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Prime4x - Forex Broker

Broker namePrime4x
Company namePrime Forex LLC
Online since2008-01-01
Site url
Minimum account size100.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.010000
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage description1:100, 1:400 and 1:500
Spread levelmedium
Spread description2 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedNO
Regulation descriptionUnregulated
Easy registrationYES
Votes count90

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  • MetaTrader 4 trading platform is available.
  • Promotional bonuses.




  • Credit cards
  • Liberty Reserve
  • Wire transfer


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30 Reviews

  1. Suryono:

    I’m trying (as seems hopelessly) to withdraw 1000 $. No response yet from their email. Looks quite definitely like a scam.

  2. Mokhtar:

    I placed a withdrawal request for 4000$ and have been waiting for a month for it to be processed. Every time I contact them they promise to do it as soon as possible but it takes only longer and longer. They also refuse to give any telephone number to contact their management.

  3. soheil hadjian:

    A very bad, scam broker, doesn’t pay its customers’ money.

  4. Mohesn:

    Prime4x is a scam. Don’t trust them. for 9 months I’m trying to withdraw my money but they only cheat and cheat.

  5. pouya:

    I represent we had a lot of problem with Prime4x. it lasts over 6 months already. We have about 400,000$ with them and try to withdraw our money but with no result.
    We had to attach their website and turn it down. And we will go further and attach their MT4 platform as well if they don’t contact us ASAP. The only thing we want is to have our money back.
    You can contact FX-Persia at this number:

  6. tony iyamah:

    With these guys you can be sure to never get your money back. NEVER deposit and trade with them!

  7. zikosmarts:

    For several months after I placed a request with prime4x for withdrawal of 6000$ I could receive no money, then they answered that their system was being upgraded. After this “wonderful” upgrade all the money on my account miraculously disappeared. Well, guys, you are very primitive and mean scammers.


    PRIME4C is a major scammer.


    prime4x is a bunch of liars and scammers that cheat their clients, take their money and never pay what you’ve earned. The only things they provide readily are lies, and promises they never keep. After certain time of waiting you realize they have no intention of paying you the money you’ve earned and they are only interested in pocketing your deposits. Don’t trust this dealer ever!
    On feb.8 I placed a withdrawal request of $4500.00 via wire transfer. It was processed only 8 days later – the money was debited from my trading account with this broker. And that’s the end of it, I never received this money on my bank account. And the accounting department with prime4x kept assuring me that my money was wired and I’ll receive them soon. But this “soon” never seems to arrive. They also neglected my request to present a copy of the TT. Giving an excuse that it will take almost a week to order and receive it from the bank, they neglected this of my requests as well.

  10. Sudianto:

    This forex broker doesn’t pay, but only endlessly promise to. I’ve made a request for withdrawal of $10,000 two weeks ago and have been in constant touch with their accountant since, and all this time I’ve been receiving promises that my request will be processed very soon. Up to this day this “soon” hasn’t arrived yet and apparently won’t ever. It looks very much like they’re not going to pay.
    Beware! Don’t trade with Prime4x, they don’t pay their clients.

  11. reza:

    I’d like to warn everyone about this prime4x broker. For a long while I’ve been refusing to admit it, but now there is no doubt left in me – this company is a scam.
    I’m an Iranian and I have $24000 with this broker. When I tried to make a withdrawal they started giving stupid answers, playing games and wasting my time. And all this lasts about four months already. Their support and accountant services only lose clients’ time giving no solution to our problems.
    I’m going to file my complaint to officials. My advice to everyone is don’t trust them, don’t let them such out our money!

  12. mojtaba:

    Hi, I have an account with this broker for about a year, had no problems with them, withdraw without problem. Whatever problems they had, they’ve successfully solved them and now are back to normal.

  13. georgezorro:

    This is an update of my previous comment: today AT LAST I received my withdrawal from prime4x after over 2 weeks of waiting.
    I hope this broker improves its services, especially that of the withdrawal. With prime4x it takes too long to process withdrawal requests.

  14. georgezorro:

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with prime4x. they think they can take our deposits and pay us no withdrawals of the money we’ve earned? I’s more than 2 weeks since I placed a request of $500 withdrawal but the money still hasn’t reached my bank account. What’s going on?

  15. Edgar Ficheer:

    I have no doubt this broker is a scam. I’ve traded with them for 7 months and deposited 5000 €. Now I’ve earned 6000 € and try to get my money out onto my bank account but up to this moment they didn’t pay me even a penny. There’s no doubt Prime4x is scam.

  16. Thomas:

    Prime4x refused to transfer my money from a real my account with them, even after I presented them the bank document, certifying the transfer of the money in question. They also neglected my request to sent this money back as well as all my e-mails. This is no way of doing business, guys.

  17. wangxingbo:

    If you still have doubts about Prime4x beign a SCAM visit here:

  18. Makinde Olalekan andrew:

    What’s wrong with this broker’s wire transfer? They’ve credited my account on apr. 14 and promised to fix the problem, but haven’t done so since. If not for this problem this company works just fine for me.

  19. Makinde Olalekan Andrew:

    I realize I’m not the first person this kind of thing happened to. Since march 22 I transferred money to this forex broker and up to this moment it hasn’t arrived to my account. I even sent them the copy of TT from my bank with all relevant details of the transaction and even live-chatted with them a lot, but all my efforts gave absolutely no result. What they insist on is that didn’t see my money. My advice is – never trade with this broker, never trust your hard-earned money to them. I’ve heard this kind of recommendation before from a lot of other people but didn’t believe them until this kind of thing happened to me. This company is a scam.

  20. Thomas:

    The money I sent to my account with this broker disappeared and I never got them back. The 100 USD I transferred never reached my REAL account with Prime4x and they accepted no proof by bank statements. They neither got the money to my account, nor sent them back to my bank account. Is that the way they work? Pretty frustrating and the entire procedure reminds scam and stealing people’s money.

  21. Makinde Olalekan Andrew:

    If you do everything properly your wire transfer will not take long, not 2or 3 days as before, but surely not a month as was claimed in the comments here. Now it takes about a week but only if you fill in all the required data – login number and transform form – properly. In this case your wire transfer will not be delayed. But of course if you write a non-existing account number or any other data your transfer will be delayed for an indefinite period of time. Prime4x is a broker one can undoubtedly trust. I’m working for quite a while with them and I’m quite happy with our collaboration, they even give me a bonus of $10 every time I withdraw money. If you’d like no learn more about how to do everything right so that it started working for you, contact me at my e-mail address ([email protected])

  22. princemv:

    Wire transfer takes tooooo long, almost a month. Not good at all.

  23. Undercover:

    Visit here and there will be no need for any further doubt and explanation about why Prime4x is a confirmed SCAM.

  24. saeed dolatkhah:

    I have an account with prime4x and tell you – they are bad, very bad, they take your money but never pay you back.

  25. chidi:

    Can anybody tell if this broker has a branch in Manasia, and in case they have, where exactly is it locatied?

  26. Obayomi:

    No matter how sweet they talk I’m more prone on believing in actions rather than words. So I’m going to try out their demo test. Then we’ll see.


    Prime4x is the best broker for me and I recommend them to everyone. They’re not located in Egypt but in Cyprus. Using their service for a long time, I can tell only good things about them.

  28. David Taylor:

    This broker doesn’t allow its clients to know the address of their office in Egypt. All we know is that they are not located in Cyprus but in Egypt.

  29. mando:

    I recommend this forex broker to everyone. They are actually the best among brokers I traded with. Prime4x is just great in everything – platform (actually the fastest MT4 I came across with) service and support. You can definitely trust this broker

  30. oliver ugochukwu:

    Can anyone tell me if I can open a live account with Prime4x with just $80. Thanks for your help.

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