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Broker nameInstaForex
Company nameInstaForex
Online since2008-01-01
Site url
CountryBritish Virgin Islands
Minimum account size1.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.010000
Maximum leverage1000
Maximum leverage descriptionfrom 1:1 to 1:1000
Spread levelhigh
Spread description3 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionRegulated by Russian FFMS.
Easy registrationYES
Votes count756
Email[email protected]

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  • Flexible leverage.
  • MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
  • MetaTrader 5 trading platform (both demo and real accounts).
  • 6% interest rate on deposit.
  • Wide range of funding options.
  • Islamic (no interest) accounts available.
  • Rich bonus system.
  • ECN execution available.
  • Trading in Forex, stocks CFD and commodity futures.
  • PAMM accounts available.


  • U.S. citizens aren't allowed to open an account.


  • Credit cards
  • Liberty Reserve
  • MoneyBookers
  • RuPay
  • WebMoney
  • Wire transfer


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69 Reviews

  1. matusinfx:

    I am an Instaforex client since 29-jan-2010. During this time I made a few deposits and also withdrew money for several times. I have been inactive for about a half year but I was pleasantly surprised to find all my money in my account intact. I recommend Instaforex to all serious traders.

  2. IFX Denis:

    jalak, Hi!
    I represent the Instaforex broker and I want to assist you in solving your problems.
    I need the following information in order to check your account issues:
    - Account number
    - the payment processor
    - purse in payment system
    - the exact date when you made the deposit
    - amount

  3. jalak:

    Instaforex why I don’t receive my money? I have a new account with Instaforex and the money from my beneficiary account were not credited to me but to another person. I sent numerous emails asking them to fix this situation but nothing happened. They didn’t even bothers to answer! I lost my money because of their mistake! Do not trust Instaforex, it is a scam!

  4. bita:

    I like to be honest. I am reading all of your comments and I think you all are lying. why?
    Because you want to confuse people, so that they won’t be able to understand much of these reviews. Guys remember that all the brokers are trying to take your money. Be prepared to lose money when you make a deposit. It’s just business for them much more than is for you.
    I think all the Forex sites are scams. Without any exceptions.

  5. IFX Denis:

    I am surprised that you still are not informed that ForexPeaceArmy is an organization that protects the trader’s rights. They are just a fraud claiming that they really fight against the scams in this industry. The reality is totally different.
    These self assessed “fighters for the justice” are just another scam project that tries to hack the users accounts. Show me a real contact of this company or at least a contact of a member. You won’t be able to find such information simply because it doesn’t exist. ForexPeaceArmy is a Fraud site that is anonymously attacking the Forex sites with various accusations.
    They need a big popularity for their site in order to earn big money from advertisements placed on their site. This business has nothing to do with the true problems or the real scams that are in the Forex industry.
    In the present we all know that the founder of the ForexPeaceArmy is guy named Dmitriy Chavkerov that has a series of different identities such as Felix Homogratus (nick name “Forex Bastard”). The information available on the Internet about this person has revealed to us that he is just a big-time scammer looking for easy money:
    1) blackmailing the Famous Forex sites;
    2) releasing unprofessional signals about them. .
    FPA has become known on the whole Internet as a blackmailer.You can read more informations about his activity here:
    The so-called professionals from ForexPaceAcademy made a campaigh against Instaforex. They tried hard to blackmail this broker requesting money in order not to say bad things about the site.
    I advise you not to trust everything you see on FPA and try to inform yourself from different sources to get a more of realistic picture.

  6. Silvia:

    For the ner traders that desire to open an account at Instaforex read this:

  7. Marc M:

    I’m using a real cent account at Instaforex to test this broker.
    So far no problems! ++

  8. Ali:

    If you really what to make a good profit I advise you not to use Instaforex.
    Everytime you will try to withdraw your money they will block you saying there is a problem with the system. Please avoid, they are scammers!

  9. Ben:

    If you will succeed to make some profits you won’t be able to withdraw them. The broker will ask you to submit information that you do not dispose and after that will remove all the money from your account balance. I had $2,900 and they canceled this amount saying the trade was impossible.

  10. JalakLenteng:

    Oh!! Come on, malaysian say “Instaforex is the best broker” Well using a micro account you still are OK.. but with a real $ account no way. It’s just an ordinary scammer.

  11. azam575:

    This is the best broker online! I am with them since 2008. Instaforex is quoted the best forex broker in all Asia and Malaysia.

  12. victor:

    I registerd an account four months ago and I don’t regret it at all. I withdraw my money a several ties now. I am satisfied with the services that this broker is providing.

  13. Rohan:

    I have a 2 years history on trades with Istaforex. Never had any problems with this broker. The customer support is just great and very receptive. The executions of the orders is sometime a little slow but except that I do not see other problems.

  14. Ajayi:

    This broker is a total SCAM! Pease avoid and save your money.

  15. Global Fx Signal:

    We have several accounts at Instaforex and we never faced any issues with this broker. The profits are growing fast and are paid without delays.
    You don’t have to blame the broker if you do not how to trade efficiently. The MetaTrader5 platform works perfectly.

  16. eyanna03:

    Instaforex is definitely a scam. When I traded recently and had some success with my deals the platform all of a sudden just frozen. I could not get out of the site. Never received an answer to my email asking explanations about this situation. I was not able to change my position for 6 hours. The stop loss didn’t worked also so I ran into a deficit of -$567.00. I saw the positive reviews and decided that this is a really good site but was not able to confirm this on practice with my trading. Stay away from this broker.

  17. Rukevwe:

    For all the traders that have some money left in their account please take it and run away because you won’t make any profits.

  18. Josh:

    I like this broker and especially their support.

  19. chand:

    Never had an issue with them. Keep it up guys!

  20. Vasiliy:

    I want to be onnest with you and say that I never tried this broker just took a quick look at the website and found so many potential alerts there. First of all the declared 1:1000 leverage rate is really attractive but on the other hand if you will use this margin you have to trade 5 or 6 pairs first. The 30% bonus is not covered by reality since so many other brokers do not offer such high bonuses. The commissions are rally high with Instaforex, I have calculated a 3k commission for a profit of 75K. I’m starting to figure it out who is behind this fake broker and everything becomes more and clearer for me.

  21. matapancing:

    Do not let yourself fooled by this broker! Especially considering your Password because they can change it without you knowing that. I want to let everybody know what happened yesterday with me. I traded with the pair AUD/USD with a sell stop price of 0.9842 TP 0.9822. Surprisingly I lost money because it changed to 0.9793 SL 0.9822. Be very careful with this one because is very snicky.

  22. bob:

    I made a deposit via PM and after a week the money are not in my account balance!
    I sent a lot of emails asking them to solve this problem but never received a response.
    I think they scammed me.

  23. Can not tell:

    The worst broker I have ever used!
    You are doomed to lose your money mo matter how good trader you are and what method do you use to trade.
    The withdrawal system is a nightmare. It takes ages for your money to arrive.
    I am quitting this broker!
    Instaforex SCAM!

  24. Sarah Seow:

    I LOST MORE THAN 25K ON THIS SCAM BROKER!!! Although the problem was with their servers they didn’t bother to give me compensation.

  25. Rukevwe:

    My final day at Instaforex… I will never return here again.

  26. Hardie:


  27. Samin Francis Osuin:

    Forexpeacearmy USA has officially declared this broker a SCAM. You can find mre details and reasons about this case at Watch out for Scams and save you money.

  28. tomas:

    One of the most appreciated brokers in my opinion. You have the option to trade micro or mini lots using scalping. I am happy they are also offering ECN.
    Their server is OK and I never had any problems with them. I was registered in November this year and so far I have earned $450 and always was able to withdraw fast my earnings.
    Overall I’m very satisfied about the site and the service they offer.

  29. Deepak Gupta:

    This broker has no consideration for the client’s money! I have more than 3 months trading with then as a IB and I broth many referrals. The blody bastards deleted my earnings from commissions of $600. They always accused me that I share the same IP with my referrals. THIS IS BULL SHIT!!! I asked a proof for their statements and they just started to ignore me. They do not pay! They use all the dirty tricks to delay your payment giving you stupid reasons for doing so! SCAM…SCAM….SCAM….!

  30. Fidelis:

    This broker refused to send me my money and a I was cut off the 30% I was supposed to receive! This is just unbelievable to what measures this site can turn in to scam its users! I am sure GOD will punish you and you will get what you deserve!

  31. Fidelis E.Onwuzurike:

    Instaforex deceived me in a butal way… I submitted 2 orders and; I wanted to selland buy in the same time EUR/USD on 0.05 cent and GBP/USD. I had only 2 pips because the orders started to go fast in minus. I regret now I started to use this company for trading on Forex.I do not advise anyone to register an account here.

  32. eno:

    I am a CUSTOMER OF Instaforex for many months now and I noticed that their platform works really slowly due to the server problems that happened very often. This causes delays in order executions which is a really pain in the ass if you ask me. I still trade with them because I like the fast withdrawals to LR.

  33. J'mea:

    I am pleased about the service offered by Instaforex and I do not have any complaints about this site. I always received my money when I ordered a withdrawal and the commissions I was supposed to receive were always paid to me. I just hope they will improve their service and offer an even better forrex platform to trade.

  34. MORUFF:

    I have read carefully the reviews about this site on other sites and Based on my experience I can say that this broker is a scam. As one of my friends said : “If you want to be sure of losing your money go and register an account at Insteforex!”

  35. Masani:

    Instaforex works pretty well lately!
    I know they started their actibity last year and had ome problems but now they are running perfect.
    I am their customer for about 1 year now and I have to say that this broker has always provided fast deposits and withdrawals.
    I have made a lot of referrals here and I receive good commissions from bringing them to this Forex site. All payments received in 24 hours.
    I consider Instaforex to be better that a bunch of other forex brokers that have a lot of issues related to their activity. Instaforex offers cent and dollar standard accounts for you to train yourself or in case you do not want to risk big amounts of money. What more can you possible ask from a forex site? It is a very good trading system and I do recommended to everybody who wants to come into the Forex world.
    I sould blame your trading strategies and hot the broker for your loses.
    The execution of your orders is directly related to the server load and your location. Using a VPS can save you from troubles.
    Instaforex offers leverage, lots and other nice features that you will not find anywhere else.
    If you think this is a scam broker let me say to you that I have tested more that 40 forex sites and It is hard to make an objective review when you just got into the forex world. I have lost till now over 700K USD. This is just to show you my experience with these sites. Advanced traders will understand what is the point of my review.

  36. Vlad:

    This is a very sniky forex broker that is better to avoid. I searched an ECN company and run into Instaforex. I read all the trade proposals of this company and I noticed that they have nothing to do with ECN. The 1:1000 leverage and the 30% bonus is just a trick for those searching ECN. Be very carefull with this broker because it can scam you in a second!

  37. arm:

    The main problem I have encountered with this broker is the difficulty in closing an order when the deal is favorable to you. I have at Instaforex 2 accounts; one with a big amount of money in the account balance and the other with a small amount of money. I always had problems with order executions on the account with the bigger amount of money.
    Today I withdrew all my money from them.
    The site sucks!

  38. NT:

    …do not register yourself at Instaforex…In the first period they will treat you well but after a while the problems will appear. A lot of down time and frizzed deals when all it goes well for you. When you want to withdraw your money they delay an dcome up with different excuses. Please avoid!

  39. Tangku:

    Judging by the numerous negative feedbacks about this broker I think it’s better to stay away.

  40. sudheer:

    Please do not trust those saying that this broker is good and reliable. I have worked for Instaforex as IB for almost 1 year. These people will just use any means to grab your money and to stop you profit. You will end up losing all your money or will make some small profits that you would not be able to withdraw.
    If you will have a big number of referrals they will cut all the commissions you are suppose to receive and will delete your referrals.
    Do not trade there, it is a waste of time and money!

  41. Ibrahim Mubarak:

    I really want to register with this broker but I have doubts after I rout all the negative feedbecks.

  42. Alexey:

    This is the best Russian broker for me. Even if other Forex sites are offering more important bonuses I still like Instaforex.
    Recently they have introduced a new server located in Singapore and the problems with the order execution disappeared. The site has a very fast speed of loading the pages presenting the lates news. I really like the new features they implemented.
    I’m using my bonus for making profits and everything seems to work perfectly so far!

  43. Vytautas:

    I can’t believe that Instaforex has positive feedbacks here. I have only bad experiences with this site. Although they will give you many bonuses after a while this broker will do everything in his power to make you lose your money. With the big number of requotes that you will get it is almost impossible to keep your profit.

  44. Tom:

    requotes-requotes-requotes. Watch out!

  45. Polak:

    This broker is a scam. When you will start making profits the execution time will last yup to 2 minutes and your pips will change. They are cheating you big time!

  46. igbin olasunkanmi:

    Instaforex is the best broker for me so far! I like the big number of deposit options and the nice bonuses they offer. I made a deposit and after 5 minutes I was able to see the bonus credited into my account balance. They work very professionally.
    This is an awesome broker!

  47. zaki:

    A good broker I say…They have really fast withdrawals and the bonuses are fquite nice. I got my payments very fast after I ordered the withdrawal.

  48. Rohan:

    I never had any issues with this broker and I trade for quite a while with them. The service is very good and all the company stuff is nice to you and always wanting to help you when you got a problem.

  49. Mar:

    Instaforex deceived me totally. The say that the order is executed instant but this isn’t true and sometimes the execution time takes up to 1 minute. They never let you to close fast you deal if you are in profit only if you lose you can do that. This company is cheating on its users.

  50. Bertya:

    THE COMPANY IS A TOTAL FRAUD! If you will dear to make more that $100 profit the execution of your order will take more than 30 seconds. They are playing dirty tricks against you.

  51. Misha:

    It’s just funny what method this guys use to scam you. They attract you with the 1:1000 and the free bonuses but this is all crap because you will never gonna get this advantages. And after a while this broker will start to delay your executions, your withdrawals and many other actions to make you lose money. Stay away from them!

  52. John:

    I have more than a half year experience with Instaforex and to this day no important problems regarding this broker as it for me. After I made my deposits the bonuses that I was supposed to receive were credited instantly to my account. The partnership program has nice conditions. Instaforex is the best!

  53. Deys:

    I made a deposit of $100 and I did get my welcome bonus in less than 12 hours.I was very pleased to see that.

  54. Marc:

    I created myself a bad impression about Instaforex. The service is not good at all.

  55. aadil ennia:

    My advice for all the traders out there is to give it a shot with Instaforex. They have nice service with good bonuses.

  56. Alex:

    Instaforex is a respected broker and many of my friends consider this site to be a reliable one. They have a good relationship with their clients.
    The trading process is very comfortable and easy to manage no matter if you are a beginner or advanced trader.

  57. Bombilla:

    I have a problem when trying to open or close a deal. My antivirus is notifying me that “Troyan connection occurred – connection terminated!” What can be the problem of this issue?
    look –

  58. Joachim:

    I have installed an Expert Advisor that causes the crash of my MetaTrader over and over again. The answer from the support regarding this problem is…

  59. Stefan:

    This broker if just a big liar and scammer! What you will read in their forums is absolutely untrue. The speed of the order execution is very slow and they find you all kinds of fake explanations for that.

  60. Michael Masanga:

    I like Insataforex mostly because they offer the possibility to fund your account using internationally accepted payment methods such as Moneybookers. With them you can make a withdrawal directly to your Visa CC. I searched a lot for a broker that offers the same attractive advantages but I wasn’t able to find one. Instaforex has some troubles regarding the order executions but the overall customer service is great.

  61. George:

    Instaforex is my favorite broker. I deposited recently $50 and succeeded to double my account balance very fast. But I lost all the money because I wasn’t paying much attention when the market changed. It was not broker’s fault.
    The trading platform is running very smooth and although it has sometimes some delays in executions I’m pretty satisfied with her trading for about 2 months. The delays never made me lose serious amounts of money.
    I like very much the spread for the pair NZD/JPY is only 5 pips and you have the possibility to trade very small lots on this currencies. I am satisfied with Instaforex for the time being and would give them a 6 grade out of 10.
    I have to say that didn’t made a withdrawal yet so I cannot say anything about that.

  62. Masani:

    Blody Instascammers! I made a deposit of $250 and I waited for my bonus to be credited. I verified my account with my ID card and my Driving License but they still refused to give me the bonus I deserved.I received and email saying that I can’t get any bonus and I can’t withdraw my money.
    Left that scam site is a second. Stay away and watch you money.
    They will steal your funs.

  63. Simeon:

    InstaForex is offering a lot of opportunities. I am their client and have a nice experience on trading with them.
    The service and the trading conditions are ones of the best in the forex world. The site offers a lot of important bonuses which is excellent for newbies.
    I like the fact that I can make a withdrawal directly to my CC.

  64. 桜三月:

    InstaForex – SCAM.
    I lost all th e money I deposited because of their mistakes.
    Do not try to trade there!

  65. Duro:

    I satisfied with this site till the present moment. Instaforex is a good trading platform with nice leverage rates and many other bonuses for all the customers. The lot size is very flexible and the withdrawals are fast. I advise you to test this broker and to convince yourself about the facts I have stated here.

  66. New Trader:

    I have recently get into the forex world…I tried to deposit money into my account at Instaforex but their verification conditions are absolutely impossible to pass…
    Watch this …
    I don’t know what to think about this broker? It is a SCAM or not?

  67. Patrick:

    They say they accept cards for making withdrawals but they make payments only onto that strange payment system of Webmoney.

  68. Tomek:

    If you want to lose your money GO with Instaforex. As soon as you will start to make some good profits they will turn the market against you. I’ve heard many traders saying that their IP was blocked after they started to make money. They always blame it on the Internet provider if there are delays with the order executions saying that your connection is bad. If you want to get rid of your deposit fast you won’t have any problems with Instaforex. If you are a serious trader and value your money please stay away from this scammer broker!

  69. Oleg:

    Pure scam instaforex. always rewquot and delay money if you able to make profit. stay away and you can find a lot of comments and videos in youtube how they scam people.

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