Straighthold Investment Group Inc.

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Broker nameLiteForex
Company nameStraighthold Investment Group Inc.
Online since2004-01-01
Site url
Minimum account size1.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.001000
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage descriptionfrom 1:50 to 1:500
Spread levelhigh
Spread description3 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedNO
Regulation descriptionUnregulated
Easy registrationYES
Votes count412
Email[email protected]

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  • MetaTrader Forex broker.
  • MT5 real accounts are available.
  • WebMoney deposit/withdraw method.
  • Very low minimum deposit to start trading.


  • U.S. citizens aren't allowed to open an account.


  • AlertPay
  • Liberty Reserve
  • MoneyBookers
  • WebMoney


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40 Reviews

  1. Michael:

    I am a Lite forex client for over 3 years now.
    I tried once to withdraw my earnings and after the process was completed I noticed that my money did not come into my Moneybookers account. I found my cash on my MetaTrader platform – they were deposited there and no paid to me!!
    The response I got from the customer support said that I didn’t use the same email that I registered with them. Very weird.
    I have the impression that the broker allows you to trade more so that he can make you lose more. I never had problems like this in my 3 years activity.
    I have lost more than $2.000 without making any profit.
    They delayed in closing my positions and for 1 pip I went from having profit to losing a deal. This situation has repeated numerous times and I want to warn all those who want to trade here.

  2. Daniel:

    People do not trust this broker and stay away from them as they will scam you!
    On 14.05.2011 tried to make a withdrawal of 200.77$ using bank wire transfer and I didn’t received my money till a week ago! The Lite forex staff explained to me that bank wire transactions take longer to finish and my funds will be sent within 1 or 2 days needed for checking my account. In addition to this I have to wait another 5-7 business days for the bank to perform the transaction. I have waited 10 days but nothing had happened!
    Please be very careful when you plan working with this guys!

  3. Mickey Mouse:

    I like a lot the quality of service they provide. The trading system works perfectly, much better than other Malay brokers.

  4. yoku:

    I think this may be a similar problem with others exposed by traders. In the first place I was very satisfied with this broker but after a while my trading history started to change and I received more off quotes. Not at wall happy about this.

  5. Profi:

    Excellent broker. I like very much their service! They help me earn nice profits!

  6. Geert:

    Watch out of these guys! There are rumors that the Russian owners of this website only want to take your money.
    The broker will give you a huge number of requites and if they are not satisfied with your trading you will get even many off quotes. Stop loss or take profit limits are useless because often they are not executed on time so that you lose more money.
    There are some weird things going on Lite forex. If you set up your stop loss limits you can expect the broker to execute the order before the overall market trades start to go against you in order to make you lose money. The same story happens with the sell limit orders.
    If you will try to compare their quotes with those of other forex site you will discover that there is a difference of a few pips between them. This means that they promote you a low spread but this advantage is useless because they operate with their own prices and not the market prices.
    Many trades get canceled without serious reason. If you try to complain the broker usually gives you proof that the close of the deal came from your IP.
    Making a deposit of requesting a withdrawal can also produce problems as these transfers are never smooth. The withdrawals are not as easy as some clients try to describe. I have almost a week full of failed attempts to withdraw my earnings.
    Please be very careful with this broker and protect your money.

  7. Alon:

    This broker is so bad that I cannot compare him with anyone else!
    The main problem is their very, very, very, very, very, VERY SLOW EXECUTION.Sometimes it takes hours to close a deal!
    Every time I wanted to open a new trade it took me more than 30-40 seconds and if the market was in my favor than I would get a requote but if the market was against me than the execution of my order would be faster.
    Usually I had about 50% of the time available to press sell/buy button or I received the massage “off quotes”
    I would not advise anyone to trade with this broker. They will cheat on you!

  8. John A:

    I worked with many brokers such as FxPro, FxOpen and others and I didn’t find one that can be as good as Liteforex. If I would have started my forex trading with them I had been a millionaire by now. It is the best broke which allows you to make good profits very fast. The platform is stable and the 0.01 lot size is the best you can get. I’m very satisfied with them.

  9. AlexP:

    I recently started my forex experience online and I like this broker because it is very good for newbies like me. Reading their forum helped me to understand much more about the forex world. I even found threads where the more experienced traders submit their forecasts about which currencies will go up and which will go down. This is really inspiring for me. I like Liteforex because he has very intelligent traders that can predict the direction the market will follow.

  10. Will:

    This is one of the best brokers in the whole forex industry. I would give a high grade to their customer support that is available even on weekends. Nice job guys!

  11. joehans:

    Yesterday I was on the point of registering a new account with Liteforex. I had some problems with filling up the forms but their nice customer support helped me. I was surprised to see them calling me and asking about the problems with my account registration. Everything worked well in the end and I will make a deposit and start trading soon. I hope that the nice customer support will be available and when I will face other problems. For the helping support I like to give them a high grade and want to say they are a good broker.

  12. Godson:

    I didn’t received any message about the problems I asked them to help me. Their customer support is dead and every website that doesn’t have a good customer support is not worth the trouble. I tried to open a real account with Liteforex but without success and the support is not responding to me at all. I wonder what are doing those who have problems with withdrawals of trading issues? How they reach Liteforex’s help?

  13. Susan Sue:

    This is a one professional broker. I appreciate their quality services nice attitude toward their customers.

  14. akpos:

    Lite forex is the best broker for me. They deal with their client very professionally and the services are at a very high level.

  15. Jameen Walker:

    I am a client of Liteforex for a long time now and I got to say that I just love this broker. There isn’t a forex site that can be compared with them when it comes to trading. I was able to double my deposits with this broker and succeeded to do this in only a week. For now my account balance has $4,000. I remember when Istarted I made a deposit of $25 and in just 60 days earned $4,600. I withdrew more than $3,000 from Liteforex. Very satisfied with this site.

  16. Nigel:

    For long time I wanted to become a forex trader and here I am now. I read all the reviews on this site and let me say to you that the negative feedbacks about Liteforex are mostly from people that have too many expectations from the broker. I traded on many forex sites and was able to make withdrawals almost everywhere. Of course sometimes the payments do not come very fast but the money is paid eventually.

  17. Saleh:

    I have 3 years with Liteforex.
    I like very much the fast withdrawals trough Webmoney that usually happen in 6 hours.
    The thing that bothers me the most is the slowness in closing your positions.

  18. PipsHunter:

    One of my friends asked me to help him with the floating on his Liteforex account and I was able to test this broker.
    I’ve done a few trades and my overall impression about Liteforex is negative. It is almost impossible to close your position. I made some comparing with other two brokers and I noticed big difference in their candle graphics.

  19. baki:

    I cannot say much about this broker because I use it only for 2 days but my first impression is positive. I made a deposit using my CC and the money was credited instantly into my account balance.
    This is possible only at Liteforex and nowhere else.
    My balance was a long period of time in minus but recently the market changed and I was able to make profit. Not many brokers will allow you that after having negative balance on your account.
    Go with Liteforex because you will not find such advantageous conditions anywhere else.
    You can perform withdrawals directly to your CC or to your Moneybookers account.

  20. Michael:

    I am trading using a Liteforex account for more that 1 year and I’m satisfied with their services. I was able to withdraw my earnings for about 10 times and never was forced to wait more than a few days.
    The spreads are ok there is the possibility to make deposits and withdraws using e-currency payment systems and the support seems to be very helpful when you have problems. All kinds of trading is accepted including hedging and scalping.
    The only problem is the high number of requotes that you get sometimes.

  21. adri pradipta:


  22. Ian:

    I am a client of Liteforex for more than a month now.
    The money transfer are usually instant of they do not take longer than a few days.
    There are some annoying requotes but they are not so often to bother me much.
    I read some reviews that Liteforex is not a profitable broker and I don’t understand what they meant to say by that. Was the broker’s fault for their loses or their own trading strategy?
    Anyway I think Liteforex is a good broker for everybody.

  23. Innocent:

    New client here from Gambia. I am looking for a good and reliable broker. After I will gain some experience on trading with Liteforex I will post a full review.

  24. Austine:

    I am a new customer to this forex site and I want to open a Live account. Reading the comments for now.
    After I will register my Live account I will present my point of view about this broker.
    hope to be back with my observation when i eventually open my live account with them.

  25. Mba Flourish:

    I think only those involved in a competition with Liteforex had made a negative review about this site. I am from Nigeria and I am very satisfied with the withdrawals and services this broker is offering. Everything is smooth and easy.

  26. Ibrahim Kolawole:

    The strategy that I use is to deposit, earn some profits and then make a withdraw. I never keep big amounts of money in my account balance. In the two years since I’m a cien of this broker never regretted my registration here.

  27. Herman:

    PayPal doesn’t like gambling sites and that’s why there are so little brokers that accept Paypal. I do not trust such brokers because they use unverified accounts.

  28. ANN:


  29. Falcom:

    The Paypal account they have to make deposits is just not working. There isn’t any information about this issue and Liteforex was the only broker that accepted Paypal. I registered an account only for this reason.

  30. Mohamed Mahmoud:

    I am pleasantly surprised to see the money in my account balance only after a few second since I ordered a withdraw.
    I expect Lite forex to introduce Islamic account and after that they will be Number 1 broker on the market.

  31. s kuhan:

    This broker just wants to scam you.
    I got many problems with this Liteforex site both on making deposits as well as when I requested for withdrawals.
    They just made me use a lot of my precious time.
    I was not able to earn much money wit them because of their constant delays. This is the last day I use this broker.

  32. gondol:

    Awful broker. The server is so slow that is almost impossible to make profits. I get constantly a big number of requites. When the market turn his back to you than you will be able to close the deal. If you want to make profits Liteforex definetly is not the place you need. Never start any trade with this broker.

  33. Tempe:

    I had a good start with Lite forex. Everything is fast; deposits, withdrawals, order executions. But trading here does not seem to be efficient any more. I made a deposit on October 2nd and the money hasn’t yet been deposited into my account balance. The worst thing is that the guys from their customer support just don’t answer to my emails. They just ignore me after they took my money!

  34. igweh:

    I made a review about Liteforex on 08/08/2008 where I shared my experience on this site during the announcement. I know that almost all brokers work against their clients and all kinds of dirty tricks to cut their profits such as hiking spreads to turning winning deals into loosing ones.
    I will still trade with this broker but I would not deposit big amounts of money. I enjoy the fast withdrawals and other features.

  35. benjamin igweh:

    For six months I thought that Liteforex is the best broker in the world but a recent problem changed my opinion. When I trade I always set my stop loss limits and I make 2 orders of buy stop and another 2 of sell stop. I have noticed that Liteforex always increases my set entry in order to make me to lose money.

  36. Wan Mohamad:

    I have 1 year experience with Liteforex. In the beginning they were a reliable and trustworthy broker but that has changed lately. There are still the the best when it comes to deposits and withdrawals.
    After my latest problems I decided to stop trading on this site because is not worth it anymore. Noticing the approaching margin call on my account I made a deposit using Liberty Reserve. I waited two days and still the money didn’t show up into my account balance. For this reason I have lost almost ll my trust in this broker.
    I think that Lite forex make deliberately that fund do not appear in the account balances so he can steal the customer’s money. I found many similar cases on other sites and forums reviewing forex brokers. I t is a shame for a site that has build such impressive reputation to use this tricks to grab the client’s money.

  37. Bolade Ajibola:

    I will be honest with you and say tht I had traded on many different accounts before Liteforex.
    Liteforex offers the best option for leverage, pips, lots, currency pairs and they are much transparent regarding their activity comparing to other brokers. I love this site and I make good profits with them.

  38. soulhunter:

    I respect this broker for its excellent services and increase possibility of making profits. The only issue I have (like many others) is the slow execution of orders. I wish they would do something about this problem because it’s really annoying sometimes.

  39. Patrick Ingle:

    Liteforex is excellent if you want to use a MetatradeR EA’s on a live system and risking only small amounts of money.

  40. Hisoka147:

    I really like this broker mostly because he offers the possibility to trade with very small amounts of money. Making treads with $1 on Metatrader4 is very interesting because you get to train yourself for the big money deals. I never had any problems with their payment system, was always able to deposit fast and withdraw even faster. Sometimes it can take up to 1 business day to process the payments but I don’t consider this period as being a big amount of time. For all the new and experienced traders I advise you to give it a shot with Liteforex.

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