HY Markets

HY Markets

HY Markets - Forex Broker

Broker nameHY Markets
Company nameHY Markets
Online since2007-01-01
Site urlhttp://www.hymarkets.com
CountryUnited Kingdom
Minimum account size50.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.020000
Maximum leverage200
Maximum leverage description1:200
Spread levelhigh
Spread description3-7 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionAuthorized and regulated by FSA (United Kingdom)
Easy registrationYES
Votes count42

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  • Web based trading platform available.
  • Freeze rate function.
  • No slippage.
  • Real-time news.


  • MetaTrader 4 software available only to VIP clients.


  • Bank wire
  • CashU
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal


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6 Reviews

  1. James:

    I have been seeking for a reliable site where I could share my experience. HY Markets probably sounds attractively, especially for newbies. You can get a mini account with them for only $50. I have been using this account for a half of a year. After some time, I have opened a standard account with them and eventually started using their premium account. You can get a bonus of 10% on condition that you deposit more than $5,000 which is a pretty attractive offer as well. What I am trying to say is that their services are not that good really. They will do everything to prevent you from getting some profit. You often can meet problems with closing your positions. There is also a problem to open a position at times. They platform is getting frozen pretty often. You will meet lots of requotes and other unpleasant stuff. If you have set ordered for take profit or limit, they will not work for your favor. I think this broker is pretty greedy.
    I am warning you that they will do anything to make you to deposit with them and after you do it, you will not be able to see your money again. They will simply stop reply on your messages, ones they get all of your money. Stay away from HY Markets.

    Kind Regards

  2. mlc:

    Platform is bad. There is not chance for you to get some profit with them if you are a regular day-to-day broker of use market volatility. They update their prices way too fast and they accept the one which is not to your favor. However, they do major problems to close your trade which can take up to 20 seconds or even longer. This is not good and this means that it is not a good broker. I would suggest them to minimize the complicated graphics that they use to speed up the process. So far, the only way to buy something is refresh the page, which take a long time with all those banners that they use. They could just make a pop-up trading window with no additional information. There is no need in all those pictures. In my opinion their spread are somewhat messed up. If you internet to invest with them only $50 or so, they may be fine, except for their platform. As far as I understood, you cannot trade in demo robots. I do not quite understand why is that so? I heard that some broker do not allow using Expert Advisors so that they could better cheat their client. All those just rumors maybe.
    If you want to try them out and do not regret wasting $50, go ahead. They have a pretty fast customer support. I am a user of a mini account with $50. If you deposit more, they may have worse conditions.

  3. sam:

    Great execution and customer support. I have never met a single problem with their platform.

  4. Fangus:

    I tested their web-based platform at first and discovered many issues. They services are find, but their platform is really suck. Because of the technical issue I lost lots of money.

  5. Chris Hinde:

    Great website. Reasonable spreads and leverage. Great customer service. They have a wide range of product of offer. If you are looking to trading on different markers then this broker is yours.

  6. Mehar:

    Playing can appear aurlling, but the majority of people who try it lose money. All you have to do is do a web search on the words and lose to see this is the consensus. is what we call a zero sum game. You are making a bet with someone else about whether a will rise or fall. For every winner there has to be a loser. If you are smarter than the average player, you may make money. If you are dumber than the average player, you are likely to lose money. Most of the people making the bets in are highly trained professionals at banks and other institutions. You are unlikely to beat them at this game.Actually is not quite a zero sum game. It’s a slightly negative sum game as the broker takes a small percentage each time in the spread. It’s a small amount but over a hundred trades, it ends up being a considerable amount of money. So the average player is likely to lose money, and remember the average player is a highly trained professional and probably smarter than you.There is a lot of luck in , and if you play it, you will have some periods of time where you make money. This is usually because you are having a lucky streak, not because you have suddenly become an expert player. However, most people are unwilling to admit their success is due to luck. They become convinced they have a system that works, and lose a lot of money trying to refine it.I would recommend not trying to do at all, unless you are a trained professional. It’s like playing poker with people better than you, with the house constantly taking a small percentage from the pot.

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