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FX Solutions, LLC

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Broker nameFX Solutions
Company nameFX Solutions, LLC
Online since2001-01-01
Site urlhttp://www.fxsol.com
Minimum account size250.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.100000
Maximum leverage50
Maximum leverage descriptionup to 1:50
Spread levelhigh
Spread description3 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionRegistered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a Futures Commission Merchant and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA), ID# 0312620.
Easy registrationNO
Votes count65

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  • Advanced charting software.
  • MetaTrader 4 software support.


  • Opening an account is a complicated process.


  • Bank wire
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • on-line check
  • paper checks


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10 Reviews

  1. talal:

    I love FX Solutions for giving me my financial stability.

  2. Michael:

    I want to say one thing about this site. I registered an account with eTorro and then I found out that The customers from US are not allowed to trade at eTorro. Then when I opened an account with FX Solutions I had problems with the activation because the stuff kept telling me to log at eTorro first. They also told me that the US software is related to FX Solutions and identifies me as being a client of eTorro. Be careful when you register on these sites.

  3. Michael:

    I am a newbie in the forex industry but so far I understand that there is not a single broker who won’t use special tactics to make you lose your deposit. I had two situations when my trades were closed without any explanations. In the first situation I lost a big amount of money because of this and in the second I was supposed to have a nice profit if it wouldn’t just disappear so fast. I tried to explain myself as being leverage covering’s fault but soon I understand this was not true. Within a month period since I make trade at FX Solutions I had to face several times different problems which make this broker not so good in my opinion.
    Also let me tell you that there are big differences between the rates at the FX Solutions site and the rates presented on the MetaTrader platform. And usually the rates are set to be in the customer’s disadvantage. Be very careful with all the trading details with this broker.

  4. Leotar:

    The MetaTrader platform from the Australian FX Solutions site is just a program to steal your money! I opened last week a trade and I had $790 loss. After a few days I was able to close the position with $2,400 profit. But the broker canceled my trade saying that the trade was gapped and for this reason I shouldn’t open it. But that was not true, I looked over my graphs. Another situation like this happened when I succeeded to rise my profits up to $4345 and they canceled all my profits explaining that I made improper trading. I started to complain and they suspended my account. I had a second account that I did not use and they suspended that account too. ROBBERS!!

  5. John Fucci:

    I have to agree with Albert. I registered on this site two years ago and I’m still working them. I and satisfied with the trading conditions that this broker is offering.

  6. Albert Carlston:

    I like very much the FX Solutions trading platform. I would recommend this platform to every new trader. I want to say thanks to a guy named Joseph who helped me a lot and showed me all the benefits of GTS Pro.

  7. Rods:

    I have more than two years experience with FX Solutions and I had periods when I lost money as well as periods when I earned money. I like very much the withdrawals which are as fast as making deposits. Usually you get your money in your bank account balance in the same day you requested the withdrawal.


    FX Solutions is a complete scam!
    The site works very slow and it’s difficult to earn money and there are all kinds of unexpected fees that are charged all of a sudden. I f the trade is not going in a favorable way for the company then your orders will take ages to be executed. It takes sometimes more than 2 minutes to close a deal.
    The people from the customer support have no idea about forex trading or about this business. When you ask them a question most of the time they give you a very vague response because they don’t know anything else to say to you. They even do not know what is a usable margin and what are the percentages for that.
    There are also a bunch of other problems but I would not develop them here. Who wants to hear more about the unknown side of this broker please contact me and I will reveal to you what I know.

  9. Joe Galla:

    Best FX broker ever. Higher spreads, but fixed and a reliable execution. Cant go wrong…

  10. Lee:

    Bergantung bounsnya, kalau bounsnya sampai terus2an apalagi yang nilainya sampai diatas 10% bahkan 30% keatas itu sudah tidak benar, apalagi yang bisa menerima transfer dengan pihak ke 3 atau liberty reserve, rata2 broker yang menerima LR itu semuanya bandar dan berbahaya.mereka para bandar mendapat untung dari kekalahan nasabahnya, oleh karena itu mereka bisa memberikan bonus besar (karena orang masuk ke sana sudah pasti 98% kalah).Menurut survey, Nasabah yang trade di broker bandar yang karena tertarik dengan bounsnya tersebut hampir semuanya Loss nya melebihi nilai bounsnya, bahkan kalau dihitung2 bounsnya tidak akan sebanding dengan kerugiannya di broker tersebut akibat dicurangi oleh kenakalan bandar.Jadi Hati2 dengan bonus2. Semakin besar bounsnya semakin berbahaya dan nakal broker tersebut. Dan bonus besar itu = jebakan.Broker yang benar itu seharusnya profit dari selisih spread jual beli saja (setelah dihitung dengan mark up spread di pasar tentunya), jadi profitnya kecil tetapi mereka main di volume (bukan di kekalahan nasabahnya), oleh karena itu di broker yang kredibel justru mereka jarang sekali memberikan bonus, dan kalau ada bonus pun jumlahnya kecil atau dibawah 5% saja, dengan persyaratan tertentu

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