GO Markets Pty Ltd

GOMarkets - Forex Broker

Broker nameGOMarkets
Company nameGO Markets Pty Ltd
Online since2008-01-01
Site urlhttp://www.gomarketsaus.com
Minimum account size1.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.001000
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage descriptionup to 1:500
Spread levellow
Spread description0.5-2 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionRegulated by ASIC (registration number: ACN081864039).
Easy registrationYES
Votes count437
Email[email protected]

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  • MetaTrader 4 Forex broker.
  • Futures, shares and CFD trading.
  • Very low minimum to start trading.
  • Free education and e-books for all real account holders.


  • No important disadvantages.


  • BPAY
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer


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116 Reviews

  1. Thomas J:

    I trade with GO Markets based in Netherlands. I must say that they have a very high level of customer support. I meet just very few issues. I will make also another review when I have traded with them for more half a year. I have also used Meta 4 platform with other broker and just to compare will write another review in some time. So far I am quite satisfied.
    Thomas J

  2. Zeki D:

    I made depositing and withdrawals with this broker just to make sure that I can trust this them. Everything was pretty fast and took just 3 hours.
    MT4 works fast and responds to all my orders.

  3. Stobbart:

    I am satisfied with GO Markets. They have an excellent customer service. Support provided by European office is very good.
    I also feel no worries that my money is in ING bank because they have a reliable reputation.

  4. Kenny P:

    I must agree with Isaac that they offer awesome spreads compared to most brokers I have ever trader with before. They provide a good balance between positive and negative slippage. You can be sure not to get re-quotes.
    For Toronto there I live I can use their platform without any problems. Most of the orders are executed in seconds.

  5. Isaac:

    I have a very impression of GO Markets. They provide fast deposits and withdrawals. You can count on getting returned within 24 hours.

  6. Larry D:

    I have been Forex trader for three years now, and two of them I have spent with GO Markets. My opinion on GO is as follows.
    Since the time I started to trade with them, the list of the Forex product they offer got longer. Today, they are strong competitors to “big” brokers and surely give some of them hard times.
    I used to be a fan of their CFDs they offered but to fully operate their platform they offered the prices which were to only concentrate on Metals and Forex and to scrap the CFDs.
    The Forex that they offered has all I need to trade but I would be very happy if they could bring back CFDs.
    Because of their good Forex spreads they have pretty many traders. I am not afraid to trust them my money even though I live in the UK and they bank is based in Australia. They have also bot ING in Holland which is promising.
    I consider them a secure broker but I would really like if they to bring back CFDs. So far I have to trade with two brokers which is not very convenient.

  7. Graham philips:

    I have been a trader registered with GO since August and one time I did leave them but came back again.
    The spreads have recently been reduced and they have really great customer service. I get finally the feeling that my account is managed in the right way and not like the last years when I has to spend time talking with support team.
    Surely, this broker is not idea, but they do go a better way and I believe they will eventually manage to make all things much better as well as making spreads much lower.

  8. Jermain:

    This broker is good and fair. The services are great. I have not complaints.

  9. Brian:

    I think this is a great broker. I have had no problems so far. I am very satisfied with them. My rating is 10 out of 10

  10. Robert:

    Go is a great broker. I have had some issue but all of them were resolved. Their customer service is pretty reliable.
    I know that they receive the price feed from Currenex, which is good as some of the ECNs I Trade EUR/USD on a one- minute chart and spreads are reliable though are not the best as some of ECNs are better.

  11. Lisa:

    I had been trading before with the UK broker but had lots of problems with them and that it why I turn to working with Oz Broker.
    I do believe that I am taken care by them much better than some other Forex trading bucketshops. I am glad with their spreads which still remain pretty good. You can also use the EA’s as per your wish.
    They used to have their Oz office only, but since they also have they European office it is better to get them to help.

  12. Leslie:

    I trade Gold and Forex with Go Markets. I can say that their platform is pretty much satisfying and it works very fast with my ADSL connection. Nano lots are ideal for my strategy testing but it is pity that you cannot trade GOLD as a Nano lot as well.
    I am consulted by Nadia, an account manager, and I must say that she is very professional and is always happy to help. The best marks.

  13. Sandy:

    I am not happy with this broker, although I used to be happy with them. I simply found out that they earn their money when you they are earning by increasing the price to 30 pips. This surely gives them a better income, as they receive the commission and you need as extra time to recover.
    I placed EG Short according to Tick chart at 0.92430, but trade indication line on MT4 appeared the trade execution at 0.92411. And this is how they make their profits. I have also experienced some case then was expected to be profitable, but I have met some technical problem with them using both computers and an independent VPS. I think, they are not honest players with all those order appearing and disappearing as they know that move is profitable for the customers. So, be aware.

  14. cyril:

    I found out about Go markets when I saw one of them giving an interview on the business channel. I am very happy to find them and Aussie Brokers are not that good. They provide great services and are friendly. Since I started to trade with them I have not met any problems. I am going to recommend them to every trader who is looking for an Aussie Broker.

  15. Jeff T:

    Since I found out about Go markets through my stockBroker, Forex trading had become much more exciting for me.
    Mt4 platform works perfectly and the support is great. However, if they could also provide oil trading, that would be just great.
    I am going to recommend Go markets to my friends.

  16. Stuart w:

    I am glad with good leverage and fast transfers. When I had some issues, I got the help in time and was satisfied.
    I am satisfied with good Euro and cable spreads as well as with Yen Spreads, If to compare with ECN, although spread for some exotics pairs could have been better. They do a reliable app, but if they have done it to I-phone, that would be really great.

  17. Conrad:

    I have recently moved to Hawaii from Australia. I used to trade with GO markets for about one year, but since I have moved to there I am now I have to use other brokers which offer lower leverage and higher spreads. All this happens due to the USA legislation. Now I regret that I moved, or at least I should not have told Go that I was not in the Australia anymore. If you do not live in the USA, then I really recommend you to use Go as they are just great. If you do live in the USA, then you had better to find another broker.
    I was happy to trade with Go, so I am giving it the top marks.

  18. scalper:

    I do not suggest you to trade with this broker! I used to be happy with them and make a good profit, but they after banned the speed of executions. I got a reply that scalping initially was fine and this is how I trade. I increase my account from 15,000 to 95,000 within just three months. I managed to do so by simply increasing my lot sizes to practically the maximum they allow (which is twenty lots). What I am telling you is that if you make much money with them, they will start on play different games with you. Most of all I heard different excuses from Chris
    My advice is stay away from them, unless you are a bad trader, because this is who they are looking for – for losers. The withdrawals are fast though. But you can find it with many other more reliable brokers.

  19. Pierre:

    I met some problem and wanted to complain about that but find out that the staff of Go resolved everything even without my complaining! The service is really great!

  20. chris:

    There are no DMA (Direct market access) on offer which as to me a minus.
    This is must be there! If not, I am not going to do nothing wit such a broker.

  21. Parminder:

    They do not do re-quotes, or slippage so that I could complain about it. Spreads are fine to me, and execution is really great! Generally, I have no complaints, but would be good if they could add CFDs and the similar stuff.

  22. David M:

    I am happy with GO, as they do not have re-quotes and I their spreads are great so far.
    They have become a good broker. I wish they provided more detailed market reports and give more interesting ideas on trading. As for customer services and execution, I have no problem.

  23. Ken:

    I have a good experience trading with this broker. I surely recommend it to others.
    Excellent for scalping, and great speeds.

  24. William Knowles:

    I found they service awful. They have bad attitude toward the client when you contact them to ask for some help. I had enough, so I registered with another service provider and wanted all my funds from GO. It has been four days since them, and I still did not get them! I have filled out all the papers and made already three calls requiring my money.

  25. david:

    I think, Go is a great company to trade with. They have an outstanding customer support. After I asked for my money, I got them the next morning! Trust to broker is very important and I do trust them as they gave me back my money.

  26. Tony Dimarco:

    Considering all the sides of this broker, I highly recommend it. They have great customer support. With them, you can get your funds within just 24 hours. I am ok using this Australian Company, but since I am in the UK, I would like them to establish an office in the UK as well. I think I would be able to use some special seminars.
    I have been before to some of their webinars and found them good. Although, I still prefer seminars conducted in person.

  27. George:

    GO Markets execution is fast. They do have an excellent customer service.

  28. Sandman:

    I have been looking for a reliable broker for a long, long time. When I found Go I was very happy with their great services and good spreads.
    I live if the USA and it looks that we have some changes in legislation here, I am not able to use services of this broker any more. Surely, I am not happy about it, because Go is in Australia and hence is regulated under local legislation. They are not really some offshore bucket shop.
    So, because of those changes I must find a new broker. I am so sad! It took me such a long time to find Go! If you do not live in the USA, you can trade with this broker really. I believe there are fair and honest and you can trust them. If you ever move from the USA, I will definitely get myself back to this broker.

  29. MT:

    Awesome Broker!! Outstanding Customer Service!! Top marks!

  30. Stuart:

    I am glad to trade with Go. They have good margins and their staff is nice and helpful. I cannot even count how many time they resolved all spikes in my favor!

  31. Roxy:

    Great spreads. Excellent services. I they only had also oil and the FTSE and I would be totally happy.

  32. Bobby D:

    I am giving their lots to the highest marks. Not kidding 50:1 and I trade with 300:1 leverage, good spreads, fast execution, and friendly and professional service. This is the best Broker I have trade with for OTC Forex.

  33. Jody:

    My friend recommended GO Markets for me and I am very glad because of this. All get better and better here and my EA work well.
    I highly recommended them.

  34. disadVANTAGEdKiller:

    I did not like this broker at all. They do not have reliable technical support. I would not recommend to trade with them.

  35. leroy:

    As to me Go Markets is a reliable provider. One time I had and they refund me with not problems. This is unusual and pleasant as often you have to fight with brokers to get it.

  36. Aaron:

    I have experienced technical problems with them just in the in the middle of the NY session. They have no technical support. You cannot really contact anybody to help you out at this. I was not help by their after-hours trading desk. If you are trade at 5 pm in Melbourne, you are all along. That is a big problem.

  37. B Bush:

    I am from the USA and they allow me to join me no problems! This is a great broker to trade with! The speed is great especially since they added new Data Centers.
    I know that Aussies drink a lot of beer. If you are in the USA then your beer will be on me.

  38. wing yip:

    I did not like this Broker. They do delay fills cause my EA to not be available. My account ran out of money in just couple days! I will back to Alpari.

  39. Finchy:

    Their platform works good, I have not met any reported problems. My fill speed usually takes less than a second so there will not be any complain about that. MYFX plug in is a good feature, however, I do not thing that I will but the full version.

  40. luca:

    I am enjoying a great trading with GO Markets. I trade from Italy and have no problem. I surely recommend them to you.

  41. Samantha:

    Overall, lots of problems! Crap fills, random spikes appears on charts for no reasons, quotes get frozen at multiple instances. As to me there are just another bucket shop!

  42. Jenny:

    I am a new to Forex trading and recently have joined Go. I have been helped by the staff regarding my EA. This is a good broker to trade with.

  43. James Ruttledge:

    I found out about Go from my college and since then I started to deal with them, I have had a great experience. I started to trade with them about four month ago.
    The registration process is easy and fast. They have an excellent customer support. I am glad to be Aussie living in London and being able to trade with them.
    Their spreads are consistent and has been recently improved. Since the Internet works in the UK perfectly, I have not problems with the speed or other issues.
    I would want that the demo platform would be available for more than 30 days as I need to see the history of my trading.
    If they also could provide using their platform on I-phone or at least an APP I would be happy.

  44. Phil:

    Due to all those stupid regulation, I have moved myself to offshore. I was happy with Go before.
    spreads great

  45. mark:

    I have had good time with Go markets so far. I mostly live in the UK, but now I am in Australia on business.
    No problems with their platform and connection speed.
    The price feed is pretty good, somewhat similar to Dukascopy with a small mark-up which i consider fair since they do not take any additional costs.
    I really hope they do not launch MT5 before it works smoothly and bug free. If they do, I truly hope they will explain how to use it.

  46. ricco:

    I like trading with Go markets, good and fair trading.
    Their customer services are great.
    I am happy that my money is safely stored in one of Aussie Banks.
    Trading with them is fast and smooth.

  47. selvakumar:

    Your platform works well, sir. More details I will get later.

  48. Haddo:

    I went for trading with Go because I had moved myself from the UK to Tokyo.
    I do like their MT4 platform, as it is very responsive and easy to use. It is the best compared to what I used to use. The registration process was fast and simple. They customer services are great. The Spreads remains consistent.

  49. Alex:

    I had some problems with the delay on some trade, so I called them to get help. In just 5 day everything was sorted out. I do not need more than that.
    The spreads are great, but can be somewhat choppy during the news time. Good I did not trade then. My rating is 7.5 out of 10.

  50. Steen:

    I finally found a reliable broker. I have had some problems with executions speed on their platform. It looked like their client living in the USA and the UK had had the same and I thought that was due to their tricky games. But in some time all those issues had been resolved and I could use them with no problems.
    The spreads are consistent and in fact lower than most other brokers that I used to trade with offer. However, I would like them to make the spread for EUR/JPY a bit lower.

  51. Alan:

    I have traded with many brokers and as to me, Go is a great one. All transactions are fast. Requested to withdraw the money at about 2 pm and the next morning I got the money on my bank account.

  52. thelma:

    I think that Go is a good broker. I like their services and their platform.
    I am giving their customer service top marks

  53. Michael:

    Now I got why people keep complaining about their poor fills on the platform they offer. The problem lies not in the Internet connection problem, and it takes about 4 seconds to make a deal. I do not think that this is reliable broker. I recommended you to stay away from this broker.

  54. john barnes:

    With Go my starting with Forex trading went smoothly. They have a great customer services and there is no problems with their platform.

  55. Phiroze:

    This broker is fine to me. They offer fine spreads and fast execution.

  56. ricko:

    Their services are great, there is no slippage to me and I am a scalper, I use 300:1 and happy that they do not have NFA stupid rules.
    I believe that Forex is a good market to trade and Go is a good broker to trade with.

  57. Samy:

    They do have good spreads but does it really matter if they have such horrible fills? You basically get slipped 2-3 pips. This is broker is not for you if you are a short-term broker or scalper. The ones those are novice do not give deep analyzing and see only what is on surface. And this is what is important to understand even if spreads are attractive, but what fill in in 2-3 pips means is that your spread is more for 2-3 pip slippage (which make about 4 pips) of commission ANY Way (IN and OUT)!! This is VERY BAD! Do not get yourself into trap!

  58. Jamie:

    I am happy with them. Their customer service is great, no problems with platform speeds and good spreads. Maximum leverage 1:300 for >$10,000 is ok.

  59. karim:

    Found no issues. Good staff. Good Spreads and speed . Have no idea why some people complain about them.
    Highly recommend, please see us in London for a seminar

  60. crapis:

    Just check out the following link:
    Even Forex Factory traders are not happy with them! They have really bad execution and lots of issues. They are about to be reported to ASIC of this continues.

  61. Tony:

    Have no problems with setting up a live account. Transferred by fund and traded the same day.
    NO problems with execution. I have only positive experience with their customer service. I am very happy to trade with a reliable Aussie Broker!

  62. simon:

    I trade through several brokers Go, Alpari and Oanda and as to me GO is the most reliable and fair broker.
    I trade form the UK and have no problems with speed.
    Their spreads are low most of the time. There are though some negative points, like oleverage of only 300:1 as my account is more than 10,000. They only offer 500:1 to accounts of 10.000 or less

  63. Sam Rahim:

    This is the worst broker I have traded with. They have high spread sometimes reaching 70 pips. Customer service is worthless so you will not be helped if you have some issue. They do not have after hours support. All what I can say about them is that they are just another bucket shop broker. You money will simply disappear. I would recommend you to stick to bit brokers like CMS Forex UK and Dukascopy but not with a small broker like Go Markets.

  64. Joan:

    They are a crap broker! They have lots of slippage. Lots what is written on their website is false! What 500:1 leverage?? I called them and did not get it! To sum-up – there are awful broker!

  65. dedi hariyanto murad:

    Bad brokers, totally unprofessional. Got many excuses for delayed transactions. I have lost a lot with them!

  66. fleeters:

    As to me they have a better speed of execution now and do not know why traders from OZ have problems. I scalp and normally get fills in within a second and I live in countries not in the city,
    Their spreads are quite good too but have not found the advertised spreads of 0.5 Pips, what you usually get is something around 1 pip mark for EUR/USD pair but rarely any slippage.

  67. Andrew:

    I am very interesting in staying with this broker. Unfortunately, they do not accept documents from the Chinese users in Chinese language, which is very inconvenient for us. I guess, this is why I have not found any Chinese use there.

  68. Robert Mullens:

    They are not good. They have big slippage and ling time for filling an entry and for execution. They do not do anything about this. I know that many people are not happy with their services.

  69. Danaher:

    I am happy to have an Aussie Broker and not some rebadged overseas one. I have no problem with sending out and getting back m cash. Great spreads and reliable customer service.

  70. Albert from UK:

    Hi Riki,
    You can deposit through PayPal, but only with Aussie Dollars

  71. stawned:

    I have not problems with them. They offer good services and as I am scalper I appreciate their good speed. People blaming them are probably just lousy traders. I was not happy with them last year, but they have improved their services since them.

  72. jack:

    Fills are bad. I got an email from them saying that the speed is about to be improved, but nothing changed. Trading with Go is nothing but crap. There is no 500:1 leverage on offer. I have an account of $14,000 but as they told me they only offer such leverage for small accounts, which means that there was false in their advertising on their website.
    They do not offer good spreads. Mostly what you get is between 1.3 and 1.6 pips spread on EU plus slippage with about2.5-3.5 pips spread on EU which is buck shop!
    They are not quite fair and honest broker. I am not happy with their services at all and especially with Chris who gives nothing but excuses. Stay away from them!

  73. Riki Risnandar:

    As I could see from their website, you cannot make transfer via PayPal. They must revise their page.

  74. mynameisearl:

    Their trade speed has improved, spreads are ok. I am fine with them, but they do have bad night desk staff if I need to resolve some technical problems, which is not often.
    Generally, I am happy with them

  75. Nathanial:

    I am fine with them so far. This one is local broker from me so I have no problems to make deposits. Spreads are good, connection using my VPS is find as well. My EA is trading ok (except for losses on Friday due to FED). Overall, I am happy with them.

  76. Berndt:

    This broker is for sure better than the one I used to trade with. They have good service.
    They do not have re-quotes and with is good for my scalping. I wish I could trade oil with them as well.

  77. trent:

    Service is fine bad, trading goes well. However, they could have added more payment options. Probably they are not the best, but not the worse.

  78. G Brady:

    Happy with their services. Spreads are good. I recommend them.

  79. praveen:

    Good services, and their platform is easy to use.
    spreads are good compared to other brokers

  80. eagles:

    Have been trading with them for two months. All is fine so far. Depostiring, withdrawals and trading is smooth. There are not re-quotes and attractive spreads on major pairs.

  81. laurie:

    Go Markets used to have lots of problems with their platform which is different now. They are a good broker offering quite low spreads.

  82. james:

    Many lots you can trade are capped. They promised to increase it nothing happened. This is the only one broker I know offering such a small cap! Overall, they are fine

  83. james:

    They used to be an average broker since then they have improved. They have great spread now. Have no problems with EA’s.
    Hope, they will keep up their work. I wish they had GBP bank accounts.

  84. Jim:

    Awesome broker! They allow martingale, hedging and scalping. They spreads are consistent. Go, go Aussie Broker!!

  85. Charley:

    Have been trading with them for a month already. Their platform works well, and the spreads are good. I have also Sky-Fx with them so can get $3 per traded lot.

  86. bob myers:

    Great fills, good speed of execution. You may need to check your connection. I am about to try their Nano accounts to test my EA’s strategics.

  87. laila:

    They have awful fills as awful slippage. …What is the sense in having low spreads when you don not get filled at the price you wanted to trade?? I get it every time I trade. Bucket shop

  88. Ed:

    spreads are fine, 1 pip average on EUR/USD and is good for GBP/USD hitting average of 1.5 during intense trading. Keep the same. New speed is in top notch. I wish they had a Canadian office. Are you really in China or in Australia? You cannot be in both really.

  89. real trader from china:

    It looks like that they have done some upgrading but at the same time I find their current spreads higher than before. Have anyone notices the same?

  90. Real Trader:

    I think this broker plays tricky game. They must be planning to get much cash and after announce themselves bankrupt. Have you noticed that most of positive reviews have been made within pass few weeks, but this broker has been operating for several years already? They are scammers! The members of their staff were caught posting all those praising reviews in their favor. If you do not believe me, just go and check yourself at forexpeacearmy!!
    Do not trust them your hard earned money!

  91. CableTrader:

    With persons Paul Sydney – Sam Aust, are probably the same as J.P. The thing is that he J.P. posted the same comment on another website. He is always complaining on Go Markets regardless the replies he gets from them.
    He has been banned before but re-registered to keep complaining about the same things. I do not think his comment worth serious attention.
    I guess he just have no idea how to trade IMO.
    I have been trading with Gomarkets for seven months, and I am very happy with the spreads offered now! This is the best spreads I have ever met on EUR/USD.
    They are better than Oandas
    I have met a re-qoute at both but no broker can re-quote for free. This is especially true for pairs on/around London open. Have had no difficulties with scalping.
    Emil has explained today about their improved execution. I am glad that they hear the complaints from the clients and take them to attention.
    I hope with forum will be cleared by from such idiots like J.P Aka Paul aka Rasta or whatever

  92. doug:

    Hi Guys,
    I have managed Forex trading for some clients from Europe and Asia through Go markets. I myself placed a few trades with them. The feedbacks I got on them from my clients are quite positive. They also added some good changes list week. I can now that the server is working much faster but I will also let you know more in some time.

  93. reyno C:

    I have been keeping getting re-quotes a whole week. It was quoted four times during low market on one single trade. I contacted customer serves and can say that they are impolite. I have also found out the Chris from Go market has also posted some positive comments on them in other websites. Poor.

  94. coco:

    I have found out that they were going to do some upgrade to provide a better execution speed.
    Spreads were higher a month ago, but about a week ago that went down.
    I have no complain, maybe I would like to become a better trader!

  95. Hoppy:

    I have been trading with them for a long time already. There were sometimes some issues and problems, but generally all went smoothly. Moreover, they made lower spreads last week and I am happy with them. I may have some speed problems time to time, but it looks like they have done some improvements.
    For sure, this is not the worst broker I have trade with!

  96. Christoff:

    Go for small trades and MT4 but may take biz from my other Broker if Go stays this way

  97. Gorey:

    They are not the best, but not he worse. I have been trading with them for a year now and happy with MT4, I wish to also try out MT5.
    Spreads are about the same as IG markets but only IG markets do not have their platform

  98. Moya:

    Go are a great broker. I have no problems with withdrawals. Spreads have been improved and EA works fine.

  99. Stuart:

    They business practice is not honest. They advertise that unlike many other MTP4 the do not open positions against you. However, once you have earned some money they will simply close your account, which actually means that they do trade against you. I am not going to trust them my money and surely do not recommend them.

  100. Pipman:

    Happy that they have improved spreads. I only wish they offered an account in GBP. This is not the only one broker I use, but is the best.

  101. James S:

    I use MEGADROID and FAP with Go as well as manual scalping for a long time now. Strongly recommend them. Profits paid with no delays. All FX brokers have some disadvantages. Go does not have a UK office, but I still like them the most.

  102. J.P.:

    I can describe this broker in couple words – BUCKET SHOP. This broker is not for good traders!
    I will tell you my story. I have been with them for several weeks. Everything went smoothly as I thought it would be which means I have earned some pips, loose some pips. One day I earned $2,200. The next day they widened my spreads up to 4 pips on EUR/USD pair, and up to 7 Pips on GBP/USD, and11 pips on GBP/JPY. SP I called them I got an explanation that they currently have “liquidity” problems. I call my friend who are also trading with Go market and asked how come they trade with such a high spreads but they replied that they had no idea what I was talking about as they traded with 1.5 pips. I have the same high spread as you can see from the photo I unloaded.
    So, what I am saying is that they are dishonest and unfair broker. If you really want to make some money, you should stay away from them.

  103. mikey:

    I have no problems with Go for all this time I have been trading with them. They actually have improved price feed
    Most comments on their work are positive.

  104. Sam:

    In more than 75% of cases when my trade I was getting re-quotes. I have also read in other forums that they do change spreads once you start earning the money. I do not like their customer service. One thing is good, they provide fast withdrawals.

  105. jonno:

    I am positive about Go. I have been working with them since December and have had no technical no service issues.

  106. paul:

    GO Markets do change spreads one you start making money. They will play tricky games to keep your spreads high. I could not get help from them at in the evening hours. They do many re-quotes and give invalid prices.
    Paul is one of their employees and he is very rude. My advice – stay away from them!

  107. pipstrader:

    I think their spreads are great. I use FXCM and I think and GO is better from all sides. I have not made any withdraw with them yet, but I will let you know once I have made.

  108. colin:

    I have been trading with Go for about three months and find their spreads great for the UK and the US session. I have compared them to other brokers and think they are the best.
    You can try out they demo to make sure that they are just awesome.
    There are a few negative points, though, like I wish I could make a transfers with them using my credit card.

  109. a.myer:

    Go tend to manipulate spreads at some hours and sometimes it takes me several times to finally close an order. I believe they can play tricky games with price feed.

  110. mikey:

    I have no problems with them. They offer good spreads and they did reveres spikes upon my request which I have never met with other brokers.

  111. Boingo:

    They offer high swap rates. As far I know they hardly pay swap to you. What they really do is taking is taking swap from you! Be aware!

  112. MD:

    They are a good broker. I have no problems with their platform. I heard they are going to add, swap free accounts which would be just great

  113. Tai:

    This is an outstanding broker. Never have had a single problem with them
    Strongly recommend

  114. ecobest:

    I have had some hard times with this broker. When I registered my account I got the reply that I cannot fund as I am a Nigerian resident. After all, the other representative told me that I can make a deposit but asked me to send my passport. I dislike this kind of things. I would rather get an account with a broker I can trust my money.

  115. WizardTrader:

    This broker is awesome! I have been using their services for about a year and have not ever had had any problems with them. Their customer service is great!

  116. Aaron I. Cohn:

    There is no way you can trade with this broker if you live in the USA. However, you will not find this information on their website. I have spent plenty time to get registered with them sending out documents and filling out their form just to get the information in the end that they do not allow the USA traders.

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