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Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd.

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Broker nameTrading Point
Company nameTrading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd.
Online since2009-01-01
Site url
Minimum account size0.02
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.000100
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage descriptionfrom 1:1 to 1:500
Spread levelmedium
Spread description1.9 pip on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionRegulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with license number 120/10. Authorised by FSA of UK (reg. #538324).
Easy registrationYES
Votes count900
Email[email protected]

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  • MetaTrader Forex broker.
  • Muslim-friendly accounts are available.
  • Generous bonus system.
  • Very low minimum account size.


  • No important disadvantages.


  • Credit cards
  • MoneyBookers
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer


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33 Reviews

  1. Ranko:

    “Before I started to Trade with Trading Point, I checked on the demo version and – I must say- I am very glad. When I had some questions, I was helped by the professional and friendly Support staff of Trading Point. I really liked the bonus as well as the execution and the way they are regulated. Big thanks to awesome Support of Trading Point! Keep going the same way!”

  2. Annie:

    I have spent four month trading with Trading Point and can surely say that they offer great conditions, like low spread, fast and accurate execution and withdrawals. To share my great experience with my friend I recommended this Broker to them :)

  3. tommy:

    Damn stop lost hunting, bucket shop with no ethics!

  4. Dimitris Konstantinidis:

    To my opinion, this broker is a great options for those traders who are looking for high leverage and understand clearly what he/she is doing.
    I have accounts both with Go Markets and Trading Point and I can surely state that generally I prefer Trading Point despite the slightly higher spreads, which might be important to consider if you are novice.
    For the past several years, I’ve tried out trading with different brokers to broker and I was a bit surprised by the fidgets at other brands; however, in the end everything gets executed as you obtain more experience.
    My rate is 100% recommended for their dedicated services and fast work of back office.

  5. Bruno:

    I have been trading with TP for the last three months, I just love it. The only wish I have is them to make a lower spread during Asian session for EUR/USD pair. I live in the USA and find opening hours of the UK and the USA sessions pretty inconvenient. So what I have now is working in the morning and resting at night.
    Some people say that TP has widens spread during News hour, but all this is FALSE.
    There is one thing that I am worried about is that TP is MM based broker. People often say that MM brokers tend to get ugly on traders who make much profit. I can only hope that TP does not belong to this category and will not become a broker of this kind. So far, I fully trust them and do hope to stay with them for a long time.

  6. Jack Harris:

    I did not really believe then heard that at TP they have no re-quotes policy, provide news trading and allow scalping. As to me all this was too good to be real.

    To make sure myself, I opened a small account with them just to try out trading with them at news hours and I was really surprised to know that they do actually stick to their promises.
    I started with a pretty small amount just of $20 just to make sure that all would be find. However, if things remain the same I am going to gradually increase my deposits. Soon I am going to invest $100 and after $500, of course on condition that everything remains the same and they execute me as fast as they did before.

  7. Jim O'shea:

    Currently, I am satisfied with the services they provide. I also stay quite positive about promised no-charges depositing and withdrawals, which is confirmed not only by their staff. For it has been confirmed by Moneybookers. J.

  8. Chris A. Zacharia:

    Dear traders,
    I would like to ask you kindly, to go through the comments before posting yours.
    A proper and mature handling is essential to ensure transparency in Forex communities and forums.
    If you really wish to post your comments to help traders in making right decisions when picking brokers, it is recommended to dedicate some time to reading the responses before you post a negative comment which do not contribute to the Forex community.
    As long as your comment contains an advice, I can’t really reply on it as there would be no sense. Should you have any questions, please write in a mature version and them you will get my comprehensive response.
    I and the company represented by me are just guests here and we are very glad to have such an opportunity to provide our comment which is something that you should know.
    If you have had no experience of trading with Trading Point, please leave posting the comment for those, who actually have had, as your comment would not have much value, unfortunately.
    Should you have any questions and need some clarification, you can contact me directly by phone or via email at the contact details provided below.
    [email protected]
    +357 25029928
    I would like to sincerely thank the traders provided their real reviews. We appreciate both positive and negative comments, as all of them are taken into careful by the management to improve our services and conduct a better planning for the future.
    Kind Regards,

    Official Representative of Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd.

  9. edu:

    Interesting, how did this happen that we have here two Chris Zacharia? One claims to be a professional trader giving only positive feedbacks on Trading point, and the second one claims to be a representative of Trading Point. And both are originally from Greece. I really think there is something more to this praising comment. I will kindly ask Trading Point to allow here the real customers to post comment base on their experience rather than someone for the staff complementing themselves. Thanks

  10. Chris A. Zacharia:

    Dear Traders,
    I would like to thank you for all your postings;
    In order to make thing clear, I shall provide you with the information that in February 2011 I moved from Greece to Cyprus and I was employed by Trading Point on a position of consultant to the Customer Care and Marketing Department.
    I introduced with Trading Point initially when I was a professional trader.
    In 10 of December I registered by personal real account with Trading Point as this is why you can see my comments as a trader’s on the Earnforex review section. I posted positive comments about this broker only because I truly believed so.
    Due to my experience with Trading Point as a usual trader developed intensively, I was offered to move to Cyprus to become a member of their staff.
    Should you have any questions and need some clarification, you can contact me directly by phone or via email at the contact details provided below.
    T: +357 25029928
    E: [email protected]
    I would like to sincerely thank the traders provided their real reviews. We appreciate both positive and negative comments, as all of them are taken into careful by the management to improve our services and conduct a better planning for the future.
    Kind Regards
    Chris A. Zacharia
    Official Representative of Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd.

  11. Curious:

    I think that there is something wrong. I read the first comment posted by Chris Zakaria and his last comment. The first one comment is given by the official representative of TP and the last one given by the professional trader of TP.
    So, I am very curious now if all the good comment were actually posted by TP staff? That could be true as their may wish to attract more clients this way. Be Curious.

  12. Mark:

    TP is a very good broker.
    Negative feedback: there is no MT4 PDA and, which personally concerns me, there is not Italian assistance.
    Sorry for my poor English

  13. Chris A. Zacharia:

    As an official representative of TP, I would like to thank all traders for their comments as we take into consideration every feedback as a key factor to improving services of Trading Point as a reputable and good broker.
    I have gone through the comments posted by Cracker and I would like to clarify something here:
    The spread on the EUR/USD during the Asian session is higher, because to the low liquidity of the market for the EUR/USD pair during the Tokyo and Sydney working hours. Spreads tend to tighten during the USA and EU sessions and at times they can reach just 0.9 pips!
    As for spreads widening during news hours, I am happy to let you know that at trading point there is not widening during those hours, unlike many other brokers. We, in fact, keep the same competitive rate provided to Trading Point by its liquidity providers.
    Moreover, please note that we also offer fixed spreads on special request, in order to fulfill all of our clients’ preferences.
    As to swaps, it is true, the higher amount (>50%) are as a matter of fact negative, as is usual to most of Forex brokers (in fact, I guess that almost all the brokers, whether ECN/STP/MM, will have more –ve than +ve swaps because of the mark-ups, in order to make a better profit). Please keep in mind, however, that there are many pairs that do come with a generous positive value on the swap when held overnight; e.g. EUR/HKD, AUD/USD, GBP/CAD EUR/AUD, NZD/USD, and others. Since you are from Australia, as I know, I think you will be glad to know that we do offer positive swaps on the Major currency pairs, and the AUD/USD belongs to this category. We also offer this on most of the crosses with AUD.
    As to ‘gaps/glitches’ on our charts, we would really appreciate if you could give us more information regarding, like a date, time and currency pair. This is important for us to understand the eye of the problem. Once we have got this information, we will get to you with our detailed comment. I can ensure you that we have no had such a problem with other charts ever before. Probably, you have noticed the weekend time, if so, please remember that such ‘gaps’ are very common for such period of time.
    As to MT4 trading platform and the visibility of ‘mailbox,’ ‘account history,’ ‘trade,’ and others, please note that this all of them are available under a sub-tab of the ‘Terminal’ tab. In order to view this, you should go to ‘View -> Terminal’.
    As to the news, I am sure you will be glad to know that we specially prepare a huge amount of news and information for our clients, which are produced by Investment Research Desk. You can check on this information from our website. For this please follow the link: There are Daily Market Reviews for the Asian and the USA sessions, as well as various ‘on the spot’ news published on essential economic data.
    I would like to sincerely thank the traders provided their real reviews. We appreciate both positive and negative comments, as all of them are taken into careful by the management to improve our services and conduct a better planning for the future.
    Kind Regards,
    Chris A. Zacharia
    Official Representative of Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd.

  14. Michael Haynes:

    I have been trading with Trading Point since December 2010 and I am more than satisfied, because is a great broker accepting the USA clients and is not just bucketshops.
    Everything there, including withdraws, is executed smoothly.
    I would say their execution is similar to what you can find at the big the USA-based brokers that provides a tenth of the leverage they offer and provide a fair and clean trading.
    Note. The comments below made by Cracker is no realistic; no more comment

  15. cracker:

    I am a novice to Forex market and have been looking for a reliable broker to start trading at. Honestly, I myself have never seen such positive comments on a broker before. Have you people notices that the swaps for the major pairs, like USD/JPY, EUR/USD, USD/CHF and GBP/USD are negative. You can make sure if you see their table of swap values, spreads, and other. This means that your account will always only be charged but not credited regardless of what actions you apply to the pairs you have chosen and of holding them during overnight/week. On their website they provided an example of USD/JPY to come with both positive and negative swaps but according to their table of values for swaps, spreads, Limits/Stops, and others the situation is contrary.
    They do offer some pairs with some positive swaps, but the spreads for those pairs are usually wide, and as I can see not many people trade with those pairs!
    They promise you that variable spreads are usually lower than the fixed ones, but their EUR/USD hardly ever reaches 2 pips and often rise above 3 pips. And this is n news time, so can you imagine what happens during news releases!
    You can really find brokers offering 2 pips fixed on EUR/USD pair!
    As to their trading platform, it does have glitches. For instance, candlesticks appearing and disappearing; at times the candlestick does not appear at all leaving a gap between segments and this is not just a price gap, it is just a gap!
    As far as I know, Metatrader platform has ‘news section’ in the terminal section along with your ‘mailbox’, ‘account history’, ‘trade’, and others. But I could not find news in their platform!
    Ok, this comment is getting too long; I must save my efforts for another review.

  16. Bader Rammal:

    This is, probably, the first Forex broker I have ever seen giving 100% good review. He must be losing money. I am definitely trading.

  17. Mohammed Ashemimry:

    I had been trading with Trading point before one time I made a trade that did not appeared and at the same time the prices started behave as crazy, going up and down fast. I was very scared and upset that the trade did not work out, so I called them and got their guarantee for my price. I was very glad and they told me that they always guarantee the price even despite the crazy times they provide top notch quality. To my opinion the staff is very professional and helpful.

  18. Greg S.:

    You can make a direct payment to your MT4 account via PayPal.
    At any time, even in the middle of the night you can count on being able to support your position by making the payment via PayPal. In just seconds you will see the amount on your account! This is awesome!
    I have not made any withdrawals yet but they have confirmed my account so I hope, I will meet no problems with them in the future. I am planning to make a withdrawal sometimes this week and will inform you how it went.

  19. Lois:

    This broker is the best! They do their best to help and support their clients.
    Their Customer Support is AWESOME! They are always there for you to answer all your questions.
    I am giving them the highest rate possible. If they only had numbers they would definitely get from me a BIG 5!!

  20. Perseas Michael Koutrouza:

    I am going to say simple, THEY ARE THE BEST! They support you around the clock, 7 day a week professionally and honestly.
    They offer no re-quotes, I have never met freeze trading with them, excellent feedback, low fixed spreads and all transfers like, deposits and withdrawals are made fast!

  21. Ahsan Farooq:

    Good staff works there.
    They do their best. For me, this is the best broker I have traded with!

  22. Zladan Miloshevitz:

    It has been several day, since I got my live account with Trading Point and I can say that the registration process was pretty easy and fast. Just in 5 minutes I could trade with live account
    I have been examined them on response time and being honest, I am satisfy trading with them, even more than with some “popular” broker. Let’s say no names.
    Once I entered a trade the market did not suddenly spike and hit my Stop-Loss. I am sure to get what I expect want. I am happy to been still the green 
    No technical issue with the OIL to show on my live platform (MT4) was noticed. Trading Point was aware of some of them and after swapping emails with two of their account reps within the past few days, I can be sure that they will do everything possible to make things to work right!
    If you get an account with Trading Point, you will get a bonus of 20% of your first deposit. Which other broker does that?
    I have one wish, though. Since I am a user of Mac, I would really love them making an online platform and every time I want to trade I have to switch to Windows mode.

  23. Ron Herdings:

    I have traded with different brokers, like FXPRO,,, Easy-Forex to name a few. I trade all day long together with FXCM as this is the only broker which offers no re-quotes and I really mean no re-quotes. It not just words, as for Easy-Forex, they often freeze trading during the news times. As to re-quote, re-quote, re-quote, re-quote, FXPRO does the same. As to me, Trading Point is along with FXCM is the most honest broker I know. CS is awesome, dealing room is pretty helpful. There is one thing I am happy with though. If they had a web-based platform, I would be fully happy. In fact, I asked them if they were going to provide one and they told me not in the next six months.
    Anyway, I recommend them to you.

  24. Danny Rogers:

    I got my live account with Trading Point in January of this year. I started with deposit of $50 and now I can surely say that they do not do re-quotes which is very important. On my option, this broker is highly professional. I can give a good feedback on them. They are honest and fair and worth to trade with.

  25. Jake Hackett:

    I have been trading with different brokers like Alpari, Fxpro, FXCM, Etoro and others. Generally, I have traded since 2005, so I got accounts with any broker you may only think of. Being honest FXPRO is just a joke. As to FXCM, it is too hassled. Alpari seems just something not to be right there and as to Etoro it reminds me casino. I brought myself to Trading Point in January 2010. Right away I made a deposit of $1000 via PayPal and got a pretty exiting bonus. I have nothing bad to say about them. I am not going to registered with other broker as soon as things here are smooth. The staff is professional and no just standard like saying yes sir, no sir or something like this. If you are a real trader, you need to be sure that you are dealing with professional people talking with them by the phone.
    As to FXPRO, APLARI, they are so called regulated brokers, but they really have no idea about many things. It looks like that hire waiters to be the dealers. I am pretty serious when recommend a broker worth to be dealing with and Trading Point is one of them.

  26. Jonathan Trevino:

    There is one thing I dislike about Trading Point. They have market execution instead of instant execution. There are really NO RE-QUOTES with market execution but I do not get to the market often because I most of the time I am on my way, so this is why I would prefer if they provided instance execution. Usually, I do not use news trading or scalping.
    Despite all this, I can say that this is a great broker and this is because all the money you earn is yours. The withdrawal options they offer are fast and smooth. In fact, withdrawal methods they use are what I love about them the most. Thus, you can make your deposits with PayPal and Moneybookers as well as get your Money through both of those e-wallets. Awesome!
    I am going to post my comment in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

  27. Kevin Brown:

    I have been trading with Trading Point for the last three months, and can say that they are awesome! They are fair and professional. They offer low and fixed spreads; all deposits and withdrawals are executed fast and with no problems.
    Trading Point has been around for some time already and it keeps growing and developing.
    You will find their daily news very helpful for a trade. They platform works smoothly with EA’s and if you need to ask a question or resolve some issue, you can rely on their professional and helpful support staff.
    I WANT MORE!! :)
    This is an awesome broker

  28. Svetlana Jarikova:

    I got to this broker through the recommendation of my friend. I have been trading with Trading Point them for two months already. All the questions I had about using their platform were resolved fast and professionally.
    I have no problems with Trading Point generally. They have awesome customer service and fast and accurate deposit and withdrawals. Currently, I use their MT4 platform without any problems. I strongly recommend to trade with them.
    I do not do any rating so far, but I will by the end of this year.

  29. James Daniter Milka:

    Ok, I am going to say that I am quite impressed. This is not a news, I guess.
    This broker is based in Cyprus and its activities are regulated by the local legislation. The sale people I outstandingly helpful! They are real professionals. I am also happy with their live chat services and prefer to use it if I have any questions.
    As to my experience: I opened my life account and deposit to it through Moneybookers. It took less than an hour to get the funds on my account. This is soooo fast! Be careful while filling out their deposit form and, just in case, let the staff know via live chat support. I did it on 4th of January 2011
    I have traded a few of entry, and even though I am somewhat far away from the server (+/- 250 ms ping) my order took 1,375 ms to operate, with zero slippage. This is very cool.
    I earned some money, and the next day I asked for a withdrawal of some of my money back at about 15.00 GMT. After three and a half hours, which is now I got my money on my account in Moneybookers. This is so awesomely fast! Really, guy, bravo! Keep doing your great work! I am glad that I can share my great experience with other traders. Honestly, I am a bit surprised. Great surprised!
    I will also comment on your great work in other forums! You surely deserve the best rating!

  30. Savina Milonakiz:

    I have been trading in Forex market for about two year now. I used to trade with Albari, FXCM, and others. Before, I have never found a broker which is so great with EAs. I asked some questions about using an EA that I got for $400 and got the comprehensive information from the Trading Point’s staff. It really amazing that there is always somebody to help you at any time you have a question. I am so going to stay with them! The only one wish I have is that they make a better spreads on some of exotic currencies. However, I am going to stay with the main pairs. I do highly recommend this broker!!!

  31. Trevor Black:

    At Trading Point you will find an outstanding customer support. I have registered a live account just recently, and have not made any deposit yet, but since I have such a great experience with Mr. Savvias for customer service I strongly recommend this broker.

  32. Chris Zacharia:

    I use a micro account at Trading Point since December 2010 and I am glad with the service I am getting. Their support is very helpful, although can be somewhat slow at times, but this is because of the number of the clients they serve. I called them in Cyprus to get an answer to my question regarding their platform and the answer I got was 100% satisfying. Representative helped me to log in to their platform and guided me through me so that I could with no problems to install their software.
    I have been trading with about 12-13 different brokers, including the big ones and I must say that I definitely prefer trading with Trading Point.

  33. mark mcgee:

    Hello there, simply turned into aware of your weblog through Google, and located that it is really informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate when you proceed this in future. Lots of people will likely be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

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