Marketiva Corporation

Marketiva - Forex Broker

Broker nameMarketiva
Company nameMarketiva Corporation
Online since2005-01-01
Site url
CountryBritish Virgin Islands
Minimum account size1.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.000010
Maximum leverage100
Maximum leverage description1:100
Spread levelmedium
Spread description2 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionRegulated by Securities Commission of the Republic of Montenegro.
Easy registrationYES
Votes count286

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  • Client program with a user-friendly interface.
  • Great support chat.
  • Fast order execution.
  • No limit on trade size.
  • No overnight interest.
  • Liberty Reserve, E-Dinar and WebMoney billing options.
  • Investment funds shares available.
  • World indexes and precious metals trading.


  • No MetaTrader 4 software support.
  • withdrawal fee (only first withdrawal).
  • Muslim Forex broker - no overnight interest.
  • No contact phone/fax numbers.


  • E-Dinar
  • Liberty Reserve
  • WebMoney
  • Wire transfer


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26 Reviews

  1. Glauber:

    If it weren’t for the lack of MT4 I could say that this broker is a very good one. But I have to change it for when working with EA (like I do) you need a Bridge to send your orders to the streamster form MT4.and the price may differ from that in the MT or there may be two order equals open with the same volume, which means extra risk for you of losing some positions.

  2. v.k:

    A very good platform, this broker is especially good for beginners to get some practice in real trading. But don’t try to cheat them. they give you $5 of real money to trade when you register an account with them. I registered, got my $5 and lost them. then I registered another account and started trading with another $5 they gave me, but my new account was deleted and the old one was blocked. Now I can’t trade with them, but I realize it’s only my fault.

  3. purwanto:

    Very good broker, the interface is excellent, quick response, good live chat and customer support service

  4. FxSabah:

    Very bad platform, impossible to put your indicator in it. most of the time the platform is late to update the rates and point and I have to reconnect and only hope that I’ll be lucky enough to get connected back. Sometimes it’s also hard to close position as whey would lag you precisely the worst possible moment for it. this platform is easy to use, true, and yet it’s quite useless.

  5. Martin:

    What this broker should do is raise the requirement of minimum deposit which is zero now. Then it will stop attracting losers from all around incapable to learn on their own mistakes but instead blaming the broker for their failures. The platform is pretty good, it supports live chat. With this broker you can have both demo and real account.

  6. gg:

    I had no problems with this broker. Their platform is nice and cool with acceptable speed. It provides good support to beginners and there are no overnight commissions or swap changes. I had no problems with withdrawal and depositing, too.
    The negative thing about this broker is that they pay no referral commission for introducing a big investor, but instead they generate huge commission by trading for the introducer.
    Their short-term trade policy is a hidden tool for highjacking all your money.
    They may neglect this policy and let you trade as you like even breaking the short-tem trade limits. But then, when you are in the most vulnerable position they suddenly start practicing their rules and policies and suspend your account for up to a week’s period during which you are barred from placing a new order.
    It end only in one way – you lose your money. This is how this tricky artist uses your mistakes to its own advantage.
    It’s bad for short-term traders and scalpers and it’s all right for more careful, long-term brokers.
    So, it’s not all bad and not all good, it’s a cunning and cool broker.

  7. Deni:

    Scam broker, bad responding, blocked accounts

  8. barisiba kelvin samuel:

    The worst broker I’ve ever dealt with. They practice hidden charges and with trade execution taking 5-10m it’s very hard to grow money with them. after three years of trading with them I know everything about the way they work. For more information you can contact me via my personal address, [email protected].

  9. Kasha:

    This broker blocked my account with 2000$ of profit on it. watch out!

  10. kell ashley:

    The platform is a crap. I had a profit of $80 but with their rules I couldn’t withdraw less than a $100, so I earned those $100, but not on their service term and they blocked my account.

  11. excelent:

    Maybe they are not scam but sometimes they act like one. Like when I try to withdraw money from my account, instead of telling they are out of cash they send this stupid message telling” security breach suspected”.

  12. Nancy wong:

    Very often when you need to withdraw money this broker disables your account and gives no explanation or solution to it no matter how many times you ask them to. Your account may be processed even while you are trading and getting process, which means you’ll have no access to streamster.

  13. leong:

    Watch out! A scam broker!

  14. flyguy:

    Beware of this scam broker

  15. Sarge:

    This broker practices a number of limitations they tell nothing about in the beginning until you get involved, deposit money and open positions. Only then you suddenly have to face these limitations that are pretty troublesome:
    Limitation to the number of open positions – max 50
    Limitation to the number of active orders – max 100
    Limitation to the number of closed positions per 7 days – max 200
    And some other minor ones.
    You learn about these limitations only after you reach the maximum number, then a dialog box appears telling about this limitation. After this you can place no orders.

  16. moe:

    After two years with this broker I can say that the platform is very easy to use and both withdrawal and refund processes are excellent.

  17. fxkucing:

    This broker practices some stupid policy, when the number of closed short-term positions (shorter than 5 minutes) is over 50 in four-day period or 200 total positions in seven consecutive days the trader’s account is temporarily blocked, preventing him from sending new orders. The number of trades this broker allows to have in a 4-hour period is 10.


    Excellent service with immediate response to questions, I like them

  19. easytrading:

    With this flexible and practical broker you can trade with as little as $0.01 in indexes, investment funds, forex, commodities. Marketiva is an ideal solution with its conditions of $1 of minimum deposit and 24 hour live support.

  20. manes:

    I can definitely say Marketiva is the best one among the brokers I dealt with. The spreads here are very tight and very fast withdrawals. They offer 0 slippage with all orders being executed at the exact price the trader chooses. And their 24-hour support is very helpful and reliable.

  21. bluewingsAngel:

    I’ve been trading with Marketiva for a long time now and can tell that this is a good broker that gets still better and better. They provide good service allowing to trade commodities, forex, indexes and invest to funds. With marketiva traders can easily switch between demo and live accounts. Streamster, the platform they use, is feature-rich and very easy to use. In short, this broker is really good.

  22. Johari:

    At Marketiva you’ll find multliple deposit option, with digital currencies being the easiest among them and also the cheapest way to fund as well as to withdraw. I have the experience of over 20 withdrawals and can tell it definitely. Another thing I like with this broker is the fast and effective support they provide.

  23. Ahmad:

    The platform they provide is easy, effective and simple though it is not Meta Trader Platform. Another nice thing at marketiva is their support for trader as well as the chat and discussion room for its members.

  24. BILLY:

    professional scam artist, this is what I can say about this broker. The person who gave them a positive review is definitely talking about some other broker. What this broker does is giving excuses for their errors in price quotes and taking the profit you’ve earned from your account. I was warned about this scheme but paid no attention to it, now I warn you – watch out!

  25. Daniel:

    Opening an account here is very easy and you can start using it as soon as the same day. I opened a mini account, deposited $2500 and got a 10% bonus. The orders are executed right away without any slippage or spread widening during news – and this is very important for news traders like me. They provide good service here and take care of their clients. It’s definitely worth while trying them.

  26. Mapesa:

    i like them but i left them because they silenced me on the market chat channel without any reason or notice or warning. . i was chatting as usual for days and no one in the market chat was replying to my chat messages. thats when i realised that i have been blocked n other traders cant see my message. that is very wrong. it shows me that they dont take me to be a real human being.they think am just a line of text on their computer screen. if its something that i was doing wrong they could’ve atleast given me a warning.

    anyway i dont even need them there are amny brokers out there who value their clients.

    my email is [email protected]

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