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Tadawul FX Ltd.

Tadawul FX - Forex Broker

Broker nameTadawul FX
Company nameTadawul FX Ltd.
Online since2006-01-01
Site urlhttp://www.tadawulfx.com
Minimum account size500.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.050000
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage descriptionfrom 1:1 to 1:500
Spread levelhigh
Spread description1-3 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionRegulated by CySEC (license number 103/09); UK FSA registration #516667; German BAFIN registration #123252.
Easy registrationYES
Votes count169
Email[email protected]

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  • Islamic Forex broker.
  • MetaTrader4 Forex broker.
  • Registered with very serious regulation authorities.


  • No important disadvantages.


  • Bank wire
  • Credit cards
  • MoneyBookers
  • PayPal


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19 Reviews

  1. Nigel:

    This broker is great. It can be used to place all kinds of orders. Their customer service is good, and they execute without requites. No problems to deposit and withdraw with them. I am happy with with their service so far. I could make a good profit.

  2. Stephano:

    I had a huge problem with this broker. In March they disconnected me from MT4 exactly when the Yen made big run on intervention. I did not have a lot of money but still it shows that they are no good.

  3. Khalid:

    They are scammer who Trade against you. I have traded for eight years, so I am not a newbie at this. I have good understanding about platforms and brokers. I suggest you going to another broker.

  4. Mike:

    This broker is scam. To know this, you just need to check out their chart. They do nothing but play some casino games. I have sent already a warning. I trade with FXDD Malta, GFT UK GallantFX, Alpari USA, and FXCM, but this one during the news time give me lots of disconnects. I have problems with platform freezing only with them. This is very important because fast actions are essential for traders.
    I have been using my account with this broker for five months already I have met two major problems.
    First of all I placed a pending order on EUR/USD and after the price went 10 pip but it and did not executed it! In several minutes the price went 150 pips up and I can say that those should be my pips!
    Second of all, an order has been open which neither I never my EA opened. How can I be so sure at this? This is because all my orders have set up take profit and stop Loss but that on did not have neither stop Loss and take profit.
    I wrote them about this situation but what they told me was that my EA opened the order.
    I have teasing EA on other different five accounts and that was the first time I came up with such problem. You can believe me that they would use any trick to keep you away from earning the money.

  5. Jamie:

    I am wonder why there are some negative reviews on TDFX. They have good leverage 1:500, they do not do any slippage (as I know), and their customer support is great. I have not had any problems to deposit or withdraw.
    What else of you need? I like them so I am going to recommend them.

  6. Talos:

    I trade with TadawulFX and FXCM.
    With Tadawul Fx I meet too many requotes especially when it is a good deal. There are no requite when an order is losing. There are not meant to be for scalping.
    This is broker for a medium or long term positions. They apply requites seldom but still good trade are being processed too slowly, making you to lose from 3 to 10 pips. Stay away from them.

  7. Don W:

    I have met lots of requites with them. I used to trade with Dukascopy and have not met so many requotes. As to Tadawul, you get 5 or 10 requates per session. Actually I find it very inconvenient. I do not suggest using this broker.

  8. Syazlan Osman:

    I think TDFX is a good broker. They spreads are ok. I have been using EA, and have not found much slippage or problems. The only disadvantage is the fees for deposit and withdrawal if they are made through PayPal. I understand that this is not their fault that we are charged, but I still think that would be good if they could do something about it. Maybe they can offer using direct debiting debit card, is that I do not use PayPal. Just to let you know for transaction of GBP 1,000 I paid 2.5% (approx. GBP25). This is way too much. I truly hope that they could so something about it soon. I am happy with the speed of transactions, but the charges should really be reduced.

  9. TAdafun:

    I trade with a live account, and I have a problem with the last meta update 226. It has not completed successfully and AVG virus is found infected the file terminal.exe

  10. Cornelius A. A.:

    I believe Tadawulfx is good. At least with their pivot point review.

  11. gorila:

    Before I could make fast withdraws with this broker but something had changed and it can take up to 10 days to get the money.
    What happened?

  12. Galore:

    This is the best broker so far. I have read that post from Nigeria and I must say that I have no problem with the speed. I think they experience this because of the slow connection that they have there. Thus, I have no problems with requites.
    Thank you

  13. Agama:

    I do not think that they are the best as they have too high spreads for EUR/USD and GBP/USD.
    They do often requotes.

  14. Nelson from Nigeria:

    I trade with them with my live account. I am happy with the most things. Their customer support is good. There is no problem with depositing of funds. I have met, however, some issue with withdrawing them. That they have no requites and no dealing desk is not exactly correct. But I got an explanation that when the market is volatile, requotes are almost essential. Is this correct? Generally, my rating for them is 6.

  15. Vesna:

    They stare that scalping is allowed and will understand why once you start doing them. Requotes and requites on any order both winning and losing. No reaction on my complaints. This broker has not ethics.

  16. anna:

    I like their demo account and thinking about getting a live one with them.
    Victor, please tell me, who is your IB for TADA?
    Happy trading!

  17. trader:

    Tadawul is good broker. They have JPY based account and spread is tight.

  18. Eunice Ekpe:

    I have been using their demo account for three months already. I must say they are STP broker- no dealing desk. I do hope that their live account would be the same good as demo as in this case I am going to stay with them for a long time. Customer service is great. I am glad I have some a great account manager for my demo account. I am going to get my live account in a few days and will update you on progress.

  19. Victor:

    A big thanks for your effort and great job! The information you provided is really impressive. However. I think it would be good if we, traders, could clarify something for you. For instance, TADAWUL FX accepts funding via Visa, Discover, American Express Mastercard, and not only via Paypal and wire transfer. There is also an easier way to avoid a long registration process if you just go to https://www.tadawulfx.com/v2/services/forex-online-open-account.html) there you will find an easy online application. The minimum account amount is $500 and you can withdraw your funds that same day. This is my favorite broker as I like rebating from IB of $3 per every lot per round turn transaction. This is pretty good  Currently, I am using three account with different brokers and I can say that is am going to close the other ones and stay only with TADA .
    I assume that other traders can give you also update 

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