FxPro Financial Services Limited

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Broker nameFxPro
Company nameFxPro Financial Services Limited
Online since2008-01-01
Site urlhttp://www.fxpro.com
Minimum account size500.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.100000
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage descriptionfrom 1:1 to 1:500
Spread levellow
Spread description0.8-2.0 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionRegulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (license #078/07).
Easy registrationYES
Votes count1211
Email[email protected]

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  • MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
  • ECN broker.
  • Web-based platform is also available.
  • Really tight spreads.


  • No important disadvantages.


  • Credit cards
  • MoneyBookers
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer


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60 Reviews

  1. Tony Iyamah:

    They are the best broker for me. I have been using then for nearly four years now. Everything is fine. I do not believe in all these negative reviews.

  2. kawasereiro:

    I am pretty glad with this company. I am afraid that they intent to close their Japanese trades, due to the decision of Japanese authorities to pressure on G7 or 8 states to extend introduced internal regulations. This is really a bad idea. It is like telling Japanese travellers not to play casino in Las Vegas, because Japanese criminal law prohibits casino in its territories. What Japanese traders really can do is to pay some taxes with their Inland Revenues. Japanese government always pressures something. I truly hope that this broker will not follow stupid decisions.

  3. Trevor Jones:

    By the way
    Have you noticed that all the good reviews come from Malaysia and Nigeria. I think they hired a bunch of people to write all those reviews. That is so pathetic.
    Good Luck

  4. Trevor Jones:

    This does not look good to me. They are not a broker but an agency. They are a MM and one of the most greedy ones. People you should know such things. If you want good trading you should pick a real broker.
    I believe that all those phrasing reviews have been made for money. They are a black spot in the industry. I will give you honest opinion. I am an experienced trader and I am not racist.
    They are an averagely rated broker with medium spreads and many platforms;

    They will not avoid paying you, but it will not be as professional as if you are using classic broker like IBFX, Oanda, or Deutsch Bank. You will meet lots of requites and you will understand that there is no sense to trade with them.
    Customer service is bad. I am located in the same region as they are but I am not served by them in a proper way. By the way, you should not fall for their 0.4 spreads they refer to ECN platform. This is offered along with commissions, so in the end you will not get any advantage. They attract newbies to bring them money. Do not be caught on all those advertising. They are not good.

  5. ezekiel amardi:

    It is quite funny for me to read all those negative review about this broker. I kind of think this is a hand of competitors. I have been trading with this broker since 2008. I cannot even count how many time I withdraw with them. I have never have problems with it. If you do not want to have problems, you can just send you money through a bank transfer. If you use a credit card or any other methods, the procedure can be a bit complicated due to security reasons.

  6. Peter:

    Guys, I just got a notification from them via email, stating some changes in their terms and conditions. I worry. I have read their new conditions and found the following clauses:
    “The customer has no right to remove or change Take Profit, Stop Loss and Pending Orders if the price has reached the order execution level”
    Do you know what this means? I have checked with their support twice and they told me that we will not be able to change their TP/SL Margin once they have executed our entry and even if the order is open. How is that? They must do need our money very much.

  7. Syamil:

    I do not understand why people write so many negative reviews on this broker. I have been trading with them since 2008 and I am still a user of them. Yes, I did experienced some requites during volatility times but it was fine for me because I do not do scalping. They are fast to withdraw. I t take about two days for me to get my money on my account in Malaysia.
    As to spreads, I must say that this is a good amount for MM brokers. For instance, GBPUSD spreads range from 1.8 to 2.0. I have never met it more than 3 pips. Spreads for GBPJPY range from 3 to 5 pips. I have a long experience with them. You can try them yourself.

  8. mariano asenjo:

    Their spreads are great, not so many requotes as other brokers do. I used to trade with FXCM but left them because they could have too high spreads at times. There is a disadvantage with getting your money. You will eventually get the, but you will have to collect and send them lots of documents. The first time is the hardest but it is better after. Withdrawal period can take up to 10 days, but this is similar to what you can find at FXCm. They are marker makers so we need to be clever. If you are a good trader, you will be able to win with them.

  9. oldman:

    EA helps to make some money.
    Asian spreads too wide at times. I gave them one time a good comment and now I cannot deal with them. EA is profitable, but there can be technical problems.

  10. Titoman:

    They are not a bad broker, they are an average broker. You can get many requites during high market volatility. I would like to advise them to launch a micro account. I would also like to see fractional withdrawal with credit cards.

  11. Andrey:

    At the beginning I did not want to write a comment about this broker. I have changed my mind after going through all those negative reviews. I just feel that I need to share my opinion that all those bad posts are clearly false. I am going to be as clear as possible.
    I have been trading with them for more than four months and I have never met requotes. I have never seen spread for EUR/USD more than 1,8 pips or 3 pips on GBP/USD. And I am talking about times of low liquidity. During US or UK sessions these spreads are 0,8-1,2 pips for EURO and 1-2 pips for the Cable.
    It takes just two days to get the money to my account in Bulgaria. I have also tried to withdraw some money via PayPal and got them he nest day.
    I can also some negative factors to add about them to be absolutely clear. That fact that I did not like occurred then I deposited some money with them through PayPal and I was charged $25 for $1,000 deposit. I was previously told that this method is free of changes. They also took some small amount from my debit card and to withdraw the money, I needed in first place to withdraw the money through PayPal. Only after this I could ask to get my money on my debit card.
    As to me, the fact that they allow trading only with fixed lot amount is not quite convenient. For instance, you can but 0.1 lots or 0,2 lots, but you cannot get 0,15 lots. This is not the best option.
    Customer support is fine. So, this is what you can find out from me, a real client of this broker.
    I hope, this post will be helpful for you.

  12. Emere:

    I am not happy to read all those negative comment on this broker. They are not scam. I have been trading with them for a month and have not big problems. Actually, I could make my first profit with them. I also could normally withdraw my earnings.
    They have fine quote. Seeing requites is a rare case really. S/L and T/P orders work well. If you wish to trade with this broker, you do not have to hesitate. They are indeed regulated by CYSEC, Cyprus. They have a really great customer service. My rating is 10 out of 10 and A++.
    They are great broker. All those bad comments probably come from inexperienced brokers or competitors.

  13. Oulons Pisoglentish:

    I have been trading with them for a month. All these talking about low spreads are a joke. If you only get a live account with them, you will see 3 pips spreads. And they can get higher up 20-30 Pips. They do lots of requotes! If you do not know what this world means, just open an account with them and you can trust me you will learn it. It is difficult to trade with this broker. You will lose your money fast.
    I would recommend this broker to my friends.

  14. Sladan Mikzevitz:

    They are the worst. All you will see just requotes, requotes, and requites!
    How? How can it be? I want my money back 

  15. Robert:

    Here is some reasons to think about trading with this trader twice:
    50 employees have been fired, which is about 30% of their workforce. This happened just within a month. Among people who left the company were they founders and top managers.
    Their office in Greece has been closed. I think they have earned enough money for themselves.
    Paying for ads on football shirts might be great but it nothing to make the services better to their customer. It seems like they are going to get out.

  16. Winston:

    I would like to respond to Eve, England.
    What you mean by telling that you cannot set T/P and S/L with FxPro? I do not have any problems with that. I have been trading with them for some time already and did not have such problems. The only one time I had bad time than their service had problems. I am on this forum, because my friend who is keeping losing his money with this broker asked to me check on this information and leave it. But honestly, from all those comments that I see, I can only make the only conclusion is that I am going to stick with them. They have a great around the clock chat service.
    They staff if very friendly and helpful which is important to novice. I have no stupid questions for them.
    My rating is 8 out of 10

  17. Martin:

    Their platform has many bugs. They spreads can be as high as 100 pips. Their EA can set SL Limits or Break Even. When I traded manually, they open my position as long, but I wanted to have is short.
    Server does not listen to my command or delay it. They can close my position without any reason. I have been traded with them for over three months and if I had a profitable trade there were always some problems with them. To my opinion Alpari is much better. I think they have hardware issue, which cannot process all requests. I had more than twelve MT4 crashes with open positions, but my Alpari MT4 was fine. I have tested them on Vista, 7 and Server 2003!

  18. Fritz:

    I found that another broker with the name similar to fxpro exists. This is fx-pro. I have found many bad reviews on the last one on some other website. So, I just wanted to let you know that you may be talking about different brokers.

  19. julius:

    I have been trading with this broker for several years and I can say that this is a good broker. If people lose their money with them that this is because they are not good at trading.

  20. Moses Akporherhe:

    FxPro is a good broker and can be believe. Their MT4 platform works well and I have not had any problems with it for the last two years I have been using their services. I did not face problem to withdraw money. There are several brokers that I trust and FXPRO is one of them.
    I can only ask they to make lower spread on the minor crosses and offer some other minor currencies like GBP/TRY, GBP/RUB, EUR/TRY and others. I wish them success.

  21. hani:

    I really have no idea why people write all those negative reviews. In my opinion, there are great. I did two withdrawals with them and all went smoothly. I by the way withdraw my entire deposit and also profit. If somebody had some problems with them, I really sorry, but I did not have anything like that. If your comments are not real, then I am asking you to do such bad things and chasing a good broker. I just want to make some things clear.

  22. TONY:

    I am a bit lost. Why I cannot find a broker with more than 90% good review? I suspect that many reviews are fake written wither by broker itself or by its competitors. I have not been trading with this broker yet, my friend has and he recommended it. I am just wondering if Securities and Exchange Commission located in Cyprus is a good regulator.

  23. Thomas:

    I am using Fxpro. I am not a much experienced trader, but I decided to move to another broker. This is because all my losses that I experienced happened while their platform was frozen. I have been a trader of them for nearly a year and I can tell that I never withdrew my profit. If I was getting close to this, the platform simply got frozen. As a newbie, I decided to be careful with them.

  24. PaulT:

    Fx pro is the best broker to me. Everything including registration, depositing and withdrawing is very easy. They offer really good spreads on EUR/USD ranging from 0.9 to 1.7. The maximum leverage that you can get is 1:500 :)

  25. Annika:

    FxPro is one of the best brokers. I cannot understand all those negative comments about them, for instance, as to T/P and S/L, everything works well for me. If you have any problems, you probably just need to go through their manuals.
    I am giving them a rate 10 out of 10.

  26. eve:

    FXPro is bad. There is no way to can set up take profit and stop Loss. So, how can it is possible to trade? I did not like them, so not trade with this broker.

  27. fuck_cyprus:

    I created an account and earn some profit and faced the problem to get my money. They change their leverage as they want. I wrote to Mr. Kypros Sideras from CySEC and did not get any reply from him.
    I believe those on Cyprus are not good regulators. If you want to have a good trading then stick to London or Swiss.

  28. T:

    For the USA trader claiming that they have account with FxPro, please explain how can it be? They do not allow the USA traders.

  29. Galina:

    I have been trading with Fxpro for about two years. I did not have problems with them. However, you should take to attention that they do not accept payment made through Webmoney anymore. Good trading!

  30. Bailey:

    Fxpro is fine broker for me so far. I have been trading with several brokers and this is the fastest in terms of customer service and the best in terms of conditions. I take about 1-2 day to deposit money. I hope, I will not have problem to withdraw.

  31. ayman:

    Alastob Los Alkhosar, every orders or stop do not work resulting on substantial Loss in account and the real weird thing I Ooms stop Loss account in experimental work.

  32. Moses Akinloy John:

    I have been having my live account with them for a pretty long time now. However, I must say that I did not use because of the potential risk that my money is under. I am based in my opinion on the reviews giving by the traders about easiness to withdraw their deposits or profits. As far as I can see, there are traders who have opposite experience with their withdrawing their profits from this brokers and their margin. I really look forward to finding the truth based on my personal experience with profit and margins.

  33. YUS:

    They are the best broker for me. I have been using my account with them for some time already and never had big problems. I get fine withdrawals to my debit card.

  34. chilo:

    Honestly, I have been trading with them for some time and everything was fine. I could not believe that withdrawals and deposits would be so easy for me. However, one day I met I big disadvantage of them. Did you know that they stopped any transactions processes, including withdrawals with the traders from the USA? They did not even inform us! Can you imagine having an account of one million dollars and being unable to withdraw a cent? I do not know what you think about them. I am so glad that I could find out about this information before and withdraw all the money from my account. If you are fine with the way they do their business, then you can open an account with them. But you are a careful player, you should avoid them.

  35. SUNDAY:

    I get lose in all those positive and negative reviews on this trader. Creating an account with them is just your attitude to the risk. Life itself is very risky. I would really love to read the responses by FXPRO to the comments made.

  36. Ifeanyichukwu:

    I can honestly say that they are the best broker for me if compare to what you can find today on the market. They have lots of advantages.
    Keep up your great work.

  37. Brandon Tapera:

    I registered my account with FXpro.com did not use it for two weeks. While this time I got lots of mail from them asking to make deposit and start trading. I wrote them that I am interested in opening a corporative account. They wrote me back and asked to contact [email protected] about his request. So this I did but till now I have no received a reply from them.
    I think they delay this process on purpose. Surely, it is easier for them to work with personal account easier as they can do scam with them. It is not that easy to do this with corporate accounts because they can sue them. I just wanted to share my opinion with you.

  38. eddie:

    I am in from the USA and I am using their demo account. Can anyone tell me whether they are safe for real account?

  39. Celestin:

    This is a bad broker. I do not suggest you to open an account with them.

  40. C.J.:

    Hello Camallio, what payment method did you use to make a deposit with Fxpro? They have a call back request option on their website, did you try it? If yes, what did they tell you?

  41. Camallio:

    I have problems with withdrawing my money from my account. This is the truth. I tried to get my money through several payment options, including credit card, PayPal and wire transfer. No one of these options worked out. The balance on my account is about GBP6,000. I wanted to get back 4,000 but could not get them for half a year now. There are many comments about how you have not problems to get your money back. Can you please with me what you did to get your money? I suspect that those of you saying that you could easily get your money from them, just their employees. 

  42. Aldiyar:

    You should not confuse FxPro with FX-PRO. Those are different brokers. I am currently using demo with Alpari UK and FXPro. They are work well. I am thinking of opening an account with one of them

  43. Haz:

    U have be through many reviews on this and other website and I concluded that all those bad reviews are in fact is the truth. I was looking for a good broker to deposit $100,000.00 and was thinking of investing it in FxPro. Now, that I know the situation, I am not willing to do so as well as my colleges refused doing that. This would be a lesson for FxPro that they should not cheat on people or they will just leave.

  44. barth:

    Frankly, I am a bit confused. It looks like that only Africans are happy with their services. I want to open a live account with them.

  45. Mervyn:

    I am confused to read all these negative posts about FxPro. They are very responsible and sick to the rules. Even the first withdraw with them should not take long. They provide fast execution and spreads are good. There can be requites in high volatile markets. The offer great alerts and sound to text messages. There is no slippage between what you want and what you get.

  46. Riffin:

    I am begging you do no trade with FXPRO. Because of them I lost all my inverted $400. They did not advise me that they do not offer to buy 0.01 and all of my money was lost in just two days! They are quite rude as well. Poor me :(

  47. Mihai:

    It is not like that I am against them…well…. I maybe am. I have had two conversation with them and I can tell, that their do not give transparent information about conditions, trying to attract inexperienced novice. This is how we dealt.
    I wanted to try them because they provide credit card payment and this is what I asked them during my first conversation with them.
    Their FAQ is not clear about withdrawal of profits. Actually, there is not information on that And this is because they do not offer to withdraw profits on credit card. They allow you to just withdraw your first deposit with them. And this is the only option. The information is not comprehensive. They attract client with the option to deposit though credit card, but they do not allow withdrawing their money in the same way. I really regret that I did not save my first conversation with them, but I saved the last one 
    The second time I contacted them, I wanted to clarify how it is easy to get the money from them.
    This is the main part of the conversation and the entire conversation is provided below:
    you: so, you do not require a copy of my card to make a deposit:)
    you: only if I need to withdrawal:)
    you: ok .. I understood this
    you: not clear information, more customers…
    chris: yes, can I help you with anything else?
    you: thank you for the information.. it was useful
    chris: You are welcome
    chris: Thank you for contacting us, good bye
    The entire discussion:
    You are now contacting ‘Chris’, Can you please give me your FxPro account number?
    you: I do not have one yet
    chris: Can you please give me your FxPro account number?
    you: I just have a question about cc payment
    chris: How can I help you?
    you: Is it possible to get my profits on my credit card?
    you: your information is not clear
    you: it is not transparent
    you: in accordance to your information i can withdraw deposited money but not profits
    you: using to credit card
    chris: with credit card, you can only withdraw your deposit, but profit you can withdraw through wire transfer.
    chris: yes this is correct
    you: so, everyone who is not that careful with reading would think that they can get their money through credit card.
    chris: Can I help you with anything else?
    you: I have seen some comment on net
    you: and do I need to send you documents every time I want to withdraw
    you: I mean, do you need to identity document only one time to make a deposit
    you: or only once, when creating an account with you?
    you: there is no clear information about that on your website. And find of the Internet the information they people have experienced much delays.
    you: with withdrawing
    chris: when open an account with us, you will be asked to provide you ID and proof of address. To withdraw on your credit card you will be asked to provide a copy of your credit card
    you: so, you do not require a copy of my card to make a deposit:)
    you: only if I need to withdrawal:)
    you: ok .. I understood this
    you: not clear information, more customers…
    chris: yes, can I help you with anything else?
    you: thank you for the information.. it was useful
    chris: You are welcome
    chris: Thank you for contacting us, good bye

  48. Leeyon:

    FXPRO is scam. Do not trust them
    They use a very professional strategy which makes you to lose your money. It is always a fight to withdraw with them. They also lie about their spread. They say their charge only 0.5 pips, but it can be even 7 pips. They do not provide good information on what is happening in real market. I have met the cases changes with 16 pips from the market price. You will meet many requites with them before your order is executed. This is a very often case for the good, profitable trades.
    I have also problems with their platform which get disconnected like every 20 minutes. If I just had put my attention to the negative people’s comment about them, I would not have lost $50,000. It is only $340 on my account now and this is all what has left after their applied all these tricks to me. I wanted to get the remaining $300 and cannot do it for three weeks now. If you are looking for a way to lose you money or spend lots time and effort to get your money back, then you should trade with FXPRO. I can advise you to I simply advice any trader to avoid such brokers. If you want a good trade, you should stick with some ECN Broker. I learn my bad lessen

  49. Zeph Dulin:

    Within two months I increased my deposit on 447%. I made a withdraw request to get back 200% of this amount and got them with no problems. They have a secure withdrawal policy. You can trust them your money. They have good spreads and great customer support. My rating for them is 9 out 0f 10.

  50. C.J.:

    Fellow traders, I have withdrawn over $4,000.00 from FXPRO. I am sure that they are reliable broker. For me it takes just 3-4 days for my money to arrive on my account. There is no problem in contacting their customer services. You can always use call back option on their website. They are pretty good. I know what I am talking about.

  51. AC:

    Some traders ensure that they are easy to withdraw, but the traders from the USA tell me that this is impossible to get your money. I think all have their truth. I have just requested withdraw of $2,200 to my credit card. I did not really needed to withdraw the money, but I just wanted to check whether all those problems with withdrawals are real. In about three days I got an email form them asking to provide some documentation. I have spent some time learning all how to use special scanner program and other related stuff and eventually sent them this information. The next day I receive another email notifying me that my money will be sent out today. But in just five hours later, I was contacted by someone from the accounting department who asked me to do the scanner for my credit cards. I sent them document but I sent it to the head of accounting, letting them know I dislike such attitude and I have heard many stories of difficult process with withdrawing.
    They did not initiated the withdrawal the day, they told me they would. I wrote them about that I got an email with apologies. They told me that this is due their security policy. They actually told me that this was done for my sake! She said that had initiated the withdrawal and I should be able to get it on my account in five business days. I did not see any debits from my account that day. Till today, I did not get my money, but I was been just a day. Is this a bad work of their administration or a pure fraud? I hope, it is just due their administrative problems, but if I do not get my money, I will make another statement. It is interesting, how much progress did the other, who said that they had problems to withdraw with them.

  52. C. J.:

    My best rate for this broker would be only 1out of 10. There is no problem with giving them money, but it is impossible to get them back. I could not withdraw with them any money I got as profit. Initially I could get $100 and after only the money I invested.
    This is not a good broker, it is scam. If you want to lose your money, you can start trading with them.

  53. usman:

    I have just created an account with them. I truly hope that I will not have any problems with them and especially in terms of withdrawals.

  54. Muslim:

    They are great broker! I love them! Very good nice French office! They are fast and easy withdraw!

  55. Johnson Christopher:

    I truly love Fxpro! They offer outstanding services. I used to trade with NorthFinance and then change it to FxPro. I have had a great experience with them and have not met any problems.

  56. akinnagbe:

    I have got to know more about this company and their relationship with Northfinance. I am going to trust them my money and get a live account. Can anyone tell something about them?

  57. gondol:

    I like MT4 trader. Please note that not provider of MT4 are the same. I have two demo accounts. One in Alpari uk and the seconds one in Fxpro. I use then at the same time. I noticed that Alpari platform freezes often especially during spike. It can remain in this condition up to 20 minutes. I did not have such problem with Fxpro. They offer better execution than Alpari. I am going to open with them a real account soon.

  58. Bayonle:

    It is a great thing to know about them. I need to know whether they are linked somehow with “Northfinance.” I also want to make sure that they are reliable.

  59. gedek:

    I like them. No problems to withdraw.

  60. Forexcontrol:

    I traded with FxPro for almost a year and had good trading experience with this broker. Recently I started trading with another broker http://www.forexcontrol.com and they are great as well. They provide access charts and analyses for all NSE, BSE, indices in Nifty and FX..and believe me their charts and analyses are the best and they are very useful for a newbie like me.

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