Vantage FX

Enfinium FX Pty Ltd & Blu-Hill Financial Limited

Vantage FX - Forex Broker

Broker nameVantage FX
Company nameEnfinium FX Pty Ltd & Blu-Hill Financial Limited
Online since2009-01-01
Site url
Minimum account size2.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.010000
Maximum leverage500
Maximum leverage descriptionup to 1:500
Spread levelmedium
Spread description0.5-3 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionRegistered at ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) with reg. #ACN 140 903 886. Vantage FX is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Enfinium Pty Ltd AFSL 322081. Blu-Hill Financial is fully regulated by the FSA (Reg no. 501057).
Easy registrationYES
Votes count233
Email[email protected]

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  • MetaTrader platform is supported.
  • Bonus promotions and free features for real traders.


  • Residents of some countries aren't allowed to open an account with Vantage FX.


  • BPAY
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer


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38 Reviews

  1. Vinny Hung:

    Lots of connection problems all the time. They last seconds but it really frustrating. They have good spreads, but execution is bad, it is very slow. I use VPS in Australia but it just not enough. I am getting out of them to better brokers.

  2. David:

    I have been trading on Forex marker for several years now and have had my account with several brokers. I have opened my live account with Vantage FX and I am happy with their spreads so far. Overall, I have a good impression on them.

  3. Lucy:

    I am happy with Vantage FX. They offer awesome spreads, easy to make payments. I have not met any technical or customer services problems.

  4. Perumal:

    I had an awful experience with a UK broker, but after I opened my account with Vantage. Their platform is quite very fast and good and they do not do any slippage at all. Their spreads for the main pair are pretty low.
    I want to write something about their customer services, represented Alastair, Darren, and others. All of them are good, professional and friendly. This broker can be trusted. I will definitely recommend this broker to my mates.

  5. Markus:

    I have been in trading for some time already and have both earned and lost. Now, I have discovered Vantage FX. I believe their platform is awesome. They offer good spreads and they have fast execution of orders. I was wondering about leverage they offer so sent them a request about it. I got a fast reply explaining everything to me. I am happy with them.

  6. Diego Fusano:

    This is a good broker. I have not met any slippage since I started to trade with them. I was happy with this broker enough to close my account with others Forex brokers. It has been four month since I started by testing of their services with small balance.
    If there any changes in their quality, I will write another review on them. Overall and so far they are great broker compared to other brokers I used to trade with.

  7. J-dizzle:

    You can find many brokers claiming the same thing. Vantage claims to be STP but they are not. How can it be, that I use brokers in the same country and slippage and execution are much worse with one of those providers? Just to let you know that the worse one is Vantage. I have fed up with this broker. I requested my money back and got them in three days. I have closed my account with them already.

  8. Jeremy:

    Vantage are surely not no dealing desk and straight through processing. If they I, you can call me Queen. They are totally joke. The clearly manipulate all the time and the answers they give are miserable and unprofessional. There is nothing for me to deal with such a broker. You can if you want to waste your time.

  9. Nathan:

    I have been using their services for some time and I am quite happy with everything. They have a great performance and the speed of executions is really fast. I have been to their office and I personally ensured that they do really not have a trading desk.
    Many people say that they are scammer and bucket shop, but for those I can advise to personally visit their office and make sure that they are fine. I do not belong to their team; I am just a really happy and satisfied client, who appreciates their services. I made some profit and requested for withdraw. All was gotten the next day.
    I do not see any problems with their customer support as it is great and helpful. I recommend Vantage FX to my friends.

  10. Stephen:

    I really love trading Forex. It makes my wife happy as I stay at home. I trade with them just part time but still make good money with Vantage FX. It has been the same for the last past four months. They have great platform and awesome customer service. I have been even provided with a free MYFX & VPS because of my volumes.

  11. Aaron:

    I had been traded with this broker pretty good until one day they let me know about cutting my leverage. There was no basis for such an action. The only reason is that I was making some money with them. I think they are real scammer. Nothing but a bucket shop. My advice is stay away from this broker.

  12. Jason Lim:

    I have been a user of their services for several months already and I must say that I am satisfies with their services. They offer great spreads and I have what to compare with their MT4 platform as I used to trade with other broker using the same one.
    I am happy with the speed of execution so I stay very positive about this broker. I also like their great payment options and outstanding customer support.
    Overall, this broker is great and I recommend it

  13. David Mills:

    I started to trade with this broker not a long time ago, just several weeks. Anyway, I went successfully through the entire registration procedure and soon was able to funds my account through PayPal. Since then I have had my EA’s running without any problems. So far I am very happy with this broker.

  14. vanhoore:

    I like scalping during trading news and I have not met any problems to do it this with broker. As far as I have noticed they have good process and no slippage. If I wanted I could use the phone number they gave me, but honestly I never needed to call them as all the issue I had were resolved fast and with no problems via email even on weekends. They platform generally works smoothly so I do not have to contact their tech support often.

  15. Hampton:

    I am very satisfied with Vantage FX and especially with their great spreads. My EA is running with not issue on the Vantage FX feed. I have earned great cash for trading for the Christmas holidays.
    Customer service is great and every my call is reply in professional and friendly manner.

  16. Fox Free:

    I am a user of this broker with a standard account. I trade often and can confirm that they do not do re-quotes. All my email are replied fast and I appreciate this very much. I think this broker has the best execution compared to other brokers I used to stick with. Overall, I am happy with them.

  17. Lincoln:

    I am pretty satisfied with them and their great customer support. Despite a small amount on my account I am always treated in the best manner. Their customer service is very helpful and friendly. They do not consider the size of your account to provide you a great support. Keep doing your great work! And thanks for the free MYFX.
    @ Thomas – I am not sure why you should be aware of a broker which does not work with PayPal… I really cannot get your point.

  18. Simon:

    I have started to use their services recently and I can ensure that I made my deposit through PayPal so I really do not know really what Thomas was talking about. Probably, they do not allow using PayPal from other countries but since I live if Australia, it works for me. I like their good platform which is essential to my needs as I have a robot. Before getting a live account with them I tried out to use their practice account and was satisfied. Overall, this is good broker and I like their tight spreads.

  19. Natascha:

    I have used several payment options to fund my account, including credit card, PayPal and TT and everything went smoothly. I have been trading with them for several months and I must say, I am fine with them. I have had no problems with connection. My recommendations.

  20. Thomas:

    Vantage Fx DOES NOT allow making a payment through a PAYPAL account. YOU CANNOT make PAYPAL payments to them. Take in into consideration.

  21. john boy walton:

    I am always willing to sacrifice several bucks to give a new broker a chance. Their customer service is not good. Moreover, they often have the spikes and messy charts with no explanation on this. I was trading when experienced a spike of 65pip on EUR/CHF, without any explanations. There was no such spike on Dukascopy, IBFX Go Markets, and FXCM…

  22. ally:

    Spikes all the time! They do have fine spreads, but spikes appear all the time. This is definitely not good for trading. The people there have no explanation and it is seems like they simply do not care. They say it is because of the market”.

  23. T Randell:

    I have just registered my account with their office in London ( I believe they work as separate entities but I got much help from my office with installing my MT4. Their spreads seem ok and I think this is a good broker with good services.

  24. Aaron:

    They are somewhat similar to Go Markets. I liked trading with Go, but cannot do this anymore due to the changes in the legislation.
    I believe that Vantage is even better than Go Markets. Customer service is better and much easier to reach, helpful. Their Trade servers are also better.
    Overall, they are the best broker I have ever traded with. Hopefully, my account will not be closed just because I am from the USA as Go did to me.

  25. Chad:

    Great broker with excellent services and fast execution

  26. naohito nakamura:

    They are the best compared to other brokers. Thanks to low spreads I could make some profit pretty fast. I withdraw my earning every two weeks, remaining the initial balance I made. Deposits and withdraws are fast enough (I use PayPal). I believe that they are honest and fair broker, with great low spreads. I trust them my funds. I recommend this broker to everything I know.

  27. David James on honeymoon:

    This one is good broker. I have no problems running my EA is running properly. I have not experience spike or other problems. Guys, keep doing your great work! One time I have had some issue with EA, so called to the UK office and everything was resolved while I was on my honeymoon. I am happy they prove their support around the clock.

  28. Mike Lee:

    Good honest broker. I am glad to be away from those old servers of GO-Market.

  29. Bobby:

    I did not like their customer service. I could not get a clear answer and this is why I decided to search for a better provider.

  30. Jared OBrien:

    They are the best. The funding is fast and easy as well as withdrawals. This is a great broker for the ones who want to get professional trading with no problems.

  31. William King:

    Great broker, excellent service, fast execution. Keep doing your great work.

  32. Richard:

    Excellent service from Vantage FX, good spreads and there is always someone there when I am calling them. The MT4 platform is awesome. So far, so good. Will see what will be next.

  33. Joey:

    Customer service is very bad. They are not professional and probably still visit some training. I guess that should know how to use their platform before selling it. I think they are a white label of Go Markets and why do I need to stick to them instead of going along with Go? I do not wish to name the gut I spoke to, as I guess he simply had not been trained, but he could not even tell me what kind of executions they have on their platform. I do not see the reasons to stick to white labels as long as I do not see any advantages and there is nothing in them what you cannot get form other brokers.

  34. Kenneth Wu:

    Easy to use their services, great payment option and the staff speak Mandarin. They have the best spread in Asia for my trading. I have traded with four other brokers before.

  35. Takashi Omahu:

    Awesome spread broker. I have trade with him a long time now and have met no delays. They also have Asian speaking members of the staff.
    I am very satisfied with services they provides, I am glad I found this broker.

  36. Peet Bain:

    Have a long experience trading with this broker. Good service, execution is fast, spreads are good.

  37. Smith:

    This broker is very good, I have traded with them for three months already, and I think their services are pretty good, execution is good and I have not problems with finding my account. I recommend them.

  38. John:

    I got my account with Vantage FX and found them very helpful. They ask, though, a higher amount of deposit compared to other brokers. The Expert Advisor Test Centre is a great feature.

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