InvestTechFx Technologies Inc.

InvestTechFX - Forex Broker

Broker nameInvestTechFX
Company nameInvestTechFx Technologies Inc.
Online since2006-01-01
Site url
Minimum account size100.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.010000
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage descriptionfrom 1:1 to 1:500
Spread levellow
Spread description1 pip on EUR/USD
Is regulatedNO
Regulation descriptionUnregulated
Easy registrationYES
Votes count314

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  • MetaTrader 4 Forex broker.
  • Low spreads.
  • Muslim-friendly accounts available.


  • No important disadvantages.


  • Bank transfer
  • Credit cards
  • MoneyBookers
  • PayPal


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76 Reviews

  1. Hans Fritzmann:

    I am happy with this broker. I was very helped by the bonus they gave me. They staff is great. I have been trading with them for some time already and I think they platform is great.

  2. Jeriah:

    In the past I had an awful experience with this broker. The good thing is that I did not make a big deposit with them. If people make a big deposit with them, they will have problems. If you have at least some desire to save your money, you should not deposit with this broker. This broker is not regulated. They do not conduct their business ethically. They are similar to 1pipfix and many other bad companies.

  3. juanita seaton:

    Before my husband start trading with this broker, we read lots of negative reviews on them. So, my husband has been trading with them for six months. Recently, we asked them to send us all the money we had on their account and close our account. My husband learned very well, he also worked hard and managed to make a big more than $3 000 of profit. My husband sent them an email, but we did not get a reply. We actually sent our request from their website, and this is why we do not have proofs that we had sent it. After some time we started to suspect that this broker is scam. This is why we decided to make some research on this company. We have found many people who have had similar problems to withdraw their money. That was our money we earn but this broker just took it. I understood that there is no sense in sending in sending them any email and decided that we have to send them fax. This was necessary to prove that we have sent our withdraw request to them. We sent out request on Monday, we call them after and talked with Amanda. As it is was confirmed all the documents were sent as it should be and our transfer should be received in 72 hours. I asked Amanda why we were not informed that we have to send all the information before, but she convinced us that no delay should be expected anyway. Amanda said that the latest we would get our money tomorrow. At an advice of some local phone company, I decided to make a small search and place their number into the search engines. This would be a proof of legitimacy of this company. The information that I found on this number was not related to any of company like Investtech or Investech or ITFX or any other broker at all. If we do not get our money till tomorrow evening, we will not afraid to make a big noise to let the people know that this company is fraud. If you are reading this review and think that we are the only one who has this problem, you are mistaken as you can find many other reviews stating that this broker is not honest. They said that the transfer takes 72 hours, but I could manage sending the money within the same city in just 20 minutes. I have no idea why they need to do so many actions and make us to be through a long process to get our money. They were fine to take our money with no problems. The more information I find on them, the more pessimistic about them I get. It is heartbreaking to read all those review on people who never got their money back. The people have to get their money back to simply live. I would not have written some a long comment on this company, if they had not made me. I do not think either that so many negative reviews would be there for no reason. I truly hope that our money will be returned tomorrow, I will let you know about that later. I can only ask the people who have been scammed by them, just go to the Toronto Ontario Police and try to fight for your rights. What I can take from this story is that it should really take a long time to find a reliable broker and it needs to be done thoughtfully. People need to ask everything about the company and if you see some bad review on some broker, you should really check them carefully. If you stick with ITFX you should make sure to keep all the information on them and your cooperation. Honestly, I am a wife of one of their investor and I just do not want someone to get hurt by them. I am going to fight till the end. If we do not get our money, we are about to publish all the truth on them everywhere.

  4. InvestTechFX:

    The information published below is an official response from InvestTechFX –
    InvestTehcFX has several affiliates all over the world, among who are White Label (WL) and Introducing Brokers (IB). Those use the metatrader 4 trading platform. Each of those affiliates has their own website and they conduct independent business. If clients have any question about their business they can just refer to their website. They also have their own policy and other stuff typical to the independent business entity. The customers of their affiliates are advised to follow the policy owned by an affiliate. In order to make the situation as clearer as it is possible and keep ethics between our clients and affiliates, it is suggested to be oriented on the legal disclaimers used by InvestTechFX. This is important so that the clients and the affiliate have similar base to work with.

  5. Michael:

    Attention! This trader will grab your money and escape with them! They have their new website now; if you are interested, please have a look This is what they registered several months ago. They kept the name ITFX! If you have a look at the website closely, you will find that the conditions are totally the same as InvestTechFX has. For instance, if you have a look here, you will find totally the same content on the following website! If you just have a look closely, you will find out that ITFX is a scam. If you want to get your profit that you earned hard along with your deposit, you will get nothing but constant excuses and explanations why they cannot process your transfer. I along with my other three friends have been cheating by this company. We can prove everything what we blame them in, including online chats, histories, trading orders and others. You should not fall for their VIP account as this is all cheating. You will be told that you should trade for a year with them and after one year you will be able to withdraw your money. One of my friends stick to them for a year, but after the year has expired he could not get his money but instead their find some reasons to renew his account for another year! Just to be clear and short: you will never get a chance to get your profit from them. Each person who has ever opened an account with them knows that this broker is a big cheater. This broker is really bullshit! If there are some people who state that they really get some money from this broker, please show us some proofs on this.

  6. Gary:

    They are not a real “Straight through Processor” (STP) broker.

    I was trying to make them to send me my earnings, but instead I could only get some email from them with some reasons. Below I provide some excerpts from those emails, so that you could see that this broker is telling you to not let you to get your money.
    InvestTechFX is a Straight-Through Processor (STP) Forex Trading software company and a No-Dealing Desk (NDD). Since we are No-Dealing Des, we did not monitor the account of our clients on regular basic. In the case if the request to withdraw money is sent, the account is monitors by all the parties, including the liquidity provider. We have attached to this email the journals of log where you can see the records of your activities. The report was provided by the clearing department liquidity provider. The images attached contain the information and illustrations on some cases that we would like you to check. Please note that the images were provided by our liquidity provider which takes care of all the coverage.
    After your account was checked carefully, we find out that some HFT activities were conducted by you as well as you used some unauthorized EAs. Due to you actions some of the signals of our liquidity provider were interrupted. Due to that, our liquidity provider lost some money.
    This extract is quite interesting as they tell us that they are a STP software company, which does not mean that they are a broker. They also claim that the withdrawals are about to be checked by their so called “liquidity provider”. What this means is that their share the information of your account with some liquidity provider.
    The other (the second and the third email extracts are called to be some images provided by the liquidity provider, but not by them). What I must say is that the screenshots have the information on my account number, the information on trades, and my IP address. Basically, what I got was a screenshot a MT4 Trader Administration screen. I ask you to pay your attention on this matter again- the information was not provided by them, but by their liquidity provider. Also please note, that according to them they do not deal with transactions themselves and everything is done by their liquidity provider.
    As to the fourth email extract from them, it was stating that their liquidity provider “lost some money” as a result of my trading.
    1. You should understand they all the information that InvestTechFX has their share with their liquidity provider.
    2. Their liquidity provider controls the cases when the trades are “unauthorized” so that do not allow the clients to withdraw the money.
    3. They experience the losses from the customers making some money.
    I would say that their “liquidity provider” is the one making the money and InvestTechFX is not more than just their front.

  7. Daniel:

    I have been using this broker for several months now. As far as I know about the withdrawal process, if you are going to use EA, you will need just to switch your account group to EA. This is important in order to trade safely and with no problem. Once you change your account to EA. You will have EA fee of $10 per lot, it is about 1 pip. This is not bad as they really provide a very small spread. There may be some delay for an open trade, but this is generally fine. I have been using several brokers, but this seems to be fine to me.

  8. Michael:

    This broker is a scammer. There is no problem if you want to withdraw your small deposit. But when it comes to withdrawing a balance with the amount of more than $1000, you will find lots of problems with them. For instance, they will ask you plenty on questions, like “What is the reason for you to withdraw the money at the time?” and so on. And after you tell them everything, you might receive your money. In case, if you succeed to withdraw your money, then you will definitely meet the following two situations:
    First of all, they will tell you that there is the information that you have been using to different IPs to log in and this is the reason to monitor their account.
    Second of all, you will find out that you have a VIP account and according to their rules, you must be trading for a year in order to withdraw the money. And this is why you cannot withdraw the money from your account. In fact, they will not put your deposit to some real account at a bank. They are market makers and they lie about this.
    In fact, they will not allow you to post in public. How come? This is an example of how they violate the rights of the clients. All they want is no hide the truth and that is all. However, they cannot really do it.
    The truth as it is as the follows: not I, not any of my friends can withdraw the money from own account. We were forced to trade with this broker for one year to be able to withdraw something and we still have not gotten all of our money back. The amount the supposed to be reached for VIP account is $20 000. One of my friends has only $4 000. Another friend of my deposited with them $21 000, but did not get any bonus or whatsoever. In fact, the account of my second friend was simply blocked one he demanded for his money. All the bad stuff happened once we asked for the money to be back. If you do not ask them to give your money back, you will trade with them for the life time until, you will eventually lose all of your money with them.
    There is no way to withdraw your profit from ITFX! If there is person who had managed to get the money, please show up and give us some proof of that.
    I believe that this company will just disappear in several years! They will collect of the money of their clients and escape. Do not trust them when they write you or call, they try to come up with different sort of the reasons so that you could not get the money from them.

  9. Lijsbeth Dykxhoorn:

    I have been trading with this broker for almost a year now and I thing they are fine. I have never met the problems with them. Their customer support is friendly and professional and there were no problems with transactions. Generally, this is a good company.

  10. Young Chang:

    Hello traders,

    Here you will find the update review. We with my friend decided that we will use our account for a year since we have opened an account.
    Happy trading

  11. Gary:

    If you do not want to lose your money, do not trade with this broker. They are scammers and nothing else. I have been using with this company the same EA that I used with other brokers in the past. I was only told by this broker that this is fraud. The others clients were told exactly the same thing. No one could manage to withdraw the money. If you do not want to lose your money, you should not invest your money with them. If you want to find more on this broker, you can find the information on this broker on Forex Peace Army. You will see yourself.

  12. Young Chang:

    Hello traders, we with my friend have many problems with withdrawing our money from this broker. I asked them several questions and only after that we opened our account with them. The questions are as follows:
    Is scalping with EA allowed? Yes, you will be charged $10.00 per lot for commission. It was ok. So, they registered our as a scalping/EA group. We opened our account with them. I have been also checking the information on them and find out that many people complained on the about the difficulties to withdraw the money. This is why I decided to requested a withdrawal with them for the amount of $100 (the total balance was $1 200. I got my $100.00 on my PayPal account in two days. I thought that was good and I decided that I can trust them. A friend of mine open an account with them for the amount of $10 000. By the time my balance was $13 000. My friend asked to withdraw $2 000 from his account PayPal as well. It took eight days for the transfer to be processed. It needed two or three emails to be sent. We decided to open more accounts with them. The first problems we met was with my friend, who requested to withdraw $18 000 at the beginning of December 2010. Another friend requested $5 000 from his account. By now the transfers were not completed. I wonder why? It was me who recommended this broker to my friends. I had to make lots of calling and sending out emails. The reply we get was “We will verify your account.” Why it is needed to verify our accounts? I told them that they can take their bonus back and cancel our VIP status. All we want is to get our money. I do not need any problems caused by the bonus. We just want to withdraw the money as we want and at time when we want. I have been trading for ten years, and this is the first time when I met something like this. If they are not a scam, why those things keep happening?
    Is there anybody who can answer to me the following:
    1. Where money is kept? We made the transfer to TD Canadian Trust. Is our money are kept in some bank account? I do not think so.
    2. Do you know who represent their interbank? Are trade executions to interbank proceeded through clearing house? I do not think so.

    If this is the truth that they get our money in TD Canadian Trust, and process trading execution through that bank, there are really no reasons why they keep saying that they will review your status. I have my account now blocked by them, why is that so? I have now hired one attorney. Alan Zer said that I had to ask my attorney to get money. Why is it so?
    FPA, what do you think of that? Does not it look like a scam and fraud? I will write you again in one week to update on the happening. Everything I wrote here is truth.
    Thanks for your time.
    Young Chang

  13. Young Chang:

    Dear traders, here is the update news. I would like to let you know about Investtechfx in Toronto.
    I have agreed with one of their manager that I will withdraw nothing till the end of March 2011, if they give me $ 4 000. Yoon Choi, a friend of mine got $4 000 from Investtechfx through PayPal account in four days after he requested his money. I think, they withdrawal services are very fast and good. I could only wish that they manage the things the same for everybody as they did it for my friend.

  14. Victor:

    I do not think that this broker is good. I have been trying for four weeks to withdraw my money of $500 and could not get it. All I got is just some mails. Stay away from them.

  15. Karl:

    Investtechfx is a bad broker. I along with some of my friends tried to withdraw the money from our account and did not succeed at this for three weeks. Every day we hear different reason for why they could not do it. They told us that we can have our initial deposit, but we will have to be with them for another year. This sounds list scam. We are not the only who have experience some problems with them. Many people have problems to withdraw their money. I believe this broker hopes that all the money will be eventually lost. They say that their clearing bank is located in London and its name is “GIB Interbank. As far as I know, there is no such a bank.
    1. There is no phone number for GIB in yellow pages.
    2. There is no registration of GIB as a company on the UK.
    3. They domain is hosted anonymously

    4. I called a broker in London and asked him about “GIB Interbank”. He couldn’t find any information about them in London

  16. Young Chang:

    Hello, Phil S. Have you tried to get your money from this broker? There are not big problems to get you money if you do not ask for a big amount. It takes like 7-10 days and some time spending on calling and writing emails. But you should try to withdraw a significant amount like $ 10,000. I have no idea whether you will get your money or not. As to me, I am still expecting to get the money on my PayPal account. I will let you know about that later whether they are really fraud and scam.
    Phil S. from Germany
    Friday, January 29, 2010
    I would really like you to continue to provide your services as you do it now. You are the best broker whom I have ever trade with. I have been trading for many years and I know that this is the first broker who helped me to gain a great success at Forex trading. At time I could even get a pretty huge profit. I like you web-based platform as this is very helpful for me. As well, I can tell that your informative section along with your customer support is very helpful. I did not think that this is possible to get helped at any time, but this is really truth if a person if served by you. I think you provide a high level of security and I can trust in you.
    Phil S., Germany

  17. M. Carl Peila:

    I opened an account at this broker in November 2009. I deposited EUR4000. My balance in September of 2010 was already EUR21000. In October of the same year, my account was blocked. I could not trade any longer. I sent three emails and waited for two weeks, but nothing happened. This is why I sent a withdrawal request on 14 of October 2010. I got the reply telling me that my account was reviewed at that time to make sure that everything was fine. They did not tell me anything about my withdraw request. It have been two months already and I still did not get money. I have been reading many comments on this broker. I read that this broker is about to be sold, become a bankrupt or even worse. I would like also to make my contribution in this. I would like people to know my experience.

  18. Young Chang:

    Hello Forex traders,
    You should be very careful with this broker. It is so hard to withdraw the money with them. If you get your money, you can consider yourself to be very lucky. I opened my account in March 2010. I made good profits. I have about $30 000 on my account now. I had sent them a request to withdraw the money from the account in the amount of $8 500 from my account on 7 of December 2010. My client could withdraw $5 000 his account. I waited for three business days and did not get their money. On 14th of December 2010 I got a call from Alan, a director. He told me that I cannot get my money for that time. He told me that I could get only $4 000. I asked them why I could not withdraw all $8 500 that I wanted. I could not get why I could not receive my money because it was mine. He told me that was because I had a VIP account. I asked them to remove my account from their list of VIP accounts. He told me that a client becomes VIP once the balance account hits $20 000. I cannot get it. I got another letter from Ms. Shital. In this letter was proposition to refuse from withdrawing the money till 31th of March in order to get now $4 000. And after this date I could be able to get both and deposit and profit. I kept begging them to take their bonus back and let me to withdraw my money. I just want to have my money when I want them. Since I needed to have my money for Holidays I sent them another email on 16th of December 2010 promising them that I would not ask for more money till 31th of March 2011. I know that the money is mine, but they have them. Now, I am as well as my clients are waiting to get the promised $ 4000 on our PayPal accounts. I called them on Friday and they told me that this is the end of the week and this is why they will process our request the next week. What is this? I would like to know who in control of the funds. If ITFX were in the US located company, the government would down their operations right away. I asked Rachelle where was my funds. I transfer the funds initially to TD Canadian Trust. She told me that she was a manager, but could not give me the answer. I will write the next week on that.

  19. Charles:

    I have been using them for a year now. I could use EA system that developed independently. I really like them and their small spreads. I wanted to withdraw the money and they made an agreement for periodic withdrawals. I have not experienced any problems since that time. Since I did not have any problems with them, I think this is a great broker.

  20. Li Yin Chen:

    Hello Marc Spitz, I think there is a chance that you had some problems with this broker. I would prefer that people who did not have problems with ITFX do not post comments here. I would like to have more information on “Company For Sell”, could you please help me out with this.
    Thank you.


    This broker is for sale. Do not trust your money to them. You should take your money from them. This company is not real. You should withdraw your money now. If you do not trust them, you should try to withdraw some part of you money. You will see that this is a bucket shop. They will take your money and run away. You should not give them a chance to take your money! Run from them!

  22. Li Yin Chen:

    I have been using this broker for seven already and have never met any problems with them. They spread is probably the smallest. They have decent customer support. Never problems with getting replies from them. It is possible to deposit within several hours. There is no problems to withdraw the money.
    I am going to provide some useful information for everyone who works with this broker.
    1. If you like to use EA or Scalping, you will need to group of your account to Scalping/EA. This is important so that you could trade safely. You will need to pay $10 per 1 lot for fee, this is something like 1 pip. This is ok, as this broker gives the smallest spread.
    2. You should be expected to see small delay in order execution as well as some requotes. Many people dislike this and believe that this is because they cheat you. I think this is find and fair. I have been trading with several brokers and I think that this one is the best.

  23. amr:

    They are a pure scam. You will be charges with commission. They can also to remove your position so that no sign in the history is left. You will be charge for using scalping and EA. They did it to me. I have sent my complaints to NFA, OSC, CFTC and currently I am waiting to get the results. You should not fall for their low pip spread. They will get your money.

  24. ejones:

    I made a deposit with this broker for $1000. I have been using their platform. I wanted to withdraw some amount and sent them plenty emails. There was never any result. I have some relatives in Canada who have legal professions. I am going to ask them about this company and my situation. I am looking forward to get the answer from them.

  25. Jeriah:

    I am going to give you some update on the situation. I received a call from one of their managers who explained me the situation. They gave me the compensation for the problem that occurred on Friday. So far, so good. Everything all works fine and this is why this is a good company.

  26. Jeriah:

    I am going to give a bad review to this broker. Today is the day when the non-farm payroll is released for the US. I was waiting for this date, but could not access my account. I got a message that this was due to some server maintenance. I was surprised that a broker can do something like this on NFP Fridays? I think their services are bad. I have tried to call them for several times but could not get a clear answer. They told me that I have to wait just for some time, but it has been more than 12 hours now. This is crazy! I would like to warn you not to trust their services. I am going to withdraw all my money, once I get there.

  27. Richard:

    This broker is a scam. No matter what they tell you, they do many requotes. As a matter of fact, you will get requotes all the time.

  28. Jack:

    I am going on the reply of this broker, stating that I was a former associate of them and this is why I wrote bad thing about them. This is not truth. I used to be a client of them. They often lie. They often cheat people. I would like to show you something to prove my worlds. This broker is a cheater. You should know it. I provide the links below there you can get some useful information on them.
    You will make sure that CDIC only insures money held by their members. All the funds are kept in Canadian Dollars. This is why I can tell that this broker is not a member! Basically, you funds trusted to this broker are not insured.
    The broker is cooperation with some Globex Interbank. They ask to make transfer to TD Canada Trust, however, the funds after are moved to Globex Interbank. They will not even let you know about this. There are complaints that this broker does not notify their clients about some conditions. Many people also complain that it is very hard to withdraw the funds and everything is truth. If you deposit with them, you will not see your money any more. Once you ask for the withdrawal they will make up lots of excuses and finally offer you only 50% of what you asked initially. At the end I would like to say that this is not truth that the Canadian Banking Authorities are the first in the world. They allow making such dishonest operation.

  29. KVSJK:

    They do not allow you to get your money, will not close your account on request and will not reply your emails any more. You should be very careful with this broker. I know what I am saying; I have a big problem to take my money from them. This broker cheats traders. If you do not want to lose your money, you should stay away from them.

  30. Thomas:

    They do not allow you to get your money, will not close your account on request and will not reply your emails any more. You should be very careful with this broker.

  31. Thomas:

    If you use a demo account, you will get a spread of 1 pip, but on real account it reaches 21 pips. This is not good.

  32. Forex Chen:

    I just realized that if you trade on demo account it take a few seconds to execute the order, but if you trade on real account that will take you 5-10 seconds. This is very strange.

  33. Forex Chen:

    They offer a 1-day deposit via PayPal and the same fast withdrawals to PayPal account. The orders execution is really very slow. It takes like 5-10 seconds. I think this is probably because of the bad connection from Taiwan. I got the money the last week.

  34. Oleg Chuyanov:

    This broker is fraud. You will get great services when it comes to depositing with them. You will get nothing when it comes to withdrawing your money. The same thing is you go to their office. If you ask them to send you money on our account at some Canadian bank, you will not find any one. You will find a person at front desk, who also is a secretary for several companies based in the unit 1801. This so called secretary, will not let you to speak to representatives of the company as well as accept any letter from you. I sent when a requested through the registered mail. This company is fraud. Each transaction for the commission free account was with commission. They claim to be the members of a “Forex Dealing Association” but there is no chance to find the proof for it. You can check this out: with You will not get your withdraw within 48 hours as they promise. I could get some money back but it was only $1150 (1000+150). I wish you will be able to do the same without any help from the police (division 51 at 51 Parliament St.).

  35. Anthony:

    This is a very bad broker. Very slow orders execution which takes at least 10 seconds to be completed. You will meet lots of re quotes. There is not 1 pip spread fixed.

  36. Alaki:

    Hi traders, have you ever tried to close your account with them or withdraw the money. I can see that people often complain about them.

  37. Rajiv Sharma:

    I did not have any problems with this broker so far. I did have some difficulties with them but they were very helpful. Once time they even credited my account because I had some problems with trade. I would like to provide some information for the people who things that this broker is not regulated. They are registered Canadian company. You can make sure at this if you follow the link:
    If you want you can get more detailed information. There are registered under the number #6804071 BN #855373551RC0001
    Their post address as follows:
    Street: 4915 BATHURST STREET, UNIT #209
    City: TORONTO
    Province: Ontario
    Postal Code: M2R1X9
    Country: Canada
    Registered Office Address:
    Street: 4915 BATHURST STREET, UNIT #209
    City: TORONTO
    Province: Ontario
    Postal Code: M2R1X9
    Country: Canada
    Country: Canada
    Reg. Off. Eff: 2007/07/09
    Director(s) name(s):
    I do believe that this is sufficient information for the people who would like to know more about this company.
    Kind Regards,

  38. InvestTechFX:

    InvestTechFX wish to give some updates to its clients. We have made some investigation and find out that one of the negative comments was made by our former employer. It was done with the aim to embarrass us and discredit our reputation. Everything that was posted is no truth. All was done with the aim to scare our customers away. We are working under this issue and we have involved some authorities to this case. We would like to assure you that we have many happy customers throughout the world. We try hard to support them and provide the best services and support. We would like to highlight again that we are not NDD (Non-Dealing-Desk) and we are a STP (Straight through Processor). We are in cooperation with the Clearing Department which is important to make sure that all the funds of our clients are safe. We provide a low spread of 1 pip for almost all the major currencies.
    Sincerely your,

  39. InvestTechFX:

    InvestTechFX has read all the recent complaints and closely is investigating everything currently. We have a very serious attitude to every comment and try to do our best at sorting out everything. After the investigation has been completed, we will let you know the results.
    Sincerely yours,

  40. tmunster:

    I think that the once writhing good reviews on this broker were probably hired for this. There could be a real customer who did not try to withdraw from them, or did try to withdraw some small amount. The standard platform that they use is MT4 which is available at many other brokers. They do not provide good services when it comes to getting back your money. Do not let yourself to be fooled by this dishonest broker! If you send them money, you will not see them again. You will spend lots of time and effort to get at least something. They will offer some small amount to you, which is not very helpful anyway. You will not be able to complain on them to some authorities because this broker is not regulated. Of course you can complain on them to some authorities by this is on condition that you have some proofs that this broker is scam. I have no idea whether they have at least an office! One friend of mine living in Toronto check for them and found that they do not have a physical office but some sort of virtual office. You should be aware of this broker as if you give them your money, you will not see it again.

  41. Jack:

    I am writing here with the aim to show the traders that this broker is a real scam. If you have an account with them, you should get all your money and close it immediately; otherwise, you will not see your money again. If you are just thinking of setting up an account with them, I would really recommend not to as this is very risky. They surely will try to force you, but you should not get fooled by them. If you are your clients they will move your funds without even letting your know about this. Initially, your funds are transferred to TD Canada Trust but after they are moved somewhere else without even letting you know about that. This broker is not a member of CDIC and this is why the funds of the clients are not insured. As it is written on their website, they are able to insure the clients fund in the amount up to $100 000. I have checked on the information on them and can say that they do not belong to CDIC (Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation). However, that state that they are registered with CDIC. You can also find on website of Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation that all the funds are insured in only in the local currency which is Canadian dollar. The funds are not kept in any currency. They are only a software company and they are not regulated at all. This is why they are not a regular broker as the others Forex brokers who are regulated. The simply lie that all the funds are insured. This is very unethical.

  42. Phil S.:

    I would really like you to continue to provide your services as you do it now. You are the best broker whom I have ever trade with. I have been trading for many years and I know that this is the first broker who helped me to gain a great success at Forex trading. At time I could even get a pretty huge profit. I like you web-based platform as this is very helpful for me. As well, I can tell that your informative section along with your customer support is very helpful. I did not think that this is possible to get helped at any time, but this is really truth if a person if served by you. I think you provide a high level of security and I can trust in you.
    Phil S., Germany

  43. Adel El Barcha:

    Dear Sirs,
    I did not want any of my reviews, discussion and others to be removed. I must say that by now I have not archived any result, although I have sent plenty of email, did lots of calling and so on. I would like to everything to remain as it was and if I want to make any changes, I will get you know via email. I think that many clients, who did not post their negative reviews, lost all their money in the first three months of trading. They probably just have no idea how they can complain about this or there may be a language barrier preventing them from writing a complaint. As far as I know, nearly 95% of all losses are made within the first three months. The traders who actually make some money make about 2-3% of the total number. I believe that clearing department or clearing house does not simply exist at all. You will get an electronic answer that you will be contacted, but this never happens. You cannot also reach them when you call them at any time. This is a lie that they are a Straight Through Processing they are really not. 95% of the people who run their demo account but a real one lose their money. The rest of the people are able to get some profit like me for instance. This is because we are professional traders and we can trade pretty aggressively. The system is very simple, if you win something, the broker will lose something and vise averse. If you use the scalping style, they will always make you to pay some commissions and fees. They always say that this is what is charged by their clearing department. You will always hear from them promises that they will call you shortly, but you will never really be called by them. This broker is a virtual broker and it has not rights to work in Canada because for this one needs to have a registration but this broker does not have one. They are not regulated and have not right to provide their services as Forex broker. I know very well that they often tell their clients that the problem is almost solved and everything will be fine soon, but you should not believe them as this is not truth. They will do anything not to let you to get your money.
    I would like to tell all the traders to keep their reviews unless the problem is sorted out. Do not allow them to take your money. You should be careful with them. It is better to find another broker who you can trust to.

  44. Winters:

    I opened my account with this broker about eight months ago and at the beginning I did have some problems with their platform. I got a call from their technical department at 1:30 am. They wanted to help me to resolve the problem I had. I did have some bad trades and this is why lost some money. But after some time I make another deposit and was able to back in the game. Their support was very helpful and nice. I could use also their live chat. Since I was satisfied with their services, I recommended this broker to some of my friends. They are great in my opinion and I am going to trade with them in further.

  45. Lucia Lejour:

    If you would like to know more about InvestTechFX Forex, you should try out their demo account and learn how to make money on Forex market. Their customer support is really great. I think everyone should open a demo account with them and try to trade. This broker has been on the market for several years now and they have a good reputation. Thank you for reading this.

  46. Ed,:

    I have been trading with them for a year now and I have only good things to say about them. They are a reliable and trusted broker. No problems with depositing and withdrawing the funds. Their customer support is really great.

  47. Lenka:

    Erick, I thing you should find a better broker than this one. By now I could not get any money from them. I let know about this to many people and I hope that all this will have a positive result. I am posting everywhere my reviews on them.

  48. erick:

    Oh my! I was almost caught by them! I was going to invest all of my money with this broker but I find this forum and this is why I will definitely not! Thank you all for your honest comments on this broker.

  49. Adel El Barcha:

    Investtechfx is a very bad company; they tried to terrify me and my family. All this was because they knew that I have a disability. I had a balance if $23 5000 and all of those money was stolen by them. After this I got a call from their manager Alad who told me that I can get $4000 from them and I could just leave the rest. They told me that they charged me $22 000 as scalping fees. I am not really a scalper and I sent them two emails to confirm this. Then he told me that I should be lucky that they did not sue me as I made bed reviews on them! He told me that I should be glad to get back my $4 000. Only this or nothing. I told him that this is unacceptable and I would not do it. He told me that there is no sense in the following actions as I will not be able to get my money. I told him that I did not want to fight and I would rather finished everything peacefully, I said that I can pay $ 4000 scalping fees and they had taken from me $1200 already but I want the rest to be back. I explained him that there is no sense in losing the client as I am otherwise they will lose like million dollars as day. I asked him to contact me later as I said that I was in the bed still. So I hanged up on him and switched off my recorder. For the sometime I waited for his call which was made at 3 am. I knew that was him and this is why I switched on my recorder again. He said that their lawyer wants to sue me since I had made bed reviews on them. I explained that I do not care I all that I posted was actually truth and I did not play according to some scenario as they are. You should take the donation that I offered you and be grateful for this. You should respect my rights and do no try to take all. So he tried to threaten me telling that he will send some guys to do bad stuff to my family. I told he go ahead hanged up again and switch off my recorder. After some time I also get some call form their legal department who told me that they will sue me unless I stop writing the bad review on them. I did not even let them to go and just switched off the phone and a recorder. The guy called me another 3 or 4 times. One time they woke up my wife. I told him that I am not ready for talking at 3 am.
    This is why I would like you to know that if anything will happen to me or the members of my family, you can blame at this Alan, their manager. I have a big family indeed. It is like 100 persons and if something happens to me, they will not just let it be.
    If you need to get any clarification on this situation, you can write me at [email protected]

  50. Lenka:

    I would like to warn everybody about this broker. I decided to close my account and take all my funds from them which is $2 200. I was offered to only get $500. They told me that this was because there were some standard trades that I did on my mini account. I asked them to prove it. I never got any reply and explanation on that any more. In some time, they offered me to get my $1000 but I did not agree with them. Since 1th of December I have been waiting for some actions. What I concluded is that it would be better to find another broker. I have all evidence and I can show everything if you would like to see it.

  51. Adel El Barcha:

    Adel. Total trading experience 30 years and 7 months spent with this broker. This broker is a thief. If you trust them your money, you will cry after believe me. They will make a fool of you. If you are looking for an honest and good broker, you should not stick with them. This broker is scam for sure. I would like to aware everybody from dealing with this broker. If you do not want to lose your money, do not you? You can make a profit with them, but you will not able to withdraw your money with them. They always apply some scalping fees and do other actions so that all your profit to be eaten. The company is help by two bad people and they always try to make up bad things so that the clients to lose their money. You should never believe everything told by Mike or Alan. I have been working hard for seven month and they simply stole my $22000. I did not lose them, but everything was simply stolen. They even did not give me $3000 as they promised. He wanted to make a deal with me. He said that I should help his relatives to earn some money and in this case he would give me my money. He set up an account for his relative and put there $5000. He gave me all the information on that account including username and password. I manage to make profit of $4000 in just one week. After me I run into some technical problem with their systems. I could not use both accounts to trade. I could not also make more than only one transaction. I started to contact them with complaint via live chat. I also wrote them several times and called by for several days there was not reaction. In some time, they told me to contact Mike who was referred to as a specialist of their technical department. This is why I asked him about all of my account that I run. He knew that one of the accounts belongs to Alan. This is I know that I just gave him the number of the account and Mike told me that that was an account of Alan. This is why I could know that all this was a lie and trick. I knew that this was just a trick scenario that was developed by them both. In two days $15 000 scalping fees as well as $7 000 were taken. I could not access the system. If you would like to see the proof on everything, you can write me at my email [email protected]. You can also use [email protected]

  52. Sucks-to-trade-with-Investtfx:

    I agreed with Adel from Australia because I had the same problems with them. No matter what you do, this company will always try to steal your money. No matter, you lose your money or win your money, the two guys Alan and Ronny will take your money in any case. They are horrible.

  53. Ken Tan:

    I have not wish to trade with this broker. I think is Adel has such a horrible experience; no one should try to trade with this broker. I think we all should no fall for this broker.

  54. Adel El Barcha:

    I will tell you how this broker stole my $22 000. I opened an account with them and start trading on 29th of May 2009. I made a deposit of $1000. I made some profit and I withdraw through PayPal $1000 on 20th of October. After this, I contacted them to ask to increase the leverage of Gold up to 200. I was asked by them to deposit another $1000 so that they could do it. I did not make a transfer as I realized that there is no way for them to do it. I traded for some time and was able to increase my balance up to more than $18 000. After this they told me about some scalping fees. They said that I should pay them $14 770. They also told me that I must make the transfer till 26th of May. I must pay them as I did some scalping and did not notify them about that. I calculated independently and figure out that the fees would be around $4 000. I asked them why did they asked me for a bigger amount and they told me that it was because of the penalties. I had after a long conversation with Mike. We agreed that I had to trade in high volume for some time and in this case, they would remove me from the scalping category. Everything is written and proved by email. Our agreement was valid till November of the next year. I sent them another email saying that there was not made commitments that I cannot withdraw my money. Another man called me. His name was Alan. He told me that he would try to make everything to be sorted out and he would wire me $15 000 on condition that I manage an account for his relative called Kevin Green. I said that this was fine. I thought that he should know whether such an agreement is allowed and that in case of disaster I would not take any responsibility. I did not know that this is some sort of risk that he want to involve me to. I have been monitoring my account for another week but did not get any money, So, I contacted Alan and told him about this. I got a reply, that instead of being transferred to my account those $15 000 were taken as some scalping fees. Moreover, they also took another $7 000 as they told me as adjustments made by the cleating department. I check in their email, where they explain me what was wrong with my account. This is what I got from them:
    We are writing you in order to clarify some things.
    As you can see from the previous email, you were charged in the amount of $14,770.00 by our clearing department for scalping. The amount has been review by our department again and now it rose to $15 000 because you did not stop trading with scalping. As per decision of the clearing department, you were also fined with $7 000 for abuse. Tis happened because you were using unauthorized trading code which was unable for the clearing department to read. We would like to refer you to our Disclaimer, so that you could read the information on trading abuse. You can find this information if you press this link: Please specially refer to the paragraph number 12
    12. Trading Account Abuse – Account holders are strictly forbidden to abuse benefits given in any manner whatsoever or to use it in any manner except as foresaid. Any active trading found to be done by heavy scalping/EA activity with unauthorized, unrecognizable or unreadable EA codes will result in trades related to these abuses being null and void, the immediate closing of the account, and the full refund of the initial deposit. InvestTechFX can cancel all trading account benefits at any time and take any actions necessary such as cancelling client transactions, adjusting client account balances, etc. that might be required in their absolute discretion do to abuse of benefits or use of unauthorized equipment or heavy scalping activity.
    The leverage of your account was set as 1:1. Currently you have a balance of your account of $1,499.30. If you want to withdraw your money, you can only to send us a request and we will send you your money.
    If you would like to see any proofs on everything what happened, I can send you all I have. If there is a way to get my money, I agree to pay you a good percentage.
    Adel El Barcha

  55. unhappy:

    If you do not want to lose your money, you should not deposit it into this broker. I made a great profit with them but I could not get a penny from them. It is similar to going to some back and being told that you have way too much money. You have money on your account but there is no way for you to withdraw it. Stay away from them.

  56. James:

    I have been trading with this broker for several months. I like using a scalping style. I could make deposit within just 12 hours. It takes like three days for me to withdraw the money. I think this is pretty good.

  57. Garp101:

    I would like to know is there some problems to withdraw with this broker? If there anything else that I need to know please let me know.

  58. Kris:

    I have had a demo account with them for some time. I just recently opened a live account with them and my deposit was on their account within just three days. I this is pretty good for the transfer made from Europe to Canada. Generally, all is fine so far.

  59. SLH:

    I just set up an account with them. I send a deposit and the money was there within just an hour. I love fast services like this one.

  60. Bob:

    I have been using their services for several months and I must say that I like them. I have never met any problems. They are great.
    Happy trading!

  61. Emmanuel Odok:

    Hi traders! I have read bad review on my country which is Nigeria. I must say that all the countries have disadvantages. We are people living there are good people and I think this is not good to read bad stuff like you write here about us. If you have some problems with your broker, you should find a good way to sort the thing nicely and peacefully. As per Gibor Flabor all Nigerians are scams. He claims that he form Canada but I really doubt that. If we were bad people, we would not get a visa to go to Canada and live there. I have no idea what Horatio for the USA spoke either. They say that all Nigerians are fake, but I strongly disagree. If you just wish to become a milliner in no time, you will get a fiasco and not only with Nigerians. You should also note that many people calling themselves to be Nigerian are really not. This is why you should be careful. You should know that Nigerians are very nice and friendly people as well as intelligent. I am a good person and I am Nigerian and this means that not all Nigerians are bad.
    God Bless Nigerians!

  62. James:

    I wish people could respect the opinions of the other people. I mean Horatio from the USA and Gibor Flabor from Canada. I could not believe that those guys could speak that nonsense. We know many bad things about their counties making bad things like fraud and scam. However, we do not say that all of them are bad and the countries are bad. They should be more respectful for the people and say they opinion more nicely.

  63. Toni:

    Hey, you guy Horatio from the USA and Gibor Flabor from Canada. What are you talking about? You should see what you are written as the stuff you say is very bad. Do you want to have a war or something? I can see that you do not respect other people, but I can only see that you disrespectful for your own country as well. Shame on you, you are not good people. How dare you to write such bad things about other people and countries. This is not your money and this is not money but please you should be more respectful. I have never met such a situation with other brokers. All that I can say is if those things are really true, you should make everything correct. Let’s all be respectful for other people. If somebody does not live in your country, if does not mean that they are bad.

  64. horatio:

    To Kunle Franklin from Nigeria. The reputation of Nigerian people is not good. They are mosly scammers. None of Nigerian works at Investech. This broker is not that stupid to hire somebody from Nigeria. Those Nigerian do not deserve time and efforts to be spend on them.

  65. gibor flabor:

    I do not bother with email or whatsoever. I just what to tell the people from Canada and the USA that all the Nigerian people are fake. Every day we get from them lots of email where they force us to give our personal information like

    work number:
    home number: and others.
    I wish to know how come they are going to reward you will some money but do not know a thing about you? Nigerians are the worst people who I have ever met. I really know what I am talking about. I know that all those trash email are coming from them. I am not surprised that this broker could not release their funds. You will not find a bank which would accept much money from them in Canada as well as In the USA. It used to take like 14 day for the transfer to be processed and now only 48 hours. I would say that you should be aware of everybody living in Nigeria or maybe in Africa generally.

  66. Kunle Franklin:

    Hello traders! I recommended this broker to Gift Franklin. I find out about his broker fro, this website and I want to thank the guy running it so that people leave their comment here. By the way, Gift Franklin was really unhappy as she made a transfer of $700 to this broker. She waited for three days and her money still was not on her account. She tried to contact them for many times, she called them and they would promise to call her back and sent the money the same day but nothing like that happened. Since that situation was not very good I posted my comment about them on this website before the money shows up finally on her account. After the money was there, they simply blocked her. They told me that this was because a bad comment was written on them and they said that she must write another comment telling that the money was received and then they would unblock her. They also promised to credit her account for another $100 for the delay. They held her money for more than 3 week and I know that they could make lots of money but they just promised her $100. This is why I had to make a positive comment on them which was posted on 6th of September 2009. I will quote my comment “The money was credited. I also got additional $100 from them as a reward for the delay. The delay was due some mistake made by the bank. Thank you, InvestTechFX for the bonus.” So I posted this comment and they unblocked her account. She traded with them after to three days and managed to make a good profit. But they reduced her profit. She tried to contact them regarding this problem for three days but did not get any reply. So, soon they blocked her account again and told her to entirely remove all her post on the situation on earnforex, which was actually impossible. Only after this they told they would unblock her account. So she said that she did not like it and do not want to trade this way with them and this is why she wanted to withdraw her money from them, but they simply refuse her. So, she decided that she disliked this situation pretty much and we decided to tell the truth about this company. We have all the proofs of what is written here. We want to get the money back otherwise we will go to authorities and sue them. They will also pay for the damage to us. I have been trading on Fore for ten years and I must say that this is the worse broker ever. I do not say things like “do not trade with them,” this is really up to you.

  67. Bob:

    This is the best broker ever! I have been using this broker since March of this year. Last week I made an upgrade and now a have a silver account. I sent them a request to upgrade my account as well as proofs that I sent them money. So the money was credited and I also get a bonus of 5% that I could use for trading. In total, I made two deposits with them and both were processed through PayPal. It took less than an hour for the first deposit to be credited and about a day for my second deposit. The second one took a big longer because I made it on Saturday and the company needed to verify some information. I knew that some delay is possible as PayPal notified me about that. I monitored their spread and never find some changes. I trade USD/CAD and I have never met a broker giving 1 pip spread. Generally, I have had a very good experience with this broker. I wish you could have the same great time with them.


    I deposited $700 to this broker and nothing was there for 3 weeks. So I posted a bad comment on them. After this, they credited my account but blocked me. They told me that I have to remove my bad comment if I want to get my account unblocked. They told me that I have to write that all the money was received as well as that I got a special reward of $100. I wrote this on earn forex that I got the money and got another $100. My account was unblocked and I could trade for some time but in some time they started to take the pips that I earned. All was fine at the beginning but after I earn about 60 pips but they only add 2 pips. I made some changes in lot size from 0.01 to 0.03, and the situation was repeated again. I earned 30 pips and I got only 5 pips. I did not want to trade with them any longer so I contacted them I asked to close my account and withdraw my funds. They did not reply me anything. They are fraudsters. If you want to have problem that you need to solve all the time, then just get a live account with them.

  69. Kunle Franklin:

    The money was credited. I also got additional $100 from them as a reward for the delay. The delay was due some mistake made by the bank. Thank you, InvestTechFX for the bonus.

  70. Kunle Franklin:

    I would like to thanks to the owners of this website as this is great to have this opportunity to post here. At my recommendation one of my friends opened an account with this broker. She deposited with them $700 and it was three week ago but the money did not here yet. She contacted them by different ways, I also contacted them by phone and they all the time promised us to call back but they never did. In total I called them five times. She also asked her bank to contact them but nothing happened. I have no idea what else can I do. I and my friend are highly disappointed in their services. I really doubt that this broker exists. They are real scam.

  71. Bob:

    There are several reasons for why you lose your money. First of all, you may ask for a high margin or you simply do not know how to trade so that you could earn some money. There is no sense in blaming the brokers if you have no idea how you should trade really. If you want to be a good trader, you should really study hard and practice a lot.

  72. Bob:

    I have been using this broker for a month already. I must say that this broker is great. There is no problem with funding their account through PayPal, and it is managed very fast. Their spreads are very low which is really great. If you use scalping or EA, you will be charged as this is stated on their website. If you do not use scalping or you do not use EA, you should notify them about that, otherwise you will be charged by them for this. I contacted their office in Toronto regarding this problem and everything was sorted our very fast. I mean that they remove my name from the list of EA/scalping and I get my funds refunded.

  73. Tim:

    I have been trading with several traders within my life, and only for several months I have been trading with this broker. I must say that this No Dealing desk broker is really the best of them. I do not have much time to trade and have only like several hours every day and this is why I use EA. Since they have very low spread of just 1 pip, this is just great for me. I am using MT4 for scalping which is very convenient. I deposited with them $1000 and my current balance is of $1 550 now. Before I opened a real account with them I used a demo account for three months. I found, however, that the execution on demo account is much faster than on real account. If everything remains the same, I am going to stay with them for a long time.

  74. kevin:

    This Canadian company are crooks. It was like 5 pip spread on their demo account, but once I went to real account I had to pay 19 pip spread. They say that this was some EA fees. I used a penny account and anyway I was charged by them just only because I used EA. Why is this so important?

  75. Mohd Nazri:

    Two days ago I opened an account with them and I deposited $400 on their account. Since them I did not get any emails from them confirming that they got my money or that I was registered with them. I am wonder if their customer support is so bad? Is it possible that they do not work then world market is closed?

  76. Joe:

    They seem to be fine. Does anyone have something to share about them?

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