WSD Global Markets Ltd.

WSD - Forex Broker

Broker nameWSD
Company nameWSD Global Markets Ltd.
Online since2006-01-01
Site url
CountryNew Zealand
Minimum account size1000.00
Minimum account size currencyUSD
Minimum position size0.100000
Maximum leverage100
Maximum leverage description1:100
Spread levelhigh
Spread description4 pips on EUR/USD
Is regulatedYES
Regulation descriptionRegistered in the New Zealand Exchange (NZX).
Easy registrationNO
Votes count21

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  • MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • CFD, futures, options and oil trading.


  • High spreads.
  • Opening a trading account is not an easy process.


  • Wire transfer


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6 Reviews

  1. marissa:

    I have been using company for five years now. I have never had issue with them, including with withdrawals. I have been visited them one time to make sure that they are fine. I can tell you there were several associates, who was not able to end up with this company successfully and that is why left it in some time. I think those were mad at WSD enough to initiate all those bad posts on forum about this broker. They are regulated by the Securities Commission and NZX. This is totally enough to take this broker seriously.

  2. kaka911:

    They are an outstandingly bad company.
    08 March 2011

  3. r patel:

    You should stay away from WSD Global, WSD Direct, WSD India, and other their branches as they are scammers.
    SFO (Serious Fraud Office) executes are searching for warrants of WSD Group. They initiated an investigation today against this group. They are currently searching to get in contact with this group’s warrants.

    In the past this broker was controlled by Riaz Patel, the Wall Street Banking Corporation Director.

    WSD Global Markets Limited, WSD Financial New Zealand Limited, WSD Financial Group Limited and their others branches are involved in the investigation. WSD Global Markets Limited is recognized as an NZX Option and Futures Firm. This is the only entity regulated or accredited by NZX.

    Adam Feeley, the Chief Executive of SFO, said that the investigation had been conducted closely with the Securities Commission and NZX.

    As Mr Feeley said WSD had promoted New Zealand as their marketing strategy.

    The market of New Zealand today is sophisticated, unlimited business environment which is very competitive to other world markets.
    Since geographically is the first country which starts trading day, it has certain advantages. This is of course not the only advantage of this company. Since, it has a pretty table economic development.
    Because of all advantages and pluses of this company, this country has developed in a strong powerhouse in the Pacific. New Zealand is now a very attractive region for investments.
    The biggest part of the investors of WSD is made by the foreign investors. This is why it is extremely important to protect the reputation of New Zealand in eye of foreign investors.

    The investigation centers failed to account to investors for funds gotten. The Cook Islands Financial Supervisory Commission in 2008 revoked the banking license from 31/12/2009.

    As per statement fof Mr Feeley, said there was no investigation on WSBC held by SFO. What they did in 2008 is helped the foreign authorities in investigating WSBC. All the files have been closed once the investigation was over.

    Mr Feeley noted that this investigation was the 12th big investigation held by the SFO this year. They expect to provide investigation for more than 20 different cases for the amount of over $630 million. There were also other 32 cases for the amount of $235 million which were under prosecuting.
    According to Mr. Feeley is look like there is no a sign that SFO will meet diminishing of caseload in the nearest future.
    If you are looking for further information, please contact Adam Feeley, the Chief Executive of SFO.
    Phone +6421 333 539

    Background of WSD Group
    WSD claim to be an international company specializing in Precious Metal, Foreign Exchange, Options, Futures, and CFD. The offices of WSD are located in New Zealand, Kenya, Australia, India, UAE Thailand, and the USA.

    SFO helped Indian and Cook Islands authorities in 2008 during the investigation conducted by them on Mr. Patel and WSBC in 2008.

    According to one of a former representative of the entity being under investigation said that the WSD group is clearly belongs to Ponzi scheme.

    WSD Global Markets Ltd used to have a license gotten from the Cook Islands. The Cook Islands FSC allow WSBC to operate in 2008 but too its license back in 2009.

    During the period of management the money of many WSBC customers was transferred to different WSD entities. Some of those transfers appeared suspicious.

    On 8 of June 2010 the license issued by the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission for WSD Financial New Zealand ltd was terminated.

    The role of the SFO
    The SFO (Serious Fraud Office) was founded in 1990 in accordance with the Serious Fraud Act. This office was established as the result of the collapse of financial markets in New Zealand happened at those times.

    It operates under two parts of the investigative powers. According to the Part 1 of the SFO Act it may act where the Director has suspicious that an investigation may disclose serious fraud.

  4. Alf99:

    They really apply very different spreads compared to what they publish on their website. They have good customer services.

  5. Michael:

    I have been looking for a good broker and found WSD. Since I was not sure if they services are good or not, I decided to open a demo account with them. In some time I opened a live account with them. I have no idea why people write bad things about this broker. They have really great spreads of 0.5 on EURUSD. The registration process of my live account was extremely easy and fast. Their customer services are professional and friendly. I have been using them for several months and I am happy with their services so far.

  6. pik:

    I have been using them for about a year and I think they have very good services. Their customer services are really great. I have not met such great language services in other brokers. Their platform works well with no problems.

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