Plus500UK Ltd

Plus500 - Forex Broker

Broker namePlus500
Company namePlus500UK Ltd
Online since2009-01-01
Site url
CountryUnited Kingdom
Minimum account size50.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.100000
Maximum leverage200
Maximum leverage descriptionup to 1:200
Spread levelmedium
Spread description2 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionRegistered by FSA of UK (ID #509909).
Easy registrationYES
Votes count177

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  • Forex, CFD, commodities and index trading.
  • Bonus on deposit.
  • Free bonus upon account opening.


  • No MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • Residents of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and some other post-Soviet countries aren't allowed to open an account.


  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer


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23 Reviews

  1. jimmyc:

    Plus 500 are nothing but scam. try to withdraw if you have less than $128. They wouldn’t let you. First the software will block your access to your account and the customer service is absolutely helpless when asked specific questions, they’ll keep ignoring you.
    I’ve issued a complaint with a financial ombudsman and i’m gonna prove they are all scam.

  2. Andrew:

    When I got pretty sure plus500 is a scam I started to e-mail-interview them. there are three pages of it here:

  3. Sue:

    Having worked with them for over a year I can leave only good review. The only reason I lost money was my greed, stupidity and inexperience. Both trading and withdrawing are very easy here. They never failed to service my withdrawals as fast as within a week of request.


    From my own experience: this forex broker is a scam. Don’t give them a single cent if you don’t want to lose your money, as they’re not gonna return anything. What you’ll get in return is just endless stupid excuses about why they can’t return your money. I only hope they’ll get punished some day.

  5. Peppe:

    Don’t deal with Plus500. They’ll lock your account and wouldn’t even explain the reason upon your request, as happened in my case.

  6. Norman Khor:

    People, think twice before depositing to plus500! It’s most likely you won’t be able to withdraw any deposit later. What you’ll get instead is a long string of reasons why had to cancel your withdrawal. This broker is a scam and reported them as such to police and newspapers. Don’t trust them!

  7. ashraf yonis:

    I have an account with plus500 for almost a year and had never tried to withdraw money until recently. I tried to withdraw about 100 EURO to try their service. And here’s what I got: the bank draft they issued for me was in German only and my bank refused it since in case they didn’t it’d had cost me 70EURO for it verification and 45 days of waiting till I am able to get my money. And all this after I had to wait for a month for my bank draft. Damn! This broker is fast only in Euro zone but outside it they’ll do everything to turn your life into a hell before you withdraw 20% of your money. Though I have over r 900 Euro on my account now, I’m gonna close it.

  8. Jeremy:

    I just want to warn everyone to stay away from plus500. This broker is a scam. After Japan issue I found my account empty. I lost pretty much money.
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  9. Jan:

    I can’t agree with all these bad comments about Plus500. I am perfectly happy with its platform, which is simple, very easy to use and very fast. I have never accounted any problems with depositing or withdrawal of my money. For me they are just fine.

  10. Mert:

    Plus500 is a scam broker. As with any other unregulated and unlicensed company you’ll lose whatever money you invest with them. Never trust plus500 or any other forex broker if they are not regulated! Now that I have an account with a regulated broker – leaderforex – I can tell the difference for sure: i can get my money back easily any time I wish.

  11. lee:

    This broker is a scam and frustration! Even after I’ve met the 60 trading point bonus requirement and earned the 1000 required for withdrawal they blocked my account. Don’t deposit with plus500, you’ll lose your money.

  12. saaz:

    I keep a demo account with plus500 and make quite good profit. And when I wanted to invest some real money and googled for whatever information about this broker, I couldn’t find a single positive comment. I also failed to reach their customer support service on the phone.

  13. boygoondoo:

    If you consider trading with plus500 then this information here will be quite useful to you before you deposit any money with this broker. The Belize International Financial Services Commission informs that this briker is not registered and is ordered to cease its operations. From personal experience: a friend of mine traded there and made some profits but his account was closed and he was refused any withdrawal of his profits.

  14. Adam:

    I work with this forex broker. In the beginning I had only losses but now I get regular income of about 90PLN (~€22.5). I have no problem with withdrawal. But today I did my last withdrawal as I found out that they are not properly regulated and are under police investigation in some countries.
    That’s a pity my own bank took 20PLN + 12PLN, and my income is not large: only their bonus of 50PLN (about €12) and something I earned today. So, even if I have no complaints up to this moment about dealing with Plus500, I have to leave them, as it’s too risky – too many bad reviews.

  15. Tim:

    I like Plus500, during the 10 + months I deal with forex broker I never had a single problem with them – trading is great, I almost tripled what I invested with them, withdrawal is easy and the platform is simple and nice. Pips also are pretty good – lower than with other brokers. They give 20$ bonus without deposit and 1000$ bonus for your first deposit.
    Very good broker, what a pity you don’t like them.

  16. Elektra:

    Charts are rather tricky to use for a technical analysis, entry and exit points are not easy to find, and there are ravenous algos all over their system. Take no risks, trade carefully!

  17. Ilias:

    The platform is just fine for pastime and recreation, BUT NOT FOR DEPOSITING REAL MONEY.
    You accept the possibility to lose your money in trading but then even if you earn some money they’ll not let you do that, they’ll simply lock your account and bring some silly reason that you did something wrong.
    Not a good place to join and invest.

  18. nuri korkmaz:

    They’re simply a scam. I earned about 150$ with the bonus and immediately my account was blocked.

  19. Manuel:

    After some time I worked with this broker I wanted nothing but to run away from them. the interface is fast and clear, low spreads, but the customer care is just terrible, with no support via phone call or chat. They communicate only via e-mail and it takes them 4-5 day to reply any inquiry. And another thing which is even worse – their really high swap. Now I want nothing else but to get my balance positive and leave them for good.

  20. JayT:

    Pretty good broker, very convenient to deal with. Offers good bonus, the platform is professional yet simple, supports a lot of features, moneybookers as cash deposit-withdrawal method and as fast as in 4 days.

  21. yolly:

    Very bad broker, eats your money, swap is too high, impossible to have trading position open in the month or week.

  22. Mike:

    No problem dealing with this broker. Plus500 has rather fast download of the platform, clear graphs that are adjustable and easy to read. The technical analysis tools are also constantly upgraded. The only small inconvenience is the long time it takes to withdraw money.


    Good Broker.

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