completed.


    I want to ask people from Nigeria ; in case I want to make a withdrawal request trough wire transfer and do not fill out the ”Account in correspondent bank”, will my payment request still be accepted?

  146. Izaque:

    All you are saying is not true. The majority of these comments are fake. The broker has special employed people do make such good reviews.

  147. Leo:

    I have 3 accounts with FXopen and I received a bonus on each of these accounts. On each account I made a deposit of $100. Two of the accounts made me a cumulated profit of $360 and the third account went to $0. The earnings I made were received within 2 hours. My overall impression about this broker is good and will continue to trade with him.

  148. Keno:

    FXopen is my top broker for trading forex. Keep it up guys!

  149. Krisi P.:

    I worked as an agent of FXopen and I’m still in contact with more than 30 people. Some of these clients have lost a lot at FX open and some of them have earned good money. I had even customers that have succeeded to make more than $100K and to withdraw this big amount of money without any major problems. As for me I withdraw my commissions every 14 days and I satisfied with the payments.
    Krisi from Poland.

  150. FXOpen:

    I want to address myself to polohot from Thailand
    I want to express my gratitude to you for not saying that FXopen steals the client’s deposits. And I want to inform you that the majority of trading accounts are Standard and not Micro how you supposed it is. This is because the conditions for a Standard account are better than the ones for registering a Micro account. The withdrawals are usually handled in terms of 2 days. Any kind of spike catching software is forbidden and this rule can be found in the customer agreement. I am asking you the next time you intend to make a post please inform yourself.

    danny from NIGIZY,
    On the last Friday we have registers a period of 12 minutes downtime on our servers. If you have some loses due to this problem please contact [email protected] and ask them to run a check and restore your balance if it is the case.
    Babajide from Nigeria,
    For any problems you can use the Live chat to ask for support. FXopen offers that feature for you to have a fast way of contacting us. As for the moment the website is working without any problems. If you can’t log into the MyFXOpen area please contact the customer support. Work together to find a solution.
    Best regards, FXOpen MY.

  151. polohot:

    I am a Thai citizen and I use FXopen for long time now.
    From my experience I have noticed that this broker pays only the clients that make small deposits or trade on a micro account.
    There is not a single post where it says that the client made more than $1000 earnings and was able to withdraw this big amount of money.
    They are a smart scammer:

    -for the users with micro accounts;
    If the client makes small profits he is still in the position to be paid in order to gain trust into this service and come up with bigger amounts of money.
    -for the users with standard accounts
    FXopen will allow you to deposit as much money as you want and then they usually perform into the following:

    1.The user loses all his money because of the unsuccessful trading.
    2.The user makes good profit with his EA account.
    If you are the subject of the second situation then the broker will suspend all your funds and then will give you back the amount of the deposit.
    My advice is to try to make profit on one account and always keep your profit in small amounts. You can register multiple accounts for that reason in order to have more benefit from this site. But always remember that the profit in small amounts is crucial for your further activity on the site.
    If you do not want to risk your money on multiple accounts than try to find another broker.
    You always have an alternative.

  152. danny:

    This message is for the brokers.
    Why do you have to win all the time? If a trade is not profitable for your customers you are very fast in showing them their loses bur when you are in the position of losing the servers all of a sudden stop working properly. Can you explain this situation that I’ve witnessed very often on your site?

  153. Babajide:

    I have big problems with the upload of the required documents for verifying my identity. How much time do I have to spend for a silly operation like that?

  154. shola:

    FXopen it seems a very good broker mostly because they offer fixed spread and other attractive features. I recommend this site to all the traders; I was able to get nice profits with them.

  155. Timo:

    FXopen is a scam broker. The web pages have no address.

  156. Fedak:

    Satisfied with the broker. It offers the possibility to try different of trading sofware.

  157. mouhongbo:

    I have more than 1 year experience with FXopen and I want to recommend this broker to all trader as a good and reliable broker.

  158. sandy sandy:

    This broker is not so bad like I thought in the first place. The problem that bothers me very often is the slowness or even the impossibility to close and order sometimes. What is the problem for this and why it is not fixed once and for all? Overall I have a good imprssion about this broker.

  159. Isiaka Abidoye:

    FXopen is one of the best forex sites existing today on the Internet. All the people that have submitted negative reviews about this site are generally bad intended or don’t have a clue about forex trading.
    What can you possibly ask more from a broker? It has fast withdrawals, nice and receptive customer support and a whole bunch of interesting and helping features.
    Please STOP lying about this site and go learn some basic forex trading if you want to be successful in this industry. FXopen is the best broker I have ever tried!

  160. Nadeem:

    I totally do not agree with the traders making bad reviews about this broker. I have almost a year experience on trading with FXopen and I want to say that not even a single time I did not had problems with order execution or withdrawals.
    If you need to contact their customer support you can use Skype or try to contact directly from their forums.

  161. JIDE:

    We all know the people generally make reviews when they are not satisfied with a broker and want to express their problems. Because of this often it seems that a broker is worst then he generally is. I want to say that FXopen has reduced the spreads for micro accounts to the level of Standard accounts. This is a very nice information and I bless FXopen for that.

  162. JOSH:


  163. Babajide:

    The FXopen is OK but the support people are a bunch of ignorant. They do not want to help you or to listen to your problems. They have very little knowledge about forex. And I still don’t understand why they have Mastercard as a payment option when they don’t work with it.

  164. mohamad kadir:

    Every time I am trying to enter on their forex forum I get the message that the service is unavailable. Has anyone succeeded to enter the forums or the Live chat?

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